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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.

Extraordinary Circumstance

A very considerable degree of excitement took place in East-street, Lambeth, on Thursday, in consequence of a man and woman having brought a hackney-coach to conduct away by force a poor elderly woman, whom they said was insane. The neighbours, however, would not permit such an outrage being committed, they all asserting that the poor woman was not insane, neither had she ever committed any act of insanity to their knowledge, and which opinion was confirmed by one of the parish collectors who was present during the latter part of the scene, and who had known the woman many years. The parties at last were obliged to retire without effecting their purpose. It turned out that the poor woman has some trifling property, and that her hopeful nephew, who brought the coach, wanted to confine her in a mad-house, in order to get possession probably of the management of it.