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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.


The ship City of Waterford has sailed for Quebec, with 83 passengers, making a total of 1698 emigrants from this one port. The Brunswick sails from the London Dock in a few days, with nearly 200 men, women, and children, emigrating to New York. They are most of them from the neighbourhood of Diss, in Norfolk, and the men are chiefly agricultural labourers. No less than 51 persons left the parish of Stradbroke, Suffolk, last week, for Canada, where owing to a connection which a venerable and benevolent gentleman, residing in the parish, has long had with the colony, they will have recommendations which are likely to prove highly beneficial to their future interests. Many more are anxious to follow these adventurers.—The emigrating mania has extended to Wales. Between 30 and 40 families left Milford Haven last week in the brig Pembroke Castle, for America.