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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.

Severe Punishment by a Husband.

At Union Hall, on Thursday, a person of the name of Yeakell was charged by his wife with having cut nearly all the hair off her head.—The complainant, on taking her station opposite to the Magistrate, exhibited the ravages committed on her auburn locks, the whole of the hair having been shorn off, back and front The poor woman appeared in great trouble about the loss. She said that herself and her husband had some words together early on the preceding evening, but they were afterwards reconciled, and they went friendly to rest together. In the morning, when she awoke, she was horror-struck on beholding about 3lb. of her hair cut off and lying on the counterpane. She had slept so soundly, she said, that she did not awake while under the operation of the scissors. She had used no harsh language towards her husband for so cowardly an act, but in the height of the dispute he had threatened her life. The defendant declared that his wife was possessed of a most furious and impetuous temper, and had irritated him to the utmost. Rather than strike her, or have recourse to violent measures, he chose to punish her in the way described.—The wife having declared that she went in bodily fear of the defendant, he was held to bail.