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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.

The Birmingham Journal contains a long account of two religious impostors, one of whom is a fishmonger, pretending to be the real Shiloh, and the other "the Lord's Messenger." "Shiloh himself," says the Birmingham Journal "is in person about five feet ten inches in height, squints most hideously, and weighs about fourteen stone. The place selected for their disguisting ministrations is a chapel formerly occupied by a congregation of Independents in Lawrence-street. The two last Sundays the place has been crowded with persons of all grades, drawn together by curiosity, and the streets around the chapel filled to repletion by all the thieves and scoundrels infesting the town. On Sunday last, we visited the spot professionally, and a more disgraceful scene was presented to our view than, we should suppose, ever occurred in this country under the sanction of any new-born religious creed, however fanatical or blasphemous its tenets. At the conclusion of any passage in the speaker's address, containing more than ordinary monstrosities, the audience occasionally broke forth in loud yells and hootings, and were at last roused up to such a pitch of indignation, that, either intentionally or accidentally, several of the benches upon which they were sitting gave way, and universal disorder and confusion prevailed throughout the whole assembly."