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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.

On Thursday information was given at Marlborough-street Office by Madame Vestris, of a serious loss which she had sustained. It appeared that on Wednesday morning Madame Vestris ordered her footman, a youth who had been in her service but a short time, and whom she took from a public-house in the neighbourhood, to drive her to Drury-lane Theatre in her cabriolet, where she had to attend a rehearsal. On arrival at the theatre she desired the servant to wait for her, but in about an hour, when she wished to leave the theatre, the servant could not be found. She therefore returned home on foot, and on proceeding to her drawing-room her suspicions became excited in consequences of missing her purse, which contained three 10l. notes and 28 sovereigns. On a further search it was discovered that several articles of jewellery had been stolen, and a lace veil worth about 18 guineas. Suspicion fell upon the footman, and upon inquiry being made, it was ascertained that he returned from the theatre immediately he had left his mistress there, and making some excuse, proceeded into the drawing-room. An active search has been made for him.