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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1781, Sunday, May 16, 1830.

A most shocking murder has just been committed in the neighbourhood of Shaftesbury, by a farmer of the name of Harrison, upon his only child. Harrison was, it appears, a small farmer, and had accumulated a little by hard industry, which he lent for the building of a chapel for the Primitive Methodists, or Ranters. The rental of the pews of the chapel not been sufficient to pay the interest of the money advanced for building it, the poor man became embarrassed in his affairs, and fearing his child might come to want, he determined to put an end to its existence, by knocking its brains out against the bed-post! Harrison was a preacher among the Ranters, and it is supposed that the warmth of feeling evinced by the Primitive Methodists at their meetings, together with the loss of his property, deprived him of his senses. He was committed under the Coroner's warrant to Dorchester Castle, for willful murder; where, under the spiritual directions of the chaplain, he is becoming perfectly tranquillised.