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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1781, Sunday, May 16, 1830.

Exchange no Robbery
or the Fortunate Jew.

On Friday afternoon a jew boy went to the mansion of Prince Esterhazy, Chandos-street, Cavendish- square, and offered some earthenware to one of the servants for sale, and eventually the domestic bartered with the jew some old shoes in exchange for two earthen cups of small value, and the boy went away. A few days before, another of the domestics had sold out stock to the amount of 490l., which he received from his broker in four notes of 100l., each, one of 50l, one 20l., and two 10l. On his return home, he, for security, foolishly crammed them into the toe of one of the old shoes and placed it in a particular situation amongst the rest; of course his fellow- servant was ignorant of this fact, and in looking up the old shoes for the Jew, the one containing the treasure was amongst them!! Upon the circumstance coming to the knowledge of the unfortunate owner, he became almost distracted. A reward of 50l. is offered for the recovery of the property : the payment of the notes is stopped at the Bank.