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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1794, Sunday, August 15, 1830.

[Elopement, Kensington]

Thursday morning, between five and six o'clock, an elopement took place within the vicinity of Kensington. The attention of several workmen, who were proceeding to their work, was drawn by the appearance of an elegant new chariot, with four post horses, and postilions in new white hats, waiting at the back of Holland-house, in the road leading from Kensington to Notting-hill. At a short distance from the chariot was a young gentleman, wrapped up in a large military clock, walking slowly backwards and forwards. At ten minutes to six o'clock, an elegant young lady, apparently between 17 and 18 years of age, dressed in a riding habit, with a large white veil thrown back over her bonnet, accompanied by a female with a parcel under her arm (apparently a domestic), made her appearance from the Kensington end of the road. In an instance the postilions were mounted, and the chariot turned to meet the fair fugitives. Scarcely a syllable was spoken, the carriage door was opened, the parties entered, and the lover drove off with his prize into the Uxbridge road at a full gallop.