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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1794, Sunday, August 15, 1830.

Intended New Street from the Strand towards Piccadilly

The line of the intended new street from the Strand, so far as Hemming's-row, is now marked out by posts and rails, and a road has within these few days being opened along it for horses and carriages, as well as pedestrians. At present, indeed, it is rather roughish; yet it affords some convenience to those who have a occasion to pass that way. In what precise direction the projected street is to be carried farther westward, is not generally known; but from what appears in the line of the demolition of houses, it is inferred that it will be made to join Panton-street, Hay-market. When this junction is completed, a respectable, commodious, and nearly straight-lined thoroughfare may be expected, from nearly the end of Bedford-street, in the Strand, to the entrance into Piccadilly; avoiding the abrupt and awkward turns for carriages between Hemming's-row and Green-street, and between Green-street and Leicester-square, and contributing not only to the comfort and expedition of passengers, but to the relief of all who are left to wend their way through Charing-cross, Cockspur-street, and Regent-street. In the mean time it is much to be regretted that improvements thus promising in design should be so slow, as we find them, in execution. Except the rector's house and the buildings for the vestry and schoolrooms, not another has been begun to be raised on the wide waste so long since made around St. Martin's church.