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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1801, Sunday, October 3, 1830.

On Thursday, two boys, named Evans and Sanders, who were stated to be of bad character, were charged with the following brutal outrage:—It appeared from the evidence of Edward Wathen, a youth of respectability, that the defendants seized him as he was proceeding along Walworth, and laying hold of his hands, they poured some vitriol into them, and then passed them over the complainants face. They afterwards attempted to pour some of the liquid down his throat, but the poor boy keeping his mouth closed, it passed down his chin on to his breast. His cries soon brought assistance, when the young rascals decamped.

The Magistrate said he never heard of a more brutal act, and if any of the liquid had passed into the stomach, the consequences must have proved fatal. He then ordered the defendants to find bail, two sureties in 50l. each, to answer the charge at the Sessions, and they were locked up in default.