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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1801, Sunday, October 3, 1830.

Escape of a Convict from Newgate.

A strong sensation was excited on Thursday in the above gaol, by the discovery of one of the convicts, named Phillips, under sentence of transportation, had effected his escape, under circumstances at present the most mysterious. It is usual for the prisoners at this gaol to assemble in the Chapel every morning. On Thursday, as usual, they were mustered, and the convict was then with them. Shortly after the return of the prisoners to their wards one of the wardsmen called a turnkey, and informed him that Phillips was missing. At this time visitors were about to be admitted and an immediate search was commenced, and continued throughout the prison, but without effect. It is clear that the convict must have effected his escape before this, as every one of the gaolers was instantly appraised of what had occurred, and the utmost minuteness was observed with every one that left the gaol. Two of the most active turnkeys were at the door at the time, and the person of Phillips being well known to them, he could not have passed through the felon's door. The only idea that can be formed as to how he escaped is, that on the return of the prisoners from the Chapel, he had slunk back, and concealed himself for an instant, when an opportunity must have afforded him escape. To effect this he must have been more than ordinary daring, as he had to pass through two long passages, a shorter one, in which some of the turnkeys are always placed, by the bread-room, in which one or other of the gaolers is in constant attendance, and along another passage, before he could reach the lobby, in which two of the turnkeys are placed. Fortunately, the former haunts and companions of Phillips are well known, and on the return of Mr. Wontner from Woolwich, where the convicts removed from the gaol on Friday had been deposited, a most active search was made around that part of the town where he used to resort. The search was recommenced yesterday morning, and is still going on in another quarter of the town. Phillips is an old offender, though young in years, and was tried and convicted at the Westminster Sessions, where he received sentence of transportation, and was removed to the above gaol preparatory to his being set on board the hulks.