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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1801, Sunday, October 3, 1830.

[Wm. Smith]

Captain Wm. Smith, who formerly resided in Euston-square, and who has been charged at the Police-office with assaulting his female servants, was brought before the Magistrates at Clapham on Wednesday, for assaulting his late coachman. Since the Captain was tried at the Old Bailey, he has resided on Clapham-common, and it was stated that his female servants continually complain of his conduct. The coachman stated that the Captain engaged him a few weeks ago, and although he had done everything in his power to give satisfaction to his master, he was desired on Monday to go about his business, and no cause was assigned for the dismissal. He called shortly after and asked for his wages, and the Captain turned him down stairs and struck him. The Magistrates fined the Captain 40s. The Captain said, "I'll be cursed if I pay the fine." The Magistrates then imposed a fine of 5s. for swearing. The captain, however, refused to pay, and the Magistrates then committed him to prison for two months.