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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1802, Sunday, October 10, 1830.

Melancholy Accident to Sir Frederick Baker.

As Sir Frederick Baker, Bart. of Jermyn-street, Sir[sic] James's, accompanied by his children, was surveying a windmill in the neighbourhood of Hastings (to which place the family had resorted to for the season), while diverting his children by pointing out to them the effect and operations of the mill, being very short-sighted, he approached nearer to the mill than he had an idea of, when one of the flappers instantaneously struck him on the back part of the head, in the presence of his distressed children, who could not render him the slightest assistance. He was conveyed to his house as soon as possible, and the best medical aid procured; but the accident was too fatal, as he shortly after breathed his last, leaving an afflicted family and a numerous acquaintance to lament his death.