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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

Detection of the Air-Gun shooters.

The inhabitants of various suburbs of the metropolis have lately been much annoyed and terrified by the discharge of small bullets of clay through their windows; the gas lamps have also suffered, and several persons have been wounded, although not seriously, during the latter part of last week. The houses on the line of road from London to Richmond suffered considerably from these visitations, and it being remarked that the smashes coincided with the passing of a postchaise and pair, the vehicle was followed until is stopped at their Star and Garter at Richmond, when two fashionably dressed men stepped out. They were accused of the outrages, and an examination took place before the local magistrates, which was rendered conclusive by the evidence of a boy who had taken an outside place at the back of the chaise, and noticed the whole proceeding. The sharp-shooting gentlemen would not deny the charge; they expressed their deep sorrow, and also their readiness to pay any fine the magistrates might impose. They were accordingly fined to the extent of the damage it was proved they had committed, which was 7l. This was immediately paid; but other sufferers with claims for double that amount have since applied for restitution. The defendants proved to be the son of Lord H. and Capt. B.—Morn. Chron.