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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

Dreadful Effects of Drinking.

An inquest was held on Monday at the London Hospital on the body of Sarah Wells, who died on Saturday from the effects of poison. It appeared that she was the wife of a person holding a situation in a mercantile house in the City, and was much addicted to the use of ardent spirits; that during the absence of her husband a few months since on the business of his employers, she disposed of the whole of his furniture for much less than its value, and squandered the money in drink; that her husband in consequence left her; and that she was refused relief from the parish, as her distress was brought on by her own imprudence. On Friday the deceased called on her mother, who resides in the Trinity Arms-houses, Mile-end-road, and walking deliberately to the cupboard took out a cup, went to the pump in the yard, drew some water, put a powder in it, and then returned to the room and drank off its contents. She then told her mother that she had taken some of the powder from the closet with which she had destroyed some rats, and she should be a corpse very shortly. She was almost taken immediately ill, and a medical gentleman was called it, but not having a stomach-pump she was removed to the Hospital, and died the following day in excruciating agony. Several witnesses stated, that owing to the deceased's excessive drinking, her constitution and intellects were considerably impaired; and the Jury in consequence returned a verdict of—Suicide, committed while labouring under temporary mental derangement.