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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

Curious Fraud.

A person from Messrs. Hawley, the Jewelers in the Strand, waited on Mr. Minshull, to give information of a singular fraud which had been practiced upon them a short time since.
A respectably-dressed individual came into the shop and purchased a gold watch, a wedding-ring, and some other articles, in payment for which he tendered a 50l. Bank of England note, which appeared to be genuine, was received by the applicant, who gave the change. Thus the matter rested for some days, when the note was returned from the Bank as a forgery, and the applicant then ascertained that the word "five" had been cut out of the note, which originally was for that amount, and in its stead was substituted the word "fifty" which was so cleverly executed as to be capable of deceiving almost any one.
The applicant said he feared the party from whom he had received the note had left the country.
Mr. Minshull declared that it was a most ingenious contrivance, and ordered Ellis, the principal officer, to go with the applicant, and render him all the assistance in this park.