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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

Police intelligence.

Charge of Burglary

On Wednesday John Grant, a man of wretched appearance, was charged with having broken into and robbed the house of Mr. Hutchins, of Finsbury- crescent. The family where alarmed at discovering a strange man lying under one of the beds, and at the singular fact that he had thought proper to hide myself there at six o'clock in the morning, when he might easily have got away

William Sabine, servant to Mr. Hutchins, said he got up at six o'clock on the morning of Monday, and went down to the kitchen. As he entered he found the back window wide open, and several articles scattered about the floor, to his great surprise, as everything had been left secure on the preceding night. He immediately afterwards heard a footstep on the stairs, and supposing it to be that of one of his fellow-servants, he called aloud but received no answer. This struck him as extraordinary, and he pulled the alarm bell, and soon roused the family. It was then discovered that an iron bars had been forced from the window, and that the housebreakers had broken open cupboards and drawers, and bureaus, and in fact, every place in the lower part of the premises in which valuable property might have been deposited. The prosecutor, however, did not keep his plate below stairs. Witness and some of the family commenced a search through the rooms, and at last saw the prisoner under a servant's bed above stairs. The unfortunate man said at once, upon being detected, that he would get out quietly, which he accordingly did. He then walked into the parlour, and pulled out several articles belonging to Mr. Hutchins, with which he had crammed his pockets.

An officer stated, that upon being called into Mr. Hutchins's house, he took several packages, containing knives and forks, screws, inkstands, &c. &c. from the prisoner. He also found in the prisoner's pockets 16 duplicates.

The Lord mayor asked the prisoner whether he wished to say anything in answer to that charge?
The prisoners said, by no means. He was then fully committed for trial.