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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

More outrages in Kent.

On Thursday night a stack of wheat belonging to Mr. Martin, a respectable farmer, residing at West Peckham, within a few miles of Maidstone, was set fire to and totally consumed. The stock contained, it is calculated, 100 quarters. A few nights before, a barn with the corn in it, belonging to a widow residing between Wrotham and Farningham, still nearer on the London road, was totally destroyed by fire; it is said, and appearances are strong, that it was by the malicious act of the incendiaries, although she kept no threshing machine, and was in no way obnoxious to the agricultural population of her vicinity. Threatening letters, with the awful name of "Swing" subscribed, have been also received by post by several individuals in Maidstone and Wrotham, threatening destruction to the houses and premises of those to whom they were directed. Another Proclamation has appeared in The Gazette, offering his Majesty's pardon to any of the parties engaged in the destruction of Mr. Martin's property, except the person who actually set fire to the corn-stack, who shall prosecute to conviction his accomplices. The neighbouring gentry and farmers have offered a reward of 200l. for the same purpose.