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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

On Tuesday a Russian Prince, about 20 years of age, visited the New Prison, Clerkenwell, under an order from Sir Charles Flower, Bart. The Prince, in conversation, stated, that he had paid particular attention to the discipline of the prisons abroad as well as here, and he was much pleased with the good order and humanity observed in the management of the above gaol. Newgate, he said, was very bad, as far as regarded leaving the prisoners to sleep on the floor; prisoners were treated better than that in Russia. On coming to the Debtors' Prison, he expressed himself shocked that 15 or 16 men, should be so punished for owing less than that 40s. each, and he generously declared that they should not be detained another hour. He instantly wrote a check for the amount of all their debts, and they were discharged.