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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1804, Sunday October 24, 1830.

St. Saviours', Southwark.

The repairs which this ancient Church has for some time past been undergoing, are at length nearly completed. The parish officers are determined that when the new line of street from the new London Bridge to the Borough High-Street affords a view of the church, it shall present an appearance corresponding with the beauty of the line. The southern aisle or transept which faces the line of road, has been fronted with stone in the same manner as Henry VII.'s Chapel at Westminster Abbey; the tracery of the circular Gothic window has been most minutely and elaborately wrought in this stone, and is now completed, with the exception of the glass. The interior of the transept looks equally new, the stonework having been fresh chisseled in the same manner as Canterbury Cathedral some time since. The several monuments have been carefully preserved during the repairs, and the shields of armorial bearings have been retouched. The northern aisle is to be done in a similar manner.
The Earl of Kinnoul was gazetted on Tuesday Lieutenant and Sheriff Principal of Perthshire, in the room of the late Duke of Athol.