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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1846, Sunday, August 21, 1831.


On Tuesday Dr. Henderson, the Vice-President, having returned from his visit to the North, took the Chair at the Periodical Meeting, which was exceedingly well attended. The display of flowers was brilliant in the extreme. In addition to "infinite variety," from the gardens of the establishment at Turnham-green, Mrs. Garnier sent thirty-eight different Dahlias from Wickham, in Hampshire, and various choice shrubs and flowers likewise. A sweet melon from the garden of Mr. Motteux, was exceedingly delicious, and highly appreciated, especially by the ladies. A great curiosity was exhibited, a branch of the Pitcher Plant, given to the learned Secretary, Mr. Lindley, for a botanical purpose, by Lord Milton, cut from a magnificent plant at Earl Fitzwilliam's, at Wentworth, eight feet high. A very extraordinary sample of large onions cultivated at the gardens of the Society upon a similar plan to those in Portugal, excited particular regard. They were the white Spanish, and the brown Tripoli Onion; twelve of them weighed sixteen pounds. An interesting communication was made to the meeting on the subject of training the vine—sent from the Horticultural Society at Ipswich. Several new members were ballotted for and admitted, and others advanced towards the ballot. The meeting adjourned till the 6th of September.