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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1846, Sunday, August 21, 1831.


On Wednesday, the Recorder made his report to his Majesty of the prisoners in Newgate capitally convicted at the last Old Bailey Session, viz.:—Thomas Shearman, aged 56, horse-stealing; James Coles, 22, Joseph Backler, 18, and Robert Scutton, 18, forgery; Wm. Young, 32, Thomas Homer Stone, 23, Wm. Jones, 26, Geo. Hammond, 46, John Carney, 19, and John Lea, 30, housebreaking; James Evans, 50, cattle-stealing; John Tierney, burglary; Thomas Howe, 21, and Mary Jackman, 30, highway robbery; Wm. Vincent, 21, Wm. Richmond, 22, Ann Hyde, 23, Geo. Beedham, 34, Margaret Smith, 18, Geo. Whybrow, 20, Mary Hetherman, 28, Charles Penrose, 21, and Alphonse Rippein, 22, stealing in a dwelling-house; and Edward Smeetham, 27, John Bonines, 18, and John Cronie, 48, cutting and maiming; also Geo. Smith, 34 (convicted at May Session), unlawfully transferring stamps from parchment; all of whom his Majesty was graciously pleased to respite during his Royal pleasure.