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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1846, Sunday, August 21, 1831.

Loss of the Steamer Rothsay Castle
Passengers, and Crew.

We have received the following melancholy announcement from Liverpool:—
             "Telegraph Office, Liverpool, Aug.18.
  "We have received the melancholy intelligence of the total loss of the steamer Rothsay Castle, from hence to Beaumaris. She struck on the Dutchman's Bank, off Puffin Island, at 12 o'clock on Wednesday night, in a heavy gale of wind, at about N. N. W. Upwards of 120 persons must have been on board, including the crew, and many female passengers. Our first accounts state that nine passengers only, and three of the crew, were saved; but subsequent communications say twenty.
  "We may still hope that more may have been saved; but the loss of life must have been dreadful indeed. Owing to the very heavy sea, the signal-man at the island has been, during the day, unable to reach the main land to obtain further intelligence.
  "The above is the only authentic account hitherto received in Liverpool.
                    "Barnard L. Watson,
                      "Superintendent of Telegraph."

  Another account, dated Thursday evening, says, "At twelve o'clock this morning it was announced by the telegraph that the Rothsay Castle steam-vessel was lost last night on the Dutch Sands, near Puffin Island, Beaumaris; she sailed from Liverpool yesterday for Beaumaris, full of passengers. The books of the agent give 120, but as many never entered their names, it is probable that there were 150 at least. Of these, I grieve to say, seventeen only have been saved, in addition to three of the crew. The vessel struck between twelve and one last night, but as no accounts have arrived except by the telegraph, the particulars are not known. The principal and melancholy fact, however, is undoubted."

  The subjoined are the names (from the agent to Lloyd's) of those who have been rescued by means of the life and other boats which could get to the assistance of the sufferers. The vessel, it is said, became a perfect wreck about one hour and a half after she struck :—Mr. Marsden, Leeds; Messrs. Tinny, James Martin, and James Hammond, Liverpool; Mr. Wilson, Manchester; Mrs. Whittaker; Mr. John Nuttall, ditto; Mr. Owen Morris, Liverpool; Mr. Broadhurst, Sheffield; Messrs. Lawrence and Duckworth, Bury; Mr. Jones, Liverpool, pilot; Mr. Rutland, one of the band; Jones. fireman; and Hughes and son, and Evans, sailors, belonging to the crew; and four others, names unknown. Eighteen bodies found, and brought to Beaumaris, except two.

Names of those found, as far as at present ascertained:—
Mrs. Wilson, Manchester; Mrs. Hammond, Leeds; Rev. S. M'Carthy; Mr. Paine, Manchester; Jones, the steward, and his wife.