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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1846, Sunday, August 21, 1831.

Vauxhall Gardens.

There was a numerous assemblage of company on Monday night, to view the novelties and splendours announced in honour of the birthday of the Queen. Particular interest appeared to attend the ascent of Messrs. Green in the same balloon in which he made his aerial excursion on the occasion of the opening of London Bridge. The ascent, which took place a little before ten, was extremely well managed; the balloon appeared to great advantage, and rose magnificently, the aeronaut taking with him a strong light, by means of which his course was perceived not only from the Gardens, but from all parts of the town, for more than half an hour. After extinguishing the light, Mr. Green threw out at intervals several red lights, the descent of which had a novel and very pleasing effect. In the illuminations no expense was spared; the devices in honour of the occasion were tasteful and splendid. The fireworks and the illuminated representation of London Bridge, excited general admiration; indeed, nothing could be more perfect than the general entertainment. The aeronauts after being in the air an hour and a half, and having twice crossed the Thames, descended about half-past 11 o'clock, in a field belonging to a lady named Fitch, at Parson's Green, Fulham, where they received every necessary assistance, and at half-past two in the morning they arrived at Vauxhall gardens, and were warmly cheered by the company.