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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1856, Sunday, October 30, 1831.

[Langdon, Pencil maker]

The several courts of law and equity will resume their sittings on Wednesday, the 2d November, which, under the late Act of Parliament, is now the first day of Michaelmas Term. The Lord Chancellor's duties will be comparatively light after his recent gigantic and successful efforts to clear off the great load of arrears that had been suffered to accumulate during the reigns of his predecessors. The Master of the Rolls, who has kept on steadily dispatching the business of his Court as it has arisen, will, we understand, have his attention engaged for several days by one cause of singular importance, arising out of their affairs of the late Mr. Langdon, the eminent pencil-maker in Great Russell-street, who left property amounting to upwards off 100,000l., which is now in contest between his relatives and the family of a clergyman who became acquainted with him a few months before his decease. The case is said to involve a greater number and variety of extraordinary circumstances than ever came before the public, and promises to be highly interesting. Report says that the proceedings run to the length of many thousand folios, at that all the most eminent counsel at the bar are engaged in it.