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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Abernethy, memoirs of the late Mr., s and m 144.

ACCIDENTS.—Alice Lee burnt in St. Martin's court, s 8—Mrs. Hanks burnt at Ball's pond, s and m 8—Six persons much hurt by falling from a scaffold at Worthing, s 22—m 20—A Manchester coach upset, s and m 32—Effects of long timber carriages, s 37—m 40—The Holyhead mail upset at Highgate hill, s 37 m 38—The Telegraph coach upset at Harewood bank, and James Burchenough killed by an Omnibus in the City road, s 40—m 38—Four men and a woman drowned at Foleshill near Coventry, s and m 45—Five lads drowned at Woolwich by the breaking of ice, s 54—m 56—Four horses in the Milford mail drowned, s 62—m 63—A woman roasted to death, s 68—m 72—The bursting of a porter vat at Salford, s 69—Eighteen persons killed at Pemberton colliery, s 77—m 80—A child thrown from a pony in the park, 85—Case of John Brantford and John Hewison at the Hetton colliery railway, s 86—m 85—Two children poisoned by quack medicine, s 96—m 93—A child hung himself in play, s 96—Alarm at St. Michael's church, Crooked lane, m 96—Mrs. Slooman and her daughter killed by the falling of their house at Tavistock, s 101—m 104—Two men killed on the Manchester railway, s 110—A man killed by the upsetting of the Bognor coach, s ib—A man killed and several hurt by the upsetting of s coach at Hereford, s ib—Mrs. Ferguson burnt to death at Brandon street, Walworth, s ib—Captain M'Cullagh and a boy drowned in the Westport road, s ib—The Newcastle coach upset at the Morpeth bridge, s 117—m 120—Several men killed at Richmond by the explosion of a powder cask, s 125—m 128—Fall of the Suspension-bridge at Broughton and loss of many lives, and six men and eight women drowned at Drumshambro, s 125—m 126—Mr. Budd, the coroner for the county of Bedford, drowned in the river Ouse, s and m 128—C. Stantley, Esq. killed by falling from his horse in the Strand—Fall of Mr. Ford from the parapet of a house while asleep—Fall of Miss Burnett from a swing at Astley's Theatre, and four children suffocated in a privy at Bottesford, s 152—m 150—Sir Joseph York and two other gentlemen drowned at Southampton, s 152—m 148—Mr. Pringle killed by falling out of his gig, s 157—m 155—Miss Harris burnt to death at Mount Tamar, Devon, s 158—m 160—Mr. Bray killed by taking poison in mistake, s 158—m 155—Mrs. Johnson killed by being thrown out of a gig, and Rupert Shawe killed by taking poison by mistake, s 162—m 160—Sixteen persons killed in a coal pit near St. Helens, s and m 165—The Doncaster coach (Adelaide) upset, and the collision of two steam boats near Gravesend, s and m 174—A man (Morgan) scalded to death at Somers town, s 182—m 184—Master Ricards killed by being thrown from a horse, s ibm 181—A man killed at Goderich court, Monmouthshire by the bursting of a cast iron pipe charged with gunpowder, s and m 187?—Explosion of Mr. Gurney's steam carriage, s 189—m 188—Mr. and Mrs. Hall drowned at Erith Reach, s 199, 206, m 200—The Rev. Wm. Fawcett killed by jumping out of a chaise, s and m 206—Four cows killed at Chepstow by falling over a cliff, m 232—Steam carriage of the Garnkirk railway upset and several persons hurt, s 235—m 238—A man drowned at Mill-hole, Rotherhithe, and Captain Slater killed by machinery on board a steam vessel, s and m 236—Five persons drowned off Charlton, s 251—m 250—Mrs. Coe killed by a horse that jumped through her parlour window, s 260—Richard Entwisle, Esq. shot by his own gun, s 274—m 275—Three persons drowned off Purfleet, s 278—m 284—A woman killed and others hurt by the falling of a floor while waking a corp?e in Bainbridge street, St. Giles's, s 282—Several persons hurt by the upsetting of a Margate coach, s 288 m—292—J. R. Addison, Esq. drowned while bathing at Strasburgh, s 292—The Rev. Mr. Wilson shot by his own gun, s 295—m 297—Captain Nesbitt killed by falling from his horse, and a man killed at Bristol fair by the lion Wallace, s 295—m 300—Three men killed at Willington colliery, s 311—m 315—Mr. Lowry shot by his own gun, s and m 314—A collier sloop ran down by the Enterprise steamer and one man killed, m 331—Captain Marston thrown out of a gig in Oxford street and much hurt, s 335—m 338—Mr. James Fletcher an elderly gentleman shockingly burnt, and the Rev. Richard Janion killed by the falling of a tree, s 338—Mr. Palmer killed by the upsetting of a coach, s 345—Morgan, a boy, killed by falling on his brothers' knife—Mrs. Easy killed by a cab in Bridge street—Miss E. White killed by taking a decoction of herbs, and J. B. Hilliard killed by a fall at Drury Lane Theatre, s and m 346—Sir J. C. Anstruther (a lad) shot by a fellow student of Eton college, s 356—m 354—Twenty-two persons killed at Lord Lonsdale's colliery, s 372—m 371—James Bailey a lighterman drowned off Greenwich, and Master Hart of Oxford street drowned in the canal at Lisson grove, s 378—m 375—Several persons killed at the gas works at Manchester, s 400—Two children poisoned by eating dough paste at Orcas street, New road, s 400—m 404—Twenty-eight lives lost at Orrell colliery near Wigan, s 407—m 400, 410—Parker, a domestic of the Earl of Talbot, shot by his lordship accidentally, and a boy lost his hand by machinery at a mill at Dewsbury, s 407—m 410—Mrs. Davy burnt to death at Walworth, and Mr. Philpott killed by falling from a precipice near Dawlish, s 408.

Acoustic chair, description of, s 45—m 46.

Agreement, subject to Stamp duty as leases, s 125—m 126.

Agriculture, Report for December 1830, s 8—m 4—for January 1831, m 45—For February, m 77—For March, s and m 112—For April, s 139—m 144—For May, s 182—m 181—For June, m 216—For July, m 240?—For August, m 221—For September, s 313—m 316—For October, m 342—For November, s and m 388—Calculation of a correspondent on the price of wheat, m 24—Rental of several farms in Leicestershire, s 34—Spade cultivation recommended, s 45.

Agricultural Poor, bill for bettering the condition of, s 405—m 406.

Althorp, Lord, pedigree of his lordship, s 52—His lordships' speech at the Northampton election dinner, s 173—m 172—His lordship's speech at the meeting of the reformers at the Foreign Office, s 247—m 248—Meeting of the Irish members at his lordship's, s 263—m 266—His lordship's reply to the Northern Political Union respecting the division of counties in the Reform Bill, s 278—His lordship's answer to the Birmingham Address, s 367—m 370—Circular of his lordship to the Members of Parliament, s 376—m 380.

Anstruther, Sir W. C. his increased fortune, s 357—m 362.

Anti-reform meeting at Roxburgh, s 101.

Army, number of the military force, s and m 16—Singular advertisement for recruits, s 178—m 180.

Assessed taxes, petition of St. James's parish against, s 9—m 16—Letter of a housekeeper, m 27—Letter of S. G. a correspondent, s 62—m 61.

ASSIZES—Bedfordshire.—James Deering and John Atwood for burglary, s 236, 260—m 236.

Buckinghamshire.—Charles Woodman for wounding his brother's wife, and Smith, Baxter, and Markham, for house-breaking, s 281—m 230.

Cambridgeshire.—W. Smith, G. Bagster, and. W. Murkham, for burglary, s and m 236.

Cheshire.—Trial of Thomas Goulden, a medical practitioner, for operating on a female, s 114—m 116, 184—G. Higgott for robbing a letter s 119—m 120.

Devonshire.—Mary Fowell for murder, and Mary Ann Willen for murder, s 100—m 102—D. Yeoman for an attempt to murder Ann Harley, s and m 102.

Dorsetshire.—Edward Wilson for robbery, s 93—m 94.

Essex.—Appleby v. Lines for breach of promise, s 86—m 88—Wm. Jennings for arson, s 236—m 234.

Gloucestershire.—C. Salisbury for robbing letters, s and m 266.

Hampshire.—John Sansom for arson, s and m 77—Deacle v. Baring, and S. C. Churchill, a quack, for the death of Martha Kember, s 231—m 230.

Kent.—James Any Bird Bell (a lad) for murder, s 244, 250—m 242—Richard Dixon for arson, s 389—m 396.

Lancashire—A. and W. Warrall and Richard Chadderton for rape and murder, s 93—m 94—A gang of weavers for a rape, s and m 94—John M 'Gowan for murder, s and m 266.

Lincolnshire.—James Parker and Joseph Fidling for a burglary, s 93—m 94—Mr. Bentoft for a libel, s 235—m 236.

Norfolk.—Affecting case of Gabriel Applegate, s 250—William Mealing for bribery, s 374—m 375.

Northamptonshire.—W. A. Haley for sedition, and a gang of machine breakers, m 77.

Nottinghamshire.—The Rev. William Bowerbank for a threatening letter, s 93—m 94.

Oxfordshire.R. and W. Watkins for robbery, and James Linnell for arson, m 77.

Somersetshire.—Thomas Searle for maiming his daughter, s 108—Richard Hewlett for shooting C. C. Hardwick, m 109—Case of Jones a bankrupt, s and m 273.

Surrey.—James Ritchie for arson, s 2—m 6—Phoebe Cox for theft, s 2—R. Connelly and J. Price for burglary, Richard Stag for poaching, James Beaver for arson, and Sarah Bird for threatening letters, s 3—m 6—James and John Mills for burglary, and James Warren for arson, m 5—Miss Jane Clark for poisoning her mother, s 112—m 120—Elizabeth West for robbery m 252—S. S. Gower for arson, s 257, 258—m 258—Edward Hogsden for rape, s and m 258—Richard Love for attempting to murder Hannah Holt, and Sarah Robinson for stealing a pocket book with 1,535l. s and m 406.

Sussex.—Mr. Bridges for a breach of promise, s 250—m 249—Shuter v. the landlord of a public-house, s 364—m 361—Of J. W. Holloway and Ann Kennett for murder, and Thomas Burford for arson, s 402—m 400.

Wales.—Lewis and Richard Lewis for rioting, s 235—m 244,

Warwickshire—Atkins v. Sir Mark Wood, and Mary Ann Higgins and Edward Clark for murder, s and m 258.

Wiltshire—Trial of the rioters, m 5—John Alexander and several others for sending Swing letters, m 86—m 88—Charles Giles for murder, m 88.

Worcestershire.—ThomasSlaughter for arson, m 88—Verdict against Mr. Moreton for using unlawful spikes, s and m 236.

Yorkshire—George Madden for robbery, s 100—m 102—Esther Dyson for murder, s and m 110—Thomas Gregg for sheep-stealing, s 118—m 120—J. Westerman an G. Milner for poaching, s and m 120—D. and P. Simpson for sheepstealing. m 232.

Atmospheric letter carrying, singular instance of, m 109.

Aurora borealis visible at Worcester, s and m 85.