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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Darnley, Lord, funeral of his lordship, s 111—m 109. 

Dead bodies, discovered of a horrible traffic in, m 385.

DEATH—Of Robert Pollock by Frost, s 3—m 8—Of the Marchioness of Ailesbury, and of the Rev. H. Carr, s 13—m 16—Of John Lewis in Whitecross street prison, s 16—m 11—Of Michael Pratt, and of Mr. Cobb, both suddenly, s and m 22—Of Mr. Clark the City Chamberlain. s 29—m 32—Of Henry Mackenzie, Esq. s 27—m 29—Of Mrs. Legh, s 29—m 32—Of John Bristow, Esq. and of Captain Bridges, both suddenly, s and m 32—Of Lord Rivers, s 33—m 38—Of Hannah Flock at Cheshunt, s 37—Of Alderman Sir John Perrin, s 45—m 40—Of Thomas Gardiner Bramston, Esq. and of Thomas Hope, Esq. s and m 45—Of Lady Rumbold, sister of the Princess Polignac, s 53—Of Mrs. Baillie the authoress, s 53—m 56—Of the Edinburgh mail guard and coachman, s 54—Of the Hon. F. W. Robinson, and of Lady Isabella Ann Kingscote, s 56—Of Mr. Atkins the comedian, m 56—Of Lord Osborn, suddenly, s 60—m 63—Of Richard Wellesley, Esq. s 77—m 80—Of John Bell, Esq. s 78—m 79—Of Catherine and Sarah Campbell suddenlys 91—m 96—Of Lord Darnley, suddenly, s 92 m ib—Of the Hon. Captain Kennedy Erskine, s 101—m 104—Of Sir Manasseh Lopes, s 109, 114—m 108, 117—Of the Earl of Coventry, s 109—m 108—Of Walter Burrell, Esq. m 115—Of Lord Mulgrave, m 117—Of Mr. Quick the comedian, m 120—Of Mr. Abernethy, and of Sir John Connell, s 133—m 135—Of Captain Forster, s 139—Of Lord and Lady Walsingham, s and m 142—Of Miss Betsey Harris, suddenly, s 142—m 143—Of the Duchess of Wellington, and of Earl Winterton, the latter suddenly, s and m 144 —Of Mr. G. M. Cooper, having been wounded by a pistol while performing in Liverpool, s 144—m 142—Of Viscountess Nelson, s 145—m 152—Of Mrs. Elizabeth Lund through excessive drinking, s 150—Of Admiral Sir William Johnson Hope, and of Lord Clifford, s 152—m 148—Of the daughter of Lord Wilton, s 157—m 155—Of James Maze, Esq. s and m 165—Of Mr. Raine, and of Margaret Fenwick, s 166—m 165—Of Sir Jenison Gordon, s 166 Of R. H. Leigh, Esq. m 164—Of Susannah Boyd the giantess, m 165—Of the Earl of Northesk, s 181—m 180 Of Mrs. Siddons, s 186—m 187—Of Baron Noleken, s 195—m 200—Of the Rev. Dr. Randolph of Covent garden, s 197—m ib—Of the Rev. Thomas Price, and of Mr. Philoman Chalk, suddenly, s 199—m 197—Of Sir Murray Maxwell, s 205—m 208—Of Mr. Twigg suddenly, s 208—Of Lord Robert Spencer, m 205—Of Mr. Ellison, s 219—m 224—Of Mr. Roscoe, s 220—m 221—Of Robert Cooper at Yarmouth, s and m 230—Of James Northcote, Esq. s 222—m 230—Of the Bishop of Derry, m 230—Of Captain Browell, and of Sir George Abercrombie, s and m 241—Of Bradbury the clown, s 243—Of Richard Smith, Esq. and of Lord Norbury, m 241—Of the Bishop of Cloyne, m 260—Of Lord Duncannon's son, s 264—Of the Hon. W. W. B. Ponsonby, s and m 265—Of the Rt. Hon. Charles Bragge Bathurst, and of Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, s 265—Of Mr. P. Nasmyth, s 266—m 265—Of Andrew Strachan, Esq. and of Dr. de Lys s 276—m 274—Of Sir H. Innis, and of the Dowager Duchess of Rutland, s and m 284—Of the Bishop of Worcester, s 289—Of Capt. C. Monckton, and of the Hon. Mrs. E. H. F. Lambe, s and m 292—Of the Countess Mornington, s 297—m 300—Of Mrs. Sarah Bain, s 297—Of Mr. North, M. P. s and m 314—Of Arthur Clegg, esq. s 316 m 314—Of Mr. and Mrs. Webb, the robe makers, s 321—Of Lord Le Despencer, s332—Of L. Sugg the celebrated ventriloquist, s 338—Of Sir George Naylor, suddenly, s 345—m 343—Of Sir John Anstruther, s 356—m 354—Of Col. Forster Piggott, m 356—Of Bishop Paterson, s 359 m 364—Of Miss O'Brien, in childbed, and her infant, s 362—m 359—Of Stephen Heather, Esq. m 368—Of John Henderson the Comedian, s 378—m 376—Of Capt. George Brown, suddenly, s 378—m 375—Of Sir George J. Holroyd, and of Col. C. P. Leslie, s and m 380—Of Sir Anthony Hart, s and m 396. 

Death, petition of the Jurors of London against the punishment of, s 278—m 284. 

Debt, number of. persons arrested for, s 308. 

Deception Island (South Shetland), Description of, s 114—m 117. 

Devonshire, Duke of, Fete of his Grace at Chiswick, s 272—m 273 

Divorce Bills, number passed, s 120—m 117. 

Dock Yards, great bustle of the various, s 45—m 48. 

Don Pedro, his arrival in London, m 205, 212—s 212—His arrival with the Empress and his daughter Donna Maria, s 245. 

Dramatic scrolls, history of, s 401. 

Duchess Ida (sister of the Queen), her arrival at London, s 161—m 162. 

Duchess of Kent, cause of Her Royal Highness's absence from the coronation, s 282—m 288. 

Duel, Lord J. Cecil and Mr. Tennyson, s 195, 206—m 200, 205—Lieut. Claxton and Mr. Protheroe, s 297—m 300—Major Biddle and Spencer Pettis, fatal to both, m 831—The Hon. F. Greville and J. Jones, Esq. s 343—m 346. 

Duke of Clarence, history of the Title, s 37—m 40. 

Dundas, Major (the seducer), his pedigree, s 179. 

Durham University, the proposed establishment of, and the annual gift of the Bishop of Durham thereto, s and m 409.