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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Easter Hunt, description of, s115. 

East India House, sale of indigo, m 37, 238, 340—Meeting of the proprietors, s 125—m, 128—Sale of Sugars, s 200—m 196—Sale of Silks, m 208, 340—Dividend of 5 ½ per cent. on their capital, s 408. 

Eclipses in the year 1831, s 1—m 4. 

Edinburgh Review, Critique on the late and present ministers, s 36—m 37. 

Eldon, Lord, anecdote of his lordship, s 115. 

Election, chairing of Mr. Hunt at Preston, s 2—m 3—Contest at Newark, s 60—m 61—At Colchester and at the county of Clare, s and m 109—Return of the city of London and of the borough of Southwark, s and m 138—Col. Tyrrel's address to the electors of the county of Essex, m 141—Contest at Monmouth, s 145—m 152—At Aylesbury, at Bridgewater, at Dorsetshire county, at Huntington, at Ipswich, at Southampton, and at Worcestershire county, s and m 149—At Ashburton, at Aylesbury, at Buckinghamshire, and at Cumberland, s 156—m 157—At Essex county, s and m 157—At Pembroke, s 176—At the borough of Northampton, and the feast at the borough of Leicester, s 181—m 178—At Dorsetshire county, s 312, 321, 332, 338—m 324, 329, 349—at Pembrokeshire, s 338, 341—m 340—At Liverpool, m 340—At Cambridge s 341, 353—m 348—At Leominster, s and m 408. 

Elections, members returned, s 141, 149, 156, 168, 172, 181—m 149, 157, 164, 172, 178. 

Election petitions, s 205, 220—m 208. 

Elliston, funeral of the late Mr. s 232—His will, s 260—m 258.—Sale of his wardrobe, s 296. 

Elopement of a clergyman's daughter with an embryo divine, near Carmarthen, s 197, m 200—Of a lady at Tunbridge, s 276—m 273—Of a young lady at Crediton with a rustic, s 401. 

Emigration commissioners, meeting at the Colonial Office, s 212—Offer of land, &c. to females, s 341—m 342, Premier offered to mechanics, s and m 385. 

England and France, the population, production, and consumption, compared, s 160. 

England's King Williams, history of, s and m, 154. 

Enticement, singular definition of the word, s 197, m 200 

Epitaph of the Reform Bill, s and m 354. 

European code, principles of, s 337. 

European Sovereigns, their deaths or change of dynasties, s and m 4. 

EXECUTION.—Berkshire.—Of Winterborn, s and m 21. 

Essex.—Of Wm. Jennings, for arson, s and m 250. 

Hampshire.Of Cooper and Cooke, s and m 29—John Samson and George Wessen, s 100 m—102. 

Horsemonger lane.—James Warner for arson, s and m 21—Richard Hodgsden, m 265—s 273. 

Kent.—John Dyke and Wm. and Henry Packman, s 3—m 6—Of John Any Bird Bell, for murder, m 250—Of Robert Dixon, s 407—m 412. 

Old Bailey.Of George Widget, s 174—m 171—Of Bishop and Williams, for burking, m 384—s 391—Their confession, and post mortem appearances, s 391—m 394. 

Suffolk.Of Flack, for murder, s and m 242. Sussex.—Of Bushley, s 10—Of John William Holloway, for murder, s 402—m 400. 

Worcestershire.—Thomas Slaughter, for arson, s 110. 

Executions, extract from Sir Wm. Meredith's speech on the severity of, s 174—m 171. 

Exchequer bills, amount to be paid off, s and m 376. 

Exeter hall, ceremony of opening the building, s 112. 

Experimental squadron, description of, s 156—m 160. 

Exportation of gold and silver, s and m 4.—Of warlike stores, m 4—Of metals, s and m 30. 

Exports and imports, amount during the year, m 29.