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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Imports from the British colonies, s and m 316. 

Insolvent debtors, rules of the Protestant Methodists, s 37—m 40—Number discharged, amount of their debts and assets, and the expenses of the Court, s 43—m 48—Number of persons discharged under the Act, s 287. 

IRELAND.—Proclamation of the Lord Lieutenant, address of Mr. O'Connell to the people, and the assembling of the trades, s 1—m 2—Law appointments, and history of the secretaryship, s 13—m 16—Proclamation of the Lord Lieutenant, repeal of the Union, proclamation against political breakfasts, letter of Daniel O'Connell, the corporation address to the Lord Lieutenant, inundation at Sligo, and the death of the bishop of Cork, s and m 18—Singular superstition, s 21m 22—The Hon. Mrs. Massey, her servant, and two boatmen drowned in the Shannon, s ib—m 24—Five persons killed by the falling of their cabin at Kilnemanagh, s and m 22—Dismissal of the Rev. John Dawson from the magistracy, s 25—m 27—Insurrectionary proceedings for the repeal of the Union, and the arrest of Mr. O'Connell and several others, s and m 26—Death of Mrs. Godfrey from suffocation in the bed-room—s and m 32—Trial of Mr. O'Connell and seven others, the Lord Lieutenant hooted and pelted with mud, arrest of the proprietors of the Irish Volunteer, run on the banks, and the murder of a protestant magistrate, s and m 34—Murder of M'Cabe at Carrickmacros, s 37—m 40—Levee of the Lord Lieutenant, s 44—m 45—The Kilkenny election, and fatal affray at Mayo, s and m 69—Murder of two children by their father (Lynch), attempt on the life of Mr. Synge, and suicide of Mr. Wade, s and m 70—Murder of Mr. Burke a catholic magistrate, s 86—m 84—Execution of five men for the murder of Jane Dane, s 93—m 94—Murder of Bridget M'Namara, s 94—Sentence on Ward, Duffy, and Farrelly, at Cavan, for Whiteboyism, s and m 102—Outrages in the county of Clare, m 109—Master Butler accidentally shot by a gamekeeper at Carlow, s 117 m 120—Trial of Luke Dillon for a rape on Miss Frizell, s 133—Trial of Mr. O'Connell, s and m l52—Meeting of the bank proprietors, s and m 165—New laws in the coal trade at Dublin, s 170—m 176—Five men and two women killed at Castlepollard by the new police, s and m 174—Capture of 261 Terryalts by the military, s 179—m 182—Outrage on Major Carter, and sentence on two men for Whiteboyism, s 180—m 179—Committal of the police for the affray at Castlepollard, s ib—Death of Baron M'Cleland, s ib—Extreme distress in the country, and letter from the central committee describing it and praying for aid, s 187—m 190—Special commission, and sentence on James Carroll, s 189—m 188—Discovery of ancient plate, s 194—m 195—Death of Don O'Conner, s 197—m 200—Letter of the Bishop of Tuam respecting the famine, s 199—m 195—Fatal affray in the county of Wexford, and investigation of the Newtownbarry case, s and m 205—Execution of Michael Kelly at Ennis, and the trial of Patrick Conner, and John Cullinane, s 212—m 216—Suicide of Mr. George Thompson, s 220—m 221—Coroner's inquest on Margaret O'Leary killed at Castlepollard by the military, s 224—Hardship of the distillers as compared with those of Scotland, m 232—Apprehension of George, Michael, and John Casey for murder, s 236—Review in the Phoenix park, s and m 241—Mary Wright v. the Rev. Daniel O'Sullivan for slander, 241—Number of cattle exported to Liverpool, s 250—The Hon. Mr. Browne and the Rev. Mr. Browne drowned while fishing on the lake Belvedere, s 257—m 259—Trial of Charles and Agnes Clarke for murder, s 257—Nine persons killed in the county of Kerry by the bursting of a water-spout, s 258—m 259—Trial of P. Stewart for murder, s and m 266—Miss O'Flaherty accidentally shot by Mr. Davies her cousin, s 273—Murder of Mr. Thomas Gregory at Newtown, s 276—m 275—Lord Lieutenants appointed under the new Act, m 284—Death of Alexander Stewart, Esq. m 292—Trial of Eliza Little v. Mathew Lynch for a breach of promise, s 348—m 342—Murder of — Carthy by his father, s 359—m ib—Murder of farmer Neil near Limerick, s and m 364—Proposal of a woman to sell her child to the doctors while alive, s 391—m 394—Dreadful tithe conflict at Kilkenny, 23 persons killed, s 400, 410—m 400, 408. 

Irish distress, meeting at Exeter hall for the relief of, s 170—m 174. 

Irish roads and public works, how paid for, s 273. 

Italian boys, their mode of living, m 359.