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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Labourers' wages, programme of Lord Winchilsea's bill, s 211—m 212.

Lambeth, illuminations at, s and m 85.

Lavisse, will of the late Mr., s 115—m 117.

Law, report of the Commissioners, s 311, 338—m 313, 340.

Law books, quantity in print, s 295.

Law institution, meeting of the members, s 214.

LAW INTELLIGENCE—Arches' Court.—Mytton v. Mytton, s 359, 366—m 362, 367.

Chancery Court—Ex-parteHolland in re Marsh and Co. s 18—m 19—Mr. Arnold's petition against the great theatres, s 38, 48, 72—m 40, 46, 72—Westmeath v. Westmeath, s and m 146—Number of appeals to be heard, s and m 152—The King v. Hamlet, s and m 170—Committal of Mr. Long Wellesley, s 232—m 230—Dialogue between the Lord Chancellor and Sir E. Sugden on the business of the Court, s 264—Wellesley v. Beaufort, s 264, 297—m 266—The restoration of Miss Wellesley, s 264—m 266—Harris v. Kemble, s 237—m 230—Earl Digby v. Howard, s 359—m 362.

Common Pleas.—Winter v.Henn, for crim. con., Calcraft v. Lord Harborough, for crim. con., and Kelsey v. Burnett, s and m 54—Mr. Chubb for a libel on St. John Long, m 125—Rich v. Woolley, s 187—m 190 —Long v. Chubb, and Planche v. Colburn and Bentley, s and m 198—Dean v. Mivart, s and m 208—Pirie v. Gompertz, and Ambridge v. Crawley, s 214—Kennett v. Milbank, and Northcott v. Beauchamp, s and m 366—Garth v. Anderson, s and m 406.

Consistory Court.—W. J. Todd v. P. Anderson, m 168—Phipps v. Phipps, and Conway v. Beazley, s 238—m 236—Owen v.Owen, s 359—m 362—Neeld v. Neeld, s 380, 393—m 375, 395.

Court of Request.—Caseof Mr. St. John Long and Mr. Amos Linney, s 337—Thomas Field (a hair-dresser) v. Mr. Wells, for shaving a horse, s 406—m 407.

Exchequer Court.—Tratmanv. Carrington, s 35—The Attorney-General v. Wm. Finch, s and m 45—Chamber and Co's bankruptcy, s 54—m 56—French v. Lawson, s and m 146.—The King v. Carpenter, m 158—The Rev. S. Adams v. Major Dundas for seduction, m 176, 182—s 179—Marshall v. Wakefield, s and m 198—Small v. Attwood, s 364.

Excise Board.—Complaints of Auctioneers, s 37—m 40—Prosecution against Williams the murderer, s 392.

Insolvent Debtors' Court.—Case of Sarah Hopkins, s 9—m 11—Of Frances Moore a dress maker, s 19—m 21—Of Joseph Stockdale, s 27—Of Wm. Trutch, s 91—Of Thomas Crisp, s 139—m 142—Of Richard Whittingham, s 163, 171—m ib—Of Edward Barnwell, s and m 163—Of the Rev. William Gurney, s 219—Of Lieutenant Charles Wallington and Wm. Millar, s 236—Number of persons discharged under the Act, s 287—Case of James Prescott Warde, s 295—m 300—Of Thomas Gould, Esq. s 304—Of Dr. Wm. Battine, s and m 366.

King's Bench Court.—Walker v. Dr. Lushington and others, s 54—Mr. St. John Long v. Mr. Chubb, a bookseller, s and m 68—The King v. Wakley, the Morning Post newspaper for a libel on the Lord Mayor, the King v. Carlisle, Kemble v. Farren, the King v. Cooling, the King v. Saville, and De La Chanmette v. the Bank of England,s and m 146—Landseer v. Robinson, the King v. Byrne, and Wayte v. Wellesley, s 155—m 158—The King v. Wakley, Landseer v. Robinson, and Neeld v. Thompson (editor of the Satirist), s and m 170—Sir H. R. Carden v. Charles Trollop, s 174—m 171—Collier v. Hicks, the Apothecaries' Company v. Greenwood, the King v. the Justices of Middlesex, the King v. the Lord Mayor and Corporation of London, and the King v. Gannon, s 187—m 190—The King v Addy, and the Metropolitan Commission of Lunacy v. Lucitt, s and m 206—Trial of Mr. Cobbett, s 221—m 222—Law respecting common informers, s and m 376—Parsons v. Chapman, s 393—m 395—The King in the matter of Turnbull v. Hodson and others, and Fleming v. Jones, s and m 406.

Palace Court.—Verdict against Wynne, a broker, for extortion, s and m 406.

Prerogative court.—Wheeler and Batson v. Alderson, s 163, 197—m 163, 198—In the goods of Henry Selwin, Esq. s 359—m 362.

Secondaries' Office.—Trower v. Hodson, for crim. con., s and m 35—Mordecai v. Jacobs, for breach of promise, s and m 146—Middleton v. Kipping, s and m 163—Gooding v. Delf, and Des Jardin v. Kent, s 187—m 190—Dodds Moore v. Dent, s 241—Mahoney v. Whittingham, s 380—m 375.

Sheriff's Court.—Mr. Harker v. Capt. Garth, s 77—m 80—Slowman v. Gonner, s 170—The King v. Waterhouse, s 182—m 180.

Law sittings, s 10, 21, 125—m 15, 24, 127, 163, 331.

Law terms, alteration in the dates of, s 8—m 5.

LAWYER, THE COUNTRY AND PARISH; the Law of Settlement, s 289—New Churches, s 297—Of the Renting of Tenements of 10l. per annum, m 305 —Payment of the able-bodied Poor out of the Poor's rate, m 313—The New Game bill, s 337—m 321, 329—The Truck System, m 337—The New Vestry bill, s 352, 361, 369, 377, 385—m 345, 353, 361, 369, 377—Amendment of the Parish Vestries' bill, s and m 409.

Leicestershire, rental of several farms, s and m 34.

Lightning, effects of, at Rockvale, s 159—m 160—Five struck at Blackheath, and the mate of a Scotch smack killed in the Thames, s and m 241—Mr. Thrusty at Eden bridge, and a young man at Croyden killed, s 251—Two persons killed at Tetford, s 260—m 258.

Literature Association, meeting at the British Coffee House, Cockspur street, s 93—Anniversary at the Freemasons' Tavern, s 154—m 155—Meeting at St. Margaret's Place, s 346.

Liverpool, number of shipping and amount of duties at the port of, m 208.

Lock-jaw, cure of, s 116.

Lock's monument, meeting of the subscribers to, s 53.

London, the election of a Chamberlain, s and m 28—Grand entertainment at the Mansion house, s 29, 34, 36—m 32, 36.—Meeting at Lloyd's to consider the 66th bye-law, s 29—m 27—Receipts of the corporation, and pedigree of the new Chamberlain, s 37—m 40—Election of a bridge-master, s 44—Election of an Alderman for Portsoken ward, s 52—m 55—Grand entertainment to the Bishops at the Mansion house, m 64—Meeting at the Mansion house in favour of the Irish distress, m 101—Proceedings in the Court of Aldermen in respect to Mr. Scales, s 145, l55—m 151, 154—Preparation for the royal visit, s 152—m 151—The postponement of his Majesty's visit, and the Reform dinner at the City of London Tavern, s and m 154—Compensation for the approaches to the new bridge, s 188—Ceremony of opening the new bridge by his Majesty, s 221, 230, 231, 240, 245—m 224, 236, 244, 250—Description and dimensions of the bridge, and the removal of the old bridge, m 244—Meeting of the Livery to petition the House of Lords to pass the Reform bill, s 203—m 308—Meeting of the Common Council on the rejection of the Reform bill, s 320—m 321.

Londonderry, Marquis of, the christening fete at Holderness house, m 85.

London University, meeting of the proprietors, s 213, 238, 268, 281—m 213, 234, 266, 280, 320.

Longevity, age of the late Mr. Archer and his wife at St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, s 321—m 324.

Lord Lieutenants of counties, circular of the Secretary of State to, s 36—m 37.

Lord Mayor, dinner given by his Lordship at Twickenham, s 242—The re-election of his Lordship to the civic chair; s 313, 321, 331, 338, 348 353—m 313, 324, 328, 336, 348, 356—The ceremony of swearing in, and dinner at Guildhall, s and m 362

Lunacy, case of Miss Sophia Ellison, s 159—m 158—Of Mr. G. E. Liebenhood, s 162—m 163—Of Mr. Clement, the banker, at Bath, m 273—Of R. B. Burton, Esq.s 296—m 300—Of Mr. George Knight, s and m 308—Of Mrs. Pistel, a lady of fortune, s 405—m 407.

Lying-in-Hospital, amount of the penny subscription, s 102, 145—m 104, 152.