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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Mail coaches, procession of, on the King's birth-day, m 173.

Maniac, singular and horrid acts of a, s 182.

Marine Assurance, amount of stamp duties, m 234.

Marlborough house, the breaking up of the establishment, s 384—m 385.

Marriage, Miss Fitzclarence and Lord Falkland, s 1—m 4—Miss Sneyd, the Queen's waiting-maid, to the Rev. A. Bouverie, s 53—Miss Mordant, to Alexander Nisbett, Esq. s 69—Miss Foote and the Earl of Harrington, m 117, 127—s 128—The Hon. Miss Wellesley to the Hon. Mr. Grosvenor, and description of the wedding cake, m 176—The Baron de Robeck to Miss Emily Henry, s 235—m 234—The Hon. and Rev. Edward Grey to Eliza Innis, s and m 396.

Meat Exchange, in Warwick lane, description of, s 305.

Medico-Botanical Society, meeting of, s 109—m 200.

Mediterranean, a new island discovered, s 260—m 258,

Mechanics' Institution, lecture of S. A. Carlisle on cholera, s and m 367.

Merchants, their memorial to the Postmaster-General, s 368—m 372.

Middlesex, arrears of county rates, s 29, 33—m 32, 40—Meeting of the magistrates respecting, s 124.

Middlesex Hospital, singular bequest of a patient, s 308

Militia, penalties relating thereto, m 46—Exemption of special constables, s 63—m 64—A judge drawn for, s 197—m 200—A Member of Parliament drawn, s 247.

Military inspection, scene in St. James's Park, s 68.

Milton, Mr., will of the late, s and m 195.

Miniature watch, singular description of, s and m 316.

Minor theatres, meeting of the proprietors, s 410—m 409.

Missionary Society, meeting at Exeter hall, s 147, 154, 162?—m 150, 155, 163.

Molasses question, letter of Mr. Greene, s 252, 260, 266—m 249, 260, 265.

Money letters without directions, their number, and amount of the enclosed, s 148—m 152.

Monthly Periodicals, review of, s 313.

Mulgrave, will of the late Lord, s and m 265.

Munster, Earl of, ceremony of his lordship's creation, s and m 195.

MURDER.—Of Mr. Axford at Walworth by his wife, s and m 8—Of Mr. Ashton near Ashton-under-Lyne, s 16, 22—m 11, 24—Of Mrs. M'Clellan at Hollinwood, of an operative spinner at Manchester, and of a child by its mother, and attempted suicide of herself, at Wolverhampton, s 24—m 22—Of Hannah Flock at Cheshunt, s 29, 37—Of Julia Masters by her son, s 36, 43—m 36—Of Mrs. Makessey by her daughter-in-law, s 52—Of Elizabeth Markham at Bethnal Green, s 86, 100—m 88, 101, 109, 110—Of a beast jobber in Rutlandshire and confession of Jane Levison on her death-bed, s 86, 110—m 88—Of Taylor a gypsy at Wimbledon, s 96, m 93—Of James Green by a maniac in St. Luke's Hospital, s and m 110—Of John Davy, s 115—m 120—Of James Weston at Downham market, s 118—m 117—Attempt on John Dunnell by his brother Joseph at Swinton near Doncaster, s and m 120—Of C. Burdett by Wm. Thompson, mate of the Emily, s and m 126—Of a child in Hyde Park, s 129—m 133—Of Doggerty in Bedfordbury, m 133, 142—s 139—Of Hopkins near Maidenhead, m 136—Of Ann Williams, in Justin Street New Cut, s 137—m 142—Of Mrs. Page by her husband at Newark, s and m 155—Attempt on Mr. Thompson's housekeeper at Tabernacle walk, s ibm 156—Of an infant by Wm. Mercer at Mythop, Lancashire, s 162—Of Taylor, a boy, near Rochester, s 174, 178—m 171, 183—Of Mr. Ashon at Hyde, s and m 174, 183—Of a constable at Norwich, and singular detection of the murderers, s 179—m 182—Of Thomas William Brown an infant at Gravesend by his mother, s ib—m 180—Of a quartermaster on board an Indiaman, s 185—m 192—Of Ann Reeves by poison administered by Joseph Lowe for the purpose of procuring abortion, s 187—m 190—Of Mr. Turner at Upwell, s 189—m 188—Of Mr. Chisnell at Hadleigh, s 206—m 195, 206—Of Edward Button at Grimsby, s and m 224—Of Mrs Turner and her child by her husband, at East Rushton, Norfolk, s 248, 260—m 250, 258—Of Celia Holloway by her husband near Brighton, s 261—m 260, 268—His confession, s 274—Of Mary Cheney at Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire, s 281—m 280—Of Mary Dunn at Rottingdean, s 282—m 281—Of a child at Stockbridge by its father, s 297—m 296—Of Mary Banyan, s 306—m 308—Of Edward Goode at Shotteswell, s and m 331—Attempted on Mr. Bentley's housekeeper at Wapping, and the attempted suicide of the assassin, s 341—m 342—Of Mr Akehurst and his housekeeper at Leatherhead, s 342—m 346—Of Mrs. Walsh, an aged female, at Goodman's Fields, s 342, 351, 358—m 342, 354, 359—Of Mr. Radcliffe at Burton Wood, Lancashire, s and m 359—Of an Italian boy, and inquest on the body at Henrietta street, Covent Garden, s 373—m 358, 374Of William Merrett, a child, by his mother, and attempted suicide of herself s 378—m 375—Of Henry Watts on Hounslow Heath, s 392—m 394—Of a child by its mother in Charles street, Reading, and the committal of the murderer (Ann Mercier), s 407—m 401—Of a postman at Trdeegar?, s 407—m 410—Of Ann Wood poisoned by her sister-in-law (Sarah Smith), at Mount Sorrel, s 410—m 412—Of Hannah Hobbs, near Brighton, s 411—m 406.

Murray, Sir George, his address to the electors of Perthshire, s 164—m 162

Musical Fund, anniversary of the society, s 194.

Musicians, performance of the Messiah at the Hanover Square Rooms for the benefit of the decayed, s 186.