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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


OFFENCES.—Fraud of Whittingham on an artist, s 3—m 6—Plunder on board the fishing, smacks, s 11—m 12—Burglary in the Strand and Coppice row, m ib—Attempt to assassinate the Duke of Newcastle, s 17—m 22—Attempt to assassinate Mr. Howard at Manchester, and Mr. Kershaw at Lane End, and an attempted fraud on Messrs. Stewart and Co. the army agents, s and m 27—A flat between two sharps (case of Mr. Prudence, of Barkingside, Essex), and a burglary and rape on two females at Manchester, s and m ib—Robbery of the Communion plate at Dulverton, Somerset, and fraud and escape of the Rev. Wm. Wheatley, s 37—m 40—Brutal outrage on Mr. Hubbard and his servant, at Eagle Hall, near Lincoln, s 52—m 53—Removal of seven bodies from Ewer street burial ground, s 54—Attempt to defraud country bankers, m 56—Extensive fraud at the Custom House, s 69—m 72—Robbery at Mr. Aspinall's banking-house at Liverpool, s and m 70—Outrage on the race-horse Tyre, m 80—Daring attempt at street-robbery, s 85—Sir William Alexander robbed in the street, s 86—Obscene conduct of John Wroe at Ashton-under-Lyne (a preacher of Johannah Southcote) towards seven virgins, and his escape from the vengeance of his congregation, s and m 87—Fraud on Sir Francis Burdett, s 88—Outrage on a female servant at Mr. Neil's, Shoreditch, s 104—Threatening letters of Mr. French to Mr. Sinclair, and an attempt to murder Mr. and Mrs. Williams at Portsea by George Garnitt, s 108—m 110—Burglary at Mrs. Stevens's at the Commercial road, Chelsea, s 118 m 117—Outrage on a female corpse at Grimsby, s 120—m ib—Robbery of jewels at Lady Gresley's, s 137—m 142—Outrage on Sir John Rae Reid at Dover, s 141—m 138—Robbery of the Glasgow mail, s 142—m 143—Robbery at Messrs. Drummond's the bankers, s 145—m 152—Fraud of the assumed Sir Thomas Kennedy, s 147—m 150—Robbery of Mr. King of Berkley, s and m 152—Fraud of John Campbell, Esq. s 155—Burglary at Plymouth, s 157—m 160—Robbery at Lady Nelson's, m 157—Burglary at Cambridge, s 158—Frauds by emigrants, s 162—m 166—A dashing swindler at Brighton, s 164—m ib—A female swindler, s and m 166—Curious robbery at Hull, s 174—m 171—Distressing case of revenge for infidelity inflicted by the husband, s 178—m 183—Robbery of Luke Pember, with the singular discovery of the thief, and his confession, s 183—m 182 Burglary at Chertsey, s 189—Burglary at Grantham, Lincolnshire, s 197—m 200—Attempt to poison. a coroner's jury at Woolwich, s 224, 230—m 230—Outrage of a gang of thieves at the Garrick Tavern, Loman street, s and m 236—Mr. Buck robbed of 1,6001. at a house in White Bear gardens, Kent street, s ib—Attempt at robbery and murder on Mr. Radford in Peckham fields, s and m 242—Attempt to poison Mr. Dowling and his family, s 250—Outrage on a field of wheat in the Isle of Thanet, and burnings and threatening letters in Cambridgeshire, s 257—m 256—Extensive forgery at Elsing, Norfolk, s 281, 288—m 289Two men stabbed at a harvest supper near Eastbourne, and robbery at the mint of blank sovereigns, s 290—m 292Robbery at Robarts, Curtis and Co. s 298An extensive fraud attempted, and a burglary attempted at Towcester, and the burglar shot, s 311—m 314—Extensive robbery at Millbank street, Westminster, s and m 337—The corpse of an old man stolen at Paddington, s 338Attempt to poison Hannah Bowden at Delph by a parcel of poisoned cakes, s 353, 359—m 359—Attempt to Burke a young woman at Somers' Town, s 358, 370—m 359, 370—Robbery at Lord Belhaven's, s 366—m 367—Attempt to Burke two children in the Waterloo road, s and m 370—Daring attempt at robbery at Rutland street, Commercial road, s 380—m 375—Attempt to Burke Martha Allenby at Bronti place, Walworth, s 383—m 387—Robbery at Gormandy House, s 383—Duffey, a child Burked in Golden lane, m 384—Robbery at King street, Cheapside, s 296—Outrage on Shields the resurrectionist, and witness against Bishop and Williams, and his narrow escape at Covent Garden, s 404—Outrage on Andrew Colla, an Italian witness against Bishop and Williams, s 406—m 410. 

Opium, importation and value of, s 169—m 176.

Orphan Asylum, anniversary of, s 93.

Osbaldeston, Mr., his great match of riding, s 364, 378—m 356, 380.

Oxford, grand commemoration at, s and m 195.