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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Quarantine, orders and regulations of the government, s 188—m 192.

Queen Adelaide, celebration of her Majesty's birth-day, s 69—m 70—Vote of the House of Commons on a provision for her Majesty at the demise of the King, s 125—m 128—State ball of her Majesty, s 137—m 144—Her Majesty's visit to the Italian Opera house, s 161—m 168—Her Majesty's purchases at the sale for the relief of the distress in Ireland, s 197—Her Majesty's gift to Donna Maria, s and m 265—Gift of Donna Maria to her Majesty, s 268—Her Majesty's coronation, and m 279—Infamous conduct to her Majesty at Brighton, s 303—Her Majesty's patronage to the Charing cross hospital, s 384—m 385.

Queen Anne's Bounty, deficiency in the treasurer's accounts, s 257.

Queen Caroline fund, the appropriation of, s and m 205.

Queen Charlotte, anecdote of her late Majesty respecting the late Margravine of Anspach, m 313.

Queues, the last of, worn, s 45—m 48.

Quick, John, Esq. will of the late, m 163.