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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Races at Epson, s 166—At Ascot, s 178—m .184—At Doncaster, s 305.

Railway from Manchester to Liverpool, annual income of, m 273.

Recorder's report, s 77, 126, 161, 214, 266, 334, 380—m 77, 125, 168, 213, 266, 338, 376.

Reform, fund to assist the cause, s 141—m 139—Majority of the population and property in favour of, s and m 186.

Reformation, meeting of the society at Exeter hall, s 154—m 155.

Reform bill, summary of its contents, s 211—m 205, 212—Division of the second reading, s 222—m 220—The amendments to be proposed in committee, m ib—Motion of Mr. Hunt to fine peers for interfering at elections, s 228—m 229—Particulars of schedules A and B, s 232—m 229—Divisions on the question of adjournment, s ib—m 228—Division on the dividing of Counties, s 253—m 258—Division on Lord Chandos's motion for giving votes to tenants-at-will of 50l. a-year in counties, s 206—m 266—Division on the passing of the bill in the House of Commons, s 303—m 306—Petition from the Birmingham Union in favour of the bill, s 321—m 324—Division in the Lords on its rejection, s 330—m 320—Town and country meetings in favour of it, s 338—m .340—Meeting at Warwick, and letters of the Bishops of Norwich and Chichester, s 346—m Summary of the new bill, s 399—m 400—Division on the second reading in the House of Commons, s 410—m 407.

Regalia of England, description and value of, s 273—m 272.

Religious bequest of a gentleman, s 241.

Rents and tithes, reduction of, s and m 20.

Revenue, net produce of, s 9, 113, 222, 230—m 11, 115, 221, 331—New regulation in the management, s 249—m 252.

Reverse of fortune, hard case of a Dutch merchant, s 11—m 12—Case of Mr. Ruspini, and John Dent, a merchant, s 27—m 30.

Review of the Life Guards and 9th Lancers at Hounslow, s 197—m .200—Of the cavalry at Wormwood scrubs, s 285—m 292.

Rhododendron, a new species, raised by Earl Caernarvon, m 176.

Riots, outrage of a mob at Long acre, s 33—m 34—Committal of nine men at Thornton, Derbyshire, s 36—m 37—Fracas in the King's Bench prison, s 37—m 40—Disturbance at Deal, s 141—m 148—At Wigan s 174, 192—m 174, 189—At Merthyr Tidvel, s 190, 198, 206—m 187, 206—At several places in Derbyshire, m 321—s 329, 335—Destruction of Nottingham castle, s 329—m 332—Attack on the Duke of Wellington and Lord Londonderry's houses, s 330—m 332—At Blandford and at Sherborme, s 335—m 338—At Tiverton, s and m 348—At Bristol, s 349, 350, 351, 362, 372—m 344, 350, 351, 362, 370—At Bath, s 351—m 352—At Worcester and at Coventry, s 362—m 360—At Dudley, Wolverhampton, &c. s 396?.

Rivers, Lord, biography of his late lordship, s 33—m 38.

Roman fortunes, history of, s 281—m 284.

Rowing match, between Eton and Westminster, s 158—m 155—The grand scullers' match, s 216.

Royal Academy, entertainment to the ministers, and visit of the royal family to the exhibition, s 140 m l39—Critique on the exhibition, s 150, 160, 176—m 150, 154, 175.

Royal Family of England, their annual income, s 44—m 48.

Royal marines, promotion of, s 336—m 337.

Royal Union Association, meeting at the Thatched house, s 154—m 155,

Rum, government contract for, s 330—m 340.

Russell, Lord John, presentation of the freedom of the city of London to, and his lordships answer, s 124, 221—m 224—Dinner to his lordship at Stationers' hall, m 305—His lordship's answer to the Birmingham address, m 332.