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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Tallow, monopoly of, from Russia, s 37—m 37, 152.

Tallow-chandlers, penalty for not allowing their premises to be inspected by the Excise-officers after the candle duty has been taken off, m 412.

Tally system, the evil, of, s and m 174.

Taxation illustrated, s and m 348.

Tees, proposed mines on the river, s 348—m 345.

Temperance Society, meeting at Exeter hall, s and m 214.

Temple, improvements in the buildings, s 10.

Tennant, Captain Robert, will of the late, s 120—m 117.

Theatres.—Adelphi—Grimalkin, s 6—The King of the Alps, s 10—Good Intentions, s 72—Bringing Home the Bride, s 80—The Feudal Lady, s 222—The Haunted Hulk, s 232—The Sorceress, s 252—The Arrangement, s 268—The Picturesque, s 275—Victorine, or, I'll Sleep Upon It, s 338—Favourites in Town, s 401—Daman and Pythias, s 409.

Astley's.—Life and Death of Napoleon, s 168.

City.The opening of, s 115.

Coburg—Harlequin Silver Penny, s 6.

Covent garden.—Harlequin Pat and Bat, s 6—The Married Lovers, s 48—Comrades and Friends, s 56 Neuha's Cave, s 115—The Exquisites, s 139—Napoleon, s 160—The Gipsy Father, s 184—Address of Mr. Bartley at the close of the house, s 213—A Genius Wanted, s 338—Army of the North, s 344—Fra Diavolo, s 354—The Irish Ambassador, s 368.

Drury lane.—Davy Jones, or Harlequin and Mother Cary's Chickens, s 6—The Devil's Brother, s 48—Highways and Bye-ways, s 96—The Fund Dinner, s ib—The Ice Witch, s 115—Alfred the Great, s 139—The Revolt of Moscow, s 160—Preparations for the grand ball, s 212—Amount of subscriptions received, s 222—Meeting of the shareholders, s 224—Debut of Mrs. Brudenell, Miss Kenneth, and Mr. Jones, s 312—Dominique, or is it the Devil's s 321—Hyder Ali, s 338—The Love Spell, s 354—Lords and Commons, s 409.

Haymarket.—The Widow Bewitched, s 195—Critique on Miss Taylor's Rosalind, s 213—The School for Coquettes, s 232—Madame du Barry, s 252—Fricandeau, s 260—More Flirts Than One, s 281Debut of Mr. Plumer, s 296—The farewell address, s 328.

Italian Opera.—Debut of Signor and Madame Rubini, s 139—Signor de Begnis' concert, s 213.

Olympic.—Address of Madame Vestris at the opening of the house; new burletta, Mary Queen of Scots, s 16—Talk of the Devil, s 312—Gervase Skinner, and the Love Spell, s 346.

Sadler's Well.—Mother Goose, s 6.

Surrey.—The New year's gift, s 6—Black-Eyed Susan, s 16—The Headsman, s 115—The Rose of Kerry, s 139—Napoleon, s 176—Sharps, Flats, and Naturals, s 184—The False Key, s 281.

Thunder storm at Chelmsford, s 171—m 170—At Hereford and Aylesbury, m 176—At Newmarket, s 257—At London, s 268—At Biggleswade, s 312—m 315.

Tin, origin of, m 152.

Tithes, meeting at Romford respecting, m 29.

Tobacco, quantity manufactured, s 182—m 481—Amount of the revenue from, s and m 345—Ancient penalties for smoking, s and m 404.

Trees and plants, their number growing, and where imported from, s and m 316.

Trinity House election for the mastership, s 182—m 181.

Triumphal arch at Hyde park, new use of, s 345.

Trunk system, provisions of the bill, s 345.

Turnpike road, new regulations respecting, s 377—m 388.

Typhus fever, fatality of, s and m 376.