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[List of Freemasons' Lodges, 1799]

A Correct List of all the Lodges in London, according to the most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of England, agreeable to the Old Institutions, granted to His Royal Highness Prince Edwin, a York Anno Domini 926.
In the Year of Masonry 5799, and in the Year of our Lord 1799.
Grand Lodge, at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, Strand, London, upon the 1st Wednesday in March, June, September, and December; and upon the 24th Day of June, and the 27th day of December, for general Purposes.
Stewards Lodge, upon the 3d Wednesday of every Month, for Charitable and other Masonic Purposes

No.1 Grand Master's Lodge, Crown and Anchor, Strand, last Tuesday.
2. Ship, Tower street, London, 2d Mond.
Ditto, ditto, Royal Chapter, 1st Sund.
3. George and Vulture, Shadwell, 1st. Mon.
4. George, opposite the Church Piccadily, Last Thursday
5. White horse, Bartholomew lane, Royal Exchange, 3d. ditto
6. Bricklayers arms, Blackfriars, 2nd Tuesd.
7. Prince of Wales's Tavern, Woolwich, 1st Friday
8. Coach and Horses, Brick lane, Spitalfields, last Mon.
10. Crown, Seven dials, last Thursday
Ditto, do. do. Royal Arch Chapter. 3d. Sunday, 3 o'clock
13. Ship, Bombay castle, Deptford, 1st Mo.
23. King's arms, Wapping church, 4th Wed.
31. King's Arms, Nightingale lane, 2d Sun.
37. King's head, James street, Covent gar. 3d Thursday
63. Glasgow arms, Wapping, last Monday
81. Cheshire Cheese, Spitalfields, Market, 3d Tuesday
192. Queen of Bohemia, Wych street, 2d Thurs.
193. Suttling house, Horse Guards, 2d Mon.
194. Cooper's Arms, West Smithfi. 1st Tues.
195. Crown St. Dunstan's, Fleet st. 2d. Do.
221. King's Head, Whitechapel, 1st Ditto
227. Crowns, East Smithfield, 2d Ditto
234. Six Canns, Holborn, Last Tuesday
239. Rose & C. Sloan st. Chelsea, 2d Thurs.
240. King's Arms, New Round c. Strand, 1st. M.
244. Dolphin, Ludgate Hill, 3d Monday
245. Britannia, Golden l. Barbican, 3d Tues.
251. Sugar Loaf, Great St. Helen's 1st. Tues.
253. Ditto, ditto ditto
255. Anchor & Hope Alley, Wap. 3d Mon.
258. Bear, Thames street, 1st. Thursday
529. (sic) Queen's Head, White Cross street, Cripplegate, 2nd Mon.
261. Dundee Arms, Wapping, 1st Friday
277. Globe Taern (sic) Fleet street, 3d Tues.
280. Anchor, Leadenhall street, 2d Wed.
290. Dundee Arms, Nightingale lane, Wapping, 1st Friday
295. Ship, Bridge yard, Tooley st. 4th Tuesd.
300. Crown, Fleet street, 2nd Thursday
304. Prince of Wales's Head, Woolwich, 1st Monday
305. Bell, Thames street, 3d ditto
314. Green Dragon, Paradise row, Chelsea, 2d and 4th Monday

A Correct List of Lodges held in London and its Environs, according to the Modern Institution.
The Grand Stewards' Lodge, Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen st. 3d Wednesday from Oct. to May. Public nights 3d Wednesday in March and December.
1 Lodge of Antiquity, Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen st. 4th Wednesday from October to June inclusive.
2 Somerset House Lodge, Freemasons' Tav. 2d and 4th Monday from Nov. to April. Dine at five.
3 Lodge of Friendship, Thatched House Tav. St. James's street, 4th Thursday
4 British Lodge, Burlington Arms, Burlington street, 3d Tuesday
5 Westminster and Key Stone Lodge, Old King's Arms, Palace yard, 1st Monday.
6 Lodge of Fortitude, Miles Coffee house, Gerrard street, Soho, 1st and 3rd Wednesday. Master's Lodge, 5th Wednes.
7 Lodge of St. Mary le Bone, Cavendish sq. Coffee house, 3d Monday, from Sept. to May inclusive.
8 Ionic Lodge, Coach and Horses, Dover street, 3d Wednesday.
9 Dundee Arms Lodge, their private room Red Lion st. Wapping, 2nd & 4th Thurs.
11 King's Arms, Wandsworth, Surrey, 1st Tue.
12 Lodge of Emulation, Paul's Head Tav. Cateaton st. 3d Mond. from Oct. to May.
13 Fraternal Lodge, Mitre Stockwell st. Greenwich, 4th Tuesday.
14 Globe Lodge, White Hart Tavern, Holborn, 1st Thursday.
15 Jacob's Ladder, Bolt and Tun, Fleet st. (occasionally)
18 Castle Lodge of Harmony, Horn, Doctors commons, 1st Monday from Lady Day to Michaelmas; and from Michaelmas to Lady Day every 1st & 3d Mond.
20 Lodge of Cordiality, Chancery Coffee House, Southampton build. Chancery l. 4th Monday.
21 Old King's Arms Lodge, Freemason's Tavern, Great Queen st. 1st Thursday from October to May inclusive.
22 St. Alban's Lodge, Thomas's Tavern, Dover street, Piccadilly, 1st Monday from October to April.
12 Lodge of Attention, Freemason's Tav. Great Queen st. (do not meet)
25 Castle Lodge, White Swan, Mansel st. Goodman's fields, 1st Thursday
26 The Corner Stone? Lodge, Thatched House Tav. St. James st. 2d Monday. Dine at five
27 Britannie Lodge, Star and Garter Pall mall, 3d Tues. from Nov. to Ap. inclusive
28 Well Disposed Lodge, at the Cock?
29 Lodge of Fortitude, Crown and Thistle, East Smithfield, 2d Wednesday
30 Sociable Lodge, Horn Tavern, Doctors Commons, 4th Monday
32 King's Arms, Marylebone st. Piccadilly, 2d & 4th Tues. from Oct. to June inclusi.
41 Strong Man, East Smithfield, (late the Ship at the Hermitage) 1st Thursday
43 Union Lodge of Freedom and Ease, Surry Tav. Surry st. Strand, 2d Tues.
50 Constitutional Lodge, Old Crown and Cushion, Lambeth Marsh, 4th Monday from October to May inclusive
53 City Lodge, Ship Tavern, Leadenhall st. 2nd and 4th Thursday
54 Lodge of Felicity, Slaughter's Coffee house, St. Martin's lane, 2d Monday
55 Vocation Lodge, Star and Garter, Paddington, 4th Wednesday
56 Lodge of Affability, Castle inn, New Brentford, 1st and 3d Wednesday
57 Royal Naval Lodge, Private Room, near Red Lion st. Wapping 1st Wed.
60 Lodge of Peace and Harmony, Swan Tav. Fish street hill, 4th Thursday
66 Lodge of Sincerity, Bearmondsey (sic) Spa, Southwark, 4th Wednesday
67 Lodge of Peace and Plenty, Red lion, Horsleydown lane, 2d Thurs. Master's Lodge 5th Thursday
68 Grenadiers Lodge, King's Arms, Brook street, Grosvenor square, 2 Wednesday
69 Lodge of Prudence and Peter, joined Lodge, No 8.
72 Lodge of Unity, Thistle and Crown, Suffolk st. Hay Market, 1st Thursday
89 Lodge of Freedom, Pope's Head, Gravesend, 1st. and 3d Thursday
92 George Lodge, Rose and Crown, Downing street, Westminster, 3d Thursday
95 Old Cumberland Lodge, White Lion, Oxford Road, 2d Tuesday
96 Foundation Lodge, Free masons Tavern, Great Queen street, 2d Wednesday in January, February, March, April, Sept. Oct. Nov. and Dec.
97 United Lodge of Prudence, Dog, St. James Market, 1st Thursday
104 Rose and Crown, at the Mitre, King's street, Westminster, 2nd Tuesday, from Sept to June
108 St. James's Lodge, Crown Inn, Uxbridge, Thursday nearest the full Moon.
110 Loge des Amis Rennis, joined No. 338.
113 Gloucester Lodge, Rose Tavern, Rose Alley, Bishopsgate, st. 3d Wednesday
117 Lodge of Regularity, Thatched House Tavern, St. James's street, 4th Wednesday from October to May inclusive.
118 Lodge of Freedom and Ease, Three Jolly Butchers, Old street Road, 4th Wednesday.
128 Burlington Lodge, Bunch of Grapes, Duke street, St. James's square, 3d Thursday.
131 Shakespear, Covent Garden, 4th Thursday, from November to May.
134 Apollo Lodge of Harmony, Argyll Arms, Argyle street, 2nd Friday.
142 London Lodge, London Coffee House, Ludgate Hill, (occasionly.)
169 Union Lodge, Angle and Crown, Crispin street, Spital fields, 3d Thursday.
170 Royal Meeklenburgh Lodge, Green Dragon, Croydon, Surry, 1st and 3d Tuesday.
171 Royal Lodge, Thatched House Tavern, St. James's street, 1st Friday.
178 Lodge of Constitutional Attachments, Flying Horse, Blackman street, 1st Thursday.
180 Caledonian Lodge Globe, Fleet street, 1st Monday from January to June.
182 Lodge of St. John the Evangelist, Two Blue Posts, Charlotte street, Rathbone Place, 2nd Thursday
183 British Special Lodge, White Bear, Old street square, last Thursday.
184 Tuscan Lodge, Chancery Coffee house, Southampton Buildings, Holborn, 3d Thursday.
185 Operative Masons Cannon, Portland Road, Marybone, 1st Tuesday, Masters Lodge, 5th Tuesday.
186 Gothic Lodge, Foot Guards Suttling House, Whitehall, 4th Monday
188 Corinthian Lodge, White Hart Chancery lane, 3d Monday.
191 St. George's Lodge, at the Castle, Lewisham, Kent, 1st Monday
194 St. Luke's Lodge, Don Saltero's Coffee House, Chelsea, 1st Tuesday from October to May inclusive.
203 King's Arms, Shad Thames, 1st Monday, from September to May.
205 Bedford Lodge, Free masons Tavern, Great Queen street, 1st Wednesday.
206 Patriotic Lodge, Greyhound, Croydon, Surry, Thursday after full Moon.
210 Lodge of True Friendship, Bird and Hand, Stratford, Essex, 3d Tuesday.
211 Angel, Upper Ground, Christ Church, Southwark, 3d Tuesday.
215 Lodge of Morality, King's Head, Old Compton street, 2d Thursday.
217 Lodge of Honour and Generosity, White Hart Tavern, Holborn, 4th Thursday.
218 Lodge of Union, Three Jollies Hatters, Bermondsey, 3rd Wednesday.
221 St. John's Lodge, Flask Tavern, Hampstead, 1st Thursday.
227 Lodge of Friendship, Angel, Ilford, Essex, Monday nearest the full Moon.
228 Lodge of Concord, White Lion, High street, Bloomsbury, 3d Tuesday from October to June.
231 Lodge of Sincerity, Gregorians Arms, near Jamaica Row, Bermondsey, 2d Tuesday.
232 Caveac Lodge, Angel, Hammersmith, 1st Tuesday.
236 Manchester Lodge, at the Maidenhead, Ram court, Fleet street, 1st Wednesday.
238 L'Esperance, Thatched House Tavern, St. James's street, 1st Monday.
239 Queen Charlotte's Lodge, now the Universal, 203, Gun Tavern, Mile End, 3d Thursday.
242 Lodge of Unity, King Harry Head, Red Lion street, Whitechapel, 4th Monday.
247 Inflexible Lodge, White Hart, Mitcham, Surry, Wednesday nearest the full Moon.
249 St. Peter's Lodge, King's Head, Walworth, Monday, nearest the full Moon.
257 Lodge of Friendship, Bunch of Grapes, Limehouse Hole, do not meet.
258 Lodge of Prosperity, George, Eastcheap, 2d Wednesday.
260 Lodge of Fortitude and Perseverance, Fox, Epsom, Thursday nearest the full Moon.
263 Jerusalem Lodge, Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green, 1st and 3d Wednesday from October to May, and the 1st Wednesday from June to September.
264 Lodge of Industry, Ben Johnson's Head, Shoe lane, (do not meet.)
280 Lodge of Friendship, Shipwright's Arms, Deptford Green, 2d Thursday.
283 Lodge of Three Grand Principles, King's Head, Islington, Tuesday nearest the full Moon.
287 Lodge of Liberty, 1st Thursday.
321 St. Andrew's Lodge, Robinhood, Chal. street, St. James's 4th Monday from October to May.
322 Royal York Lodge of Perseverance, Suttling House, Horse Guards, 1st Friday.
325 Lodge of Honour, Bell, York street, Westminster, 1st Tuesday.
329 Lodge of United Friendship, Falcon Tavern, Gravesend, 2d & 4th Thurs.
330 Lodge of the Nine Muses, Thatched House Tavern, St. James street, 2d Friday.
339 Lodge of Independence, Vine Tavern, Broad street, Ratcliff, (discontinued.)
340 Pilgrim Lodge, Free masons' Tavern, Queen street, last Wednesday.
353 Lodge of Moral Reformation, Gun Tavern, Deptford, 2d Monday.
355 Hiram's Lodge, Crown, Little Duke's place, last Monday.
371 Lodge of Truth, Cricketters, Richmond Green, 2d Thursday.
384 Lodge of Harmony, Private Room, Hampton Court, (occasionally.)
387 Lodge of Good Intent, Ship Tavern, Leadenhall street, 2 Wednesday.
390 Lodge of Unions, Pratt street, Lambeth, 1st Monday
412 Prince of Wales's Lodge, Star and Garter Tavern, Pall Mall, 3d Friday from October to June.
435 Bank of England Lodge, Guildhall Coffee house, King street, Cheapside, 4th Tuesday.
446 Star and Garter, Pall Mall, occasionally.
449 Country Stewards' Lodge, Free masons' Tavern, Great Queen street, 2nd Friday from November to July.
466 Friendly Lodge, King's Head Tavern, Holborn, 2d Thursday.
535 Lodge of Emulation, Rose Inn, Dartford, Tuesday nearest the full Moon.
552 Perfect Lodge, Horse and Star, Woolwich, 3d Monday.

Royal Arch Chapters.

1 Restauration Lodge, or Chapter of the Rock and Fountain Shiloe, Free masons' Tavern, 4th Thursday from Jan. to May and October to December.
2 Caledonian Chapter, Surry Tavern, Surry street, Strand, last Wednesday.
18 Royal Cumberland Chapter, Blue Anchor, York street, Westminster, 1st Monday.
49 Chapter of Hope, Freeschool, King street, Deptford, 4th Thursday.
50 Chapter of Prudence, Dog, St. James's Market, 4th Thursday.
60 St. James's Chapter, Free Masons Tavern, Gt. Queen st. 2d Thursday (except Feb. and August) in Jan. and July: the Chapter Meets at 5 to Dine.
Lodge of Truth, in the First Regiment of Horse Grenadiers, at the Prince of Wales's Coffee house, Sloane street. 4th Friday.

Chapter of the Order of Harodim, Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 3d Monday from Jan. to April, and from October to Dec. Dine at Five exactly. Chapter open at Seven. Visitors admitted by Tickets, which may be had by applying to any Member of the Chapel. N.B. This is a Crafts Chapter. See Preston's Illustrations of Masonary, Ed. 1796, p.342.

N.B. Any Removals or Alteration in the Lodge Nights or Place of Meeting, whether ANCIENT or MODERN, ROYAL ARCH, CHAPTERS, &c. &c. will be most thankfully received, and punctually attended to, by their very much obliged and devoted Brother.

No. 14, Norris Street, P. Boyle

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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