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Newspaper Offices

Baldwin's Journal, Bridge str. Blackfriars, Fridays
Bell's Messenger, Strand, Sundays
County Chronicle, Warwick squ. Mondays
County Herald, Old Bailey, ditto
Chronicle (Morning) opposite Catharine st. Strand
Craftsman, Ave Mary lane, Fridays
Courier, Fleet street, Evening
English Chronicle, Catharine street, Strand, 3 times a week
Express, opposite Somerset place, Strand, weekly
Good? Informer, Strand, Sundays
General Evening Post, Paternoster row, 3? times a week
Herald (Morning) Catharine street, Strand
London Gazette, Tuesdays and Saturdays
London Chronicle, do. do. Paternoster row
Lloyd's Evening Post, Snow hill, do.
Morning Post and Fashionable World, opposite Somerset place, Strand
Monitor (Johnson's Sunday) Ludgate hill
Observer, Strand, Sundays
Old Spy, Creed lane, weekly
Oracle and Daily, Fleet street, morning
Publick Ledger, Warwick square, ditto
Publicans, Catherine street, Strand, ditto
Recorder, Old Bailey, Sundays
Reformer, No. 66, Old Bailey, ditto
Review, Holywell street, Strand, ditto
St. James's, Chronicle, Union street, Bridge street, Blackfriars, 3 times a week
Sun, Strand, evening
Star, Temple bar, ditto
Times, Printing house yd. Blackfri. morning
True Briton, Catherine street, Strand, do.
Weekly Register, Fleet street
Whitehall Evening Post, Crane court, Fleet street, 3 times a week
Westminster Journal, Bridge st. Blackfriars

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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