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A List of Public Offices, Societies, Buildings, &c.

Accountant General's office, Chancery lane
Admiralty office, Whitehall
Admiralty office, College sq. Doctor's com.
Adjutant General's office, Fludyer street
Affidavit in Chancery office, Spaple's (sic) inn
African Company of Merch. office, Mark l.
African Company's office, at Mr. Gosling's, Lawrence Poultney lane
Alien office, Crown street, Westminster
Alienation office, King's bench walk, Temple
Allowance office for spoiled stamps, Somerset place
America agency office, No.6 Ingram's court, Fenchurch street
American Loyalist office, Whitehall
American office for Sales, &c. Old Broad st.
Annuity office (London) Old Fish street
Antiquarian society, Somerset place
Appeals for Prizes of War, High court college square, Doctor's commons
Archdeacon of London's court, Knight Rider street, ditto
Armorial bearing licence office (Principal) Somerset place
Archdeacon of Rochester's court, Bennett's hill, ditto
Arches office, Knight rider street, ditto
Army pay office, Whitehall
Assay office, Carey lane, Foster lane, Cheapsi.
Assurance office (Amicable) Serjeant's inn, Fleet street
Assurance office (Equitable) New Bridge street, Blackfriars
Assurance office (London) Birchin lane
Assurance office (Hand in hand) Bridge str. Blackfriars
Assurance office (Pelican) Lombard street
Assurance office (Phoenix) Lombard street and Charing cross
Assurance office (Royal Exchange) Cornhill, Conduit street, and Pall mall
Assurance office (Sun Fire) Cornhill, and Charing cross
Assurance office (Union) Maiden l. Wood st.
Assurance office (Westminster) Bedford street, Covent garden
Assurance office (Westminster) for Lives, corner of Castle court, Strand
Auditors office, Somerset house
Auditor of the Imprest office, Scotland yard
Auditor of the Land and Window tax office, Palace yard
Auditor of the Exchequer office, ditto
Augmentation office, Old Palace yard

Bank of England, Threadneedle street
Bankrupts office (Secretary of) Southampton buildings
Bankrupts office, No. 5 Lincoln's inn
Basingstoke canal navigation office, No. 10 Charles street, St. James's square
Bill of Middlesex office, Clifford's inn
Bishop of London's office, Knight rider st.
Board of Green Cloth office, Kitchen court, St. James's

Chancery office, Chancery lane
Charter house, Charter house square
Chirographer's office, Middle temple, Common pleas
City Chambers, Bishopsgate street
Clerk of the Papers, King's bench office, Symonds inn
Clerk of the Docquets office (King's b. of.)
Clerk of the Errors office (King's bench) at Mr. Perry's, Chancery lane
Clerk of the Errors office (Common pleas) at Master Pepys's, Symonds inn
Clerk of Juries, and Heabeas Corpus office, Chancery lane
Clerk of the Outlaweries, No.1, Pump co. Middle Temple
Clerk of the Papers office, (Common pleas) Fleet prison
Clerk of the Papers office (King's bench prison) near the King's bench
Clerk of the Rules of the King's bench office, Symonds inn
Clerk of the Assign office (Common pleas) Elm court, Middle Temple
Clerk of the Papers office of the Court of King's bench, No.6, Symonds inn
Coal Exchange, Lower Thames street
Cockpit royal, Park street, Westminster
Cockpit royal, Whitehall, in the Treasury
Commerce (Chamber of), Cornhill
Commissary of Surry's office, Bell yard, Great Chester lane
Commissary General's of. 46, Parliament st. Westminster
Commissioners of Sewers office, Guildhall yd
Common bail office, King's bench office, Inner Temple
Common pleas office, Tanfield c. Temple
Commons (House of) Palace y. Westminst.
Controul (sic) (Board of) India affairs, Whitehall
Corn exchange, Mark lane
Corporation office, Paper build. Inner Temp.
Corporation for Seamen in the Merchants Service, Royal Exchange
Crown office, King's bench walk, Temple
Cursitor's office in Chancery, Chancery l.
Custom house, Lower Thames street
Custos Brevium of. Brick c. Middle Temple

Declaration Office, King's bench, office, Temple
Delegates office, College sq. Doctor's com.
Deputy Remembrancer's office, Exchequer office, King's bench walk
Dispensation office, New c. Inner Temple
Docquet (Clerk of Office) Common pleas, or Tanfield court
Docquet (Clerk of Office) King's bench office, Temple
Duchey of Cornwall office, Somerset place
Duchey of Lancaster office, ditto

East India house, Leadenhall street
East India commission office, Treasury
Equity Exchequer office, King's bench walk
Errors office (King's bench) at Perry's Chancery lane
Essoins (Clerk of Office) Elm c. Middle Tem.
Examiner's office in Chancery, Rolles yard, Chancery lane
Exchange (Royal) Cornhill
Exchequer chamber for Writs of Error, Garden court, Inner Temple
Exchange (Exeter) Strand
Exchequer, New Palace yard
Exchequer office, King's bench wal. Temple
Exchequer of Pleas office, Lincoln's inn sq.
Excise office, Old Broad street
Express office (General post) Haymarket

Faculty Office, Great Knight rider st. Doctors commons
Fen office, Tanfield court, Inner Temple
Filazer's office to the Common pleas for London and Middlesex, Clifford's inn
Filazer's exigenters and Clerk of the Outlaweries office, King's bench, Pump court, Middle Temple
First Fruits office, near the Church, Temple
Foreign Apposers office, Inner Temple
Free mason's hall, Great Queen street
Game licence office, Somerset place
Grand Junction Canal office, 23, Fludyer st.
Gresham college, Royal exchange
Guildhall, King street, Cheapside
Guildhall, King street, Westminster

Hackney Coach and Chair office, Somerset place
Hair powder office (Head) Somerset place
Hair powder office, New str. Spring gard.
Hair powder office, Lombard street
Hair powder office, Vere street, Oxford st.
Half pay office, Pay office, Whitehall
Hampstead Water office, Denmark street, St. Giles's
Hanaper office, Bell yard, Temple bar
Hat Licence & Stamp office, Somerset place
Hawkers and Pedlars office, Somerset place
Heralds? college office, Bennet's hill, Doctors commons
Horse dealers tax office, Somerset place
Hudson's Bay Company, Fenchurch street
Humane Society, No.6 Great Eastcheap

Inland Navigation office, 16, Tokenhouse yard
Inrollment office, Chancery lane
Inrollments of Fines and Receivers office, Inner Temple
Invalid office, Whitehall

Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster abbey
Jewel office, Tower
Judges chambers, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane
Judgement office, King's Bench office, Inner Temple

Kensington palace, Kensington
King's Bench, (Court of.) Westminster hall
Ditto office, King's Bench walk, Inner Temp.
King's Mills, Rotherhithe
King's Remembrancer office, King's Bench walk, Inner Temple
King's Silver office, Elm co. Middle Temple

Lambeth Palace, Lambeth
Laws, (College of,) Doctor's commons
Learning (Society for encouragement of) KCrane (sic) court, Fleet street
Levant or Turkey Company, Salter's hall, St. Swithen's lane
Lincoln's inn hall, Lincoln's inn
London Library, Ludgate street
London Register office, Gt. Knight rider st.
Lord Chamberlain's office, Stable yard, St. James's
Lord Mayor's court and office, Royal Exchange
Lords (House of.) Palace yard, Westminst.
Lottery office, Somerset place
Ludgate Prison, Giltspur street

Mansion House, Mansion house street
Marshalsea court, Queen street, Borough
Marshalsea court office, 14, Clifford's inn
Master's office, King's Bench office, Temple
Masters in Chancery Office, Southampton Buildings
Merchants Seamans Office, over the Royal Exchange
Medicine Licence and Stamp office, Somerset place
Military Academy, (Royal) Woolwich
Mint Office, Tower
Monument, Fish street hill
Morden's College, for decayed Merchants, Blackheath
Museum (British) Great Russel st. Bloomsb.
Museum, late Sir Ashton Lever's, now Mr. Parkinson's, Albion street, Blackfriars
Muster Master General's Office, Whitehall

Navy and Pay Office, Somerset place
New River Company Office, Dorset street, Salisbury square
Nisi Prius Office, King's Bench Office, Temple

Observatory (Royal) Greenwich Park
Ordnance, Board of, Margaret street, Westm.
Ordnance Office, Tower

Palace Court, or Marshalsea, Queen st. Borough
Palace court office, 14, Clifford's inn
Paymaster General of Land Forces office, Whitehall
Patent Of. Portsmouth st. Lincoln's inn fields
Pell office, Westminster hall
Perfumery Licence and Stamp office, Somerset place
Petty bag office, Roll's yard, Chancery lane
Physicians College, Warwich lane
Pipe Office, Somerset place
Plantation Office, Treasury
Pleas Office, Lincoln's Inn
Post Horse Licence and Stamp Office, Somerset place
Police office (chief) Bow street
Police office, Union Hall, Borough
Police office, Great Marlborough street
Police office, Queen's square, Westminster
Police office, Hatton garden
Police office, Lambeth street, Whitechapel
Police office, High street, Shadwell
Police office, Worship street, Shoreditch
Police office, (Marine) Wapping
Post office, (General) Lombard street
Ditto, Penny, do. do.
Penny post do. (General) Gerrard str. Soho
Perogative of. Knight rider st. Doctor's com.
Presentation Office, No. 2 Hare court, Inner Temple
Privy Seal Office, Somerset place
Prothonotaries Office, Tanfield ct. Temple
Public Accounts Office, Surrey street, Strand
Public Office, (Chancery) No. 10 Southampton buildings

Queen Ann's Bounty office, Dean's yard, Westminster
Queen Eliz. College, London st. Greenwich
Queen's House, St. James Park

Ramsgate harbour office, 22, Austin fr.
Receiver's office for Greenwich hospital, Great Tower hill
Receiver General of the Commutation Tax, Wheel Carriages, Servants, Horses, Waggons, and Carts. Office in Lombard street
Receiver General of the Duties on inhabited Houses for London and Middlesex. Office in Northumberland street, Strand

Receiver General of the Land Tax for the City of London and Middlesex. Office at the Excise office, Broad street
Receiver General's office for Stamps, Somerset place
Record do. Tower
Register do. for Wills, Royal and Peculiar of St. Catherine's, Godliman street, Doctor's Commons
Register do. of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, Carter lane
Register do. (in Chancery) Chancery lane
Ditto, do. of Deeds, (in Middlesex) Bell yard, Temple Bar
Remembrance office, King's bench w. Templ.
Ditto, do. Somerset place
Report do. (in Chancery) New buildings, Chancery lane
Rolls, Chancery lane
Russia company, over the Royal Exchange

St. James's Palace, St. James's street
St. Paul's college, St. Paul's church yard
St. Peter's, or Westminster abbey, Sanctuary, Westminster
Salt office, Somerset place
Savoy and Prison, Strand
Seal office, Inner Temple lane
Secretary's of State's office, (Foreign Department) Downing street
Ditto, do. (Home do.) Whitehall
Secretary of State's office for War Department, Downing street
Secretary of State's of. for Ireland, Fludyer st.
Secondaries office (of Pleas King's bench) King's bench walk, Temple
Secondaries office to the Sheriffs of London, Lothbury
Sewers and Commissioners office, Guildhall yard
Sheriffs court office, Giltspur street, and Irish Chambers, Guildhall, London
Sheriffs of London office, Lothbury
Sheriffs of Middlesex office, Took's court, Cursitor street
Sick and Hurt Seamen's offi. Somerset place
Signers of Writs office for King's bench, King's bench walk, Temple
Signet office, Somerset place
Sion college, London wall
Six Clerk's office, Chancery lane
Six penny Writ office, Bell yard, Temp. bar
Solicitor's office to the Commissioners of Stamps, Somerset place
Somerset place, Strand
South Sea (Old House) Broad street
South sea house, Threadneedle street
Stamp office, Somerset place
Stock exchange, Sweeting's alley, Threadneedle street
Subpoena of. (Chancery) No. 20 Chancery l.
Surgeons Theatre, Portugal street, Lincoln inn fields

Tax Office, Palace yard
Tax office, Somerset place, Tennis? court, Treasury, and James street, Haymarket
Tenth's office, Garden court, Middle Temp.
Temple (Middle) Temple
Town clerk office, Guildhall
Trade, Board of, Plantation office, Treasury
Transport office, Cannon row, Westminster
Treasury, Whitehall
Trinity house, Great Tower hill
Trinity house, Deptford

Union Hall, Union street, Borough

Veterinary College, Pancras
Vicar General and Peculiar's office, Knight rider street
Victualling office, Somerset place
Victualling office Warehouses, Red house, Deptford
War office, Whitehall
Warrant of Attorney's office, Pump court, Middle Temple
Welsh Copper office, Philpot lane
Westminster abbey, Sanctuary, Westminster
Westminster hall, New Palace yard
Whitehall, Westminster
Whittington college, College hill
Wine Licence office, Somerset place
Works (Board of) Scotland Yard

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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