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London Street Index

Abbey street, Bethnal green
Abchurch lane, Lombard street
Abchurch yard, ditto
Abel's court, Rosemary lane
Abel's buildings, ditto
Abington street, Westminster
Abington street, (Little) ditto
Academy court, Chancery lane
Acorn alley, Bishopsgate without
Acorn court, ditto
Acorn court, Rolls buildings, Fetter lane
Acton place, Walworth
Acton 5 miles West of Tyburn turnpike
Acton (East) near Acton Road
Acton common, near Turnham green
Acton green, Acton common
Acton street, Battle bridge
Acton wells, near East Acton
Adam a digging yd. Great Peter st. Westm.
Adam and Eve alley, Barnaby street
Adam Eve alley, by West Smithfield
Adam and Eve court, Whitechapel
Adam and Eve court, Oxford street
Adam and Eve court, Petticoat lane
Adam and Eve co. Tottenham co. road
Adam and Eve court, West Smithfield
Adam and Eve yard, Homerton
Adam and Eve yard, Ratcliff highway
Adam's court, Little Broad street
Adam's court, near Swan's close
Adam's court, Lamb lane, Greenwich
Adam's court, Pig street, Threedneedle st.
Adam's court, Sharp's buildings, Duke's pl.
Adam's mews, Edgware road
Adam's mews, Audley street
Adam's mews, Charles street, Grosvenor sq.
Adam's place, High street, Borough
Adam street, and Place, Rotherhithe
Adam's street, Manchester square
Adam street, Edgware road
Adam street, Adelphi
Adam street, Portman square
Adam's row, Tottenham court
Addison's yard, Peter street, Westminster
Addle hill, Upper Thames street
Addle street, Wood street
Adelphi, Strand
Aggets passage, Still alley, Devonshire sq.
Agnes court, Little George street
Agnes St. Clare Fields, Hoxton
Agoston, near Hoxton
Agustus row, Bermondsey spa
Ainger street, York street
Air street, and hill, Leather lane
Air street, Piccadilly
Akersly's yard, Great St. Ann's Street
Alisbury court, George street
Alarm yard, Crutched friars
Albermarle mews, Dover street
Albermarle street, Piccadilly
Albermarle street, West Smithfield
Albion buildings, Bartholomew close
Albion place, Blackfriars bridge
Albion street, Blackfriars road
Albion place, Walworth
Alcock's rents, Barnaby street
Aldermanbury, Cateaton street
Aldermanbury postern, London wall
Aldermary church yard, Watling street
Alderman Parson's Stairs, St. Cathar.
Alderman's walk, Bishopsgate street
Aldersgate street, and Bars, West Smithfield
Aldersgate buildings, ditto
Aldgate st. within, and without, Leadenhall st.
Alexander yard, Water lane, Fleet street
Alfred's place, St. George's fields
Alfred's buildings, Westminster
Alsop's building, New road, Mary-le-bone
Allen's street, Goswell street
Allen's court, Leadenhall street
Allen's court, Oxford street
Allen's rents, Houndsditch
Allhallows lane, Upper Thames street
Allhallows stairs, ditto
Allhallows court, Gracechurch street
Almonry, Great & Little, Tothill st. Westm.
Alms house yard, Coleman street
Alms alley, Harrow alley, Petticoat lane
Alms house yard, Little Almonry
Amble close, Wellclose square
Amelia row, St. George's fields
Amelia street, Walworth
Amelia place, Queen's elm
Amen corner, Paternoster row
America square, Minories
America street, Bandy leg walk
America place, Queen street, Southwark
Amsterdam court, Upper Shadwell
Anchor alley, Mint street, Southwark
Anchor alley, Worcester place, Thames st.
Anchor & hope alley, Greenbank, Wap.
Anchor court, Spitalfields
Anchor court, Old street
Anchor street, ditto
Anchor street, Webb square, Spitalfields
Anchor lane, Thames street
Anchor yard, Barnaby street
Anchor yard, Clare street, Clare market
Anchor yard, Petty france, Westminster
Anchor yard, (New) Old street
Anderson's walk, Lambeth
Anderson's alley, Queen street, Southwark
Anderson's buildings, City road
Anderson's yard, Oxford street
Angel alley, Aldersgate street
Angel alley, Bishopsgate street
Angel alley, Brick lane, Spitalsfields
Angel alley, Charterhouse street
Angel alley, Coal harbour, Thames street
Angel alley, Coleman street
Angel alley, Fenchurch street
Angel alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Angel alley, Golden lane
Angel alley, Gray's inn lane
Angel alley, Houndsditch
Angel alley, Leadenhall street
Angel alley, Little Moorfields
Angel alley, Long Acre
Angel alley, Nightingale lane
Angel alley, Pepper alley, Southwark
Angel alley, Ratcliffe highway
Angel alley, Lower Thames street
Angel alley, Redcross street, Southwark
Angel alley, Shoe lane
Angel alley, Whitecross street
Angel alley, Whitechapel
Angel court, Church street, Southwark
Angel court, Dorset street, Spitalfields
Angel court, High street, Borough
Angel court, Angel alley, Aldersgate street
Angel court, Bishopsgate without
Angel court, Camomile street
Angel court, Charing cross
Angel court, Princes street, Westminster
Angel court, Charterhouse lane
Angel court, Drury lane
Angel court, Foul lane, Borough
Angel court, Friday street
Angel court, Great Windmill street
Angel court, Grub street
Angel court, King's bench alley, Southwark
Angel court, King street, St. James's
Angel court, Lamb alley, Bishopsgate street
Angel court, Leadenhall street
Angel court, Long Bailey
Angel court, Long Acre
Angel court, Long ditch, Westminster
Angel court, Minories
Angel court, New Gravel lane
Angel court, Redcross street, Cripplegate
Angel court, Redcross street, Southwark
Angel court, Red lion street, Spiralfields
Angel court, St. Martin's lane
Angel court, Shoe lane
Angel court, Snow hill
Angel court, Surry street, Strand
Angel court, Stoney lane, Petticoat lane
Angel court, Throgmorton street
Angel court, White's alley, Rosemary lane
Angel gardens, Back lane, St. George's East
Angel hill, Oxford street
Angel lane, Hammersmith
Angel street, St. George's fields
Angel street, Little Moorfields
Angel street, St. Martin's le Grand
Angel row, Islington
Angel and porter alley, Golden lane
Angel and sugar loaf Yard, Minories
Anne' [sic] street, St. George's in the East
Anne's street, King's row, Islington
Anne's alley, East Smithfield
Anne's court, ditto
Anne's row, Bethnal green road
Anne's street, ditto
Anoymous, New st. Cover lead st. Spitalfi.
Anson's alley, Broad street, St. Giles's
Antelope alley, King street, Westminster
Apelby's court, Bermondsey street
Apollo buildings, St. George's fields
Apollo buildings, Walworth
Apollo court, Fleet street
Apothecary's row, Wandsworth
Appletree yard, York street, St. James's
Appletree court, Bermondsey
Arabella row, Pimlico, Chelsea
Arabella gardens, Chelsea
Arch, near Cinnamon street, Gravel lane
Arch, Cinnamon street, Wapping
Archbold court, Fashion street, Spitalfields
Archer's alley, Peter street, Bishopsgate st.
Archer street, Great Windmill street
Arch row, West Lincoln's inn fields
Arch yard, Harrison's court, Brook street
Architect street, Marybone
Argyle street, Oxford street
Argyle street, (Little) Argyle street
Arlington street, Piccadilly
Arnolds court, Barbican
Arnold's court, New lane, Shad Thames
Arnold's yard, Barbican
Arnold's place, Walworth
Arrow alley, Petticoat lane
Arthur street, Great & Little, Golden lane
Artichoke alley, Bermondsey street
Artichoke alley, Holywell street, Shoreditch
Artichoke court, Cannon street
Artichoke court, Whitecross street
Artichoke hill, Rarcliffe highway
Artichoke lane, Newington causeway
Artichoke lane, Verginia street
Artichoke row, Mile end
Artichoke head lane, Hermitage
Artichoke yard, Newington causeway
Artichoke yard, Shoreditch
Artillery place, Finsbury
Artillery court, Chiswell street
Artillery ground, Finsbury
Artillery place, Finsbury
Artillery ground, (Old) Stewart's st. Spitalfi.
Artillery lane, Bishopsgate without
Artillery lane, Fair street, Horsley down
Artillery row, Parish street, Southwark
Artillery street, St. John's, Southwark
Arundel street and Stairs, Strand
Ashenton's yard, Greenwich market
Ashen tree court, Shoreditch
Ashen tree court, Whitefriars
Askew's row, Islington
Ass park, Spitalfields
Assembly row, Mile end
Astey's buildings, Islington
Astey's row, ditto
Astley's row, Lambeth
Audley's rents, Whitecross street
Audley square, Grosvenor square
Audley street, North & South, ditto
Ave maria lane, Ludgate hill
Avery farm row, Chelsea
Avery row, May fair
Austin friars, Old Broad street
Austin friars, Shoreditch
Axe alley, Leadenhall street
Axe yard, Blackman street
Axe yard, King street, ditto
Axe yard, Grub street
Axe yard, King street, Westminster
Axe yard, Little Britain
Axe yard, Norfolk street, Strand
Axe and bottle yard, St. Margaret's hill
Alyesbury street, St. John's st. Clerkenwell
Ayliffe st. Great & Little, Goodman's fields


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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