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Dacre's rents, Whitecross street
Dacre's street, Tothill fields
Dagger alley, St. Margaret's hill
Dagger alley, Peter street, Cow cross
Dagger alley, Quaker street, Spitalfields
Dagger court, Quaker street
Dagger court, Moorfields
Dalston, near Kingsland
Danver's street, Chelsea
Danver's yard, Seething lane
Darby court, Cannon street
Darby court, Channel row, Westminster
Darby court, Piccadily
Dark's alley, Whitechapel
Dark entry, Great St. Anne's lane
Dark entry, Shoemakers row, Aldgate
Darkhouse lane, Thames street
Darling's buildings, Mile end corner
Dartmouth street, Westminster
Dart's alley, Whitechapel
Dart's rents, Long alley, Moorfields
David and harp alley, Whitechapel
David and harp court, Grub street
David street, Marybone
Davies street, Berkeley square
Davis rents, Kent street
Dawson's alley, St. Martin's lane
Dawson's rents, Old Gravel lane
Day's court, Gutter lane
Day's court, Old 'Change
Dazely's court, Billingsgate dock, Greenw.
Deacon's court, Quaker street
Deadman's place, Southwark
Deal street, Whitechapel
Dean and lower street, Fashion street
Dean's buildings, Walworth
Dean's court, Kingsland road
Dean's court, Fetter lane
Dean's court, Bedfordbury
Dean's court, Red lion square
Dean's court, Soho
Dean's court, Great Carter lane
Dean's court, Old Bailey
Dean's court, St. Martin's le grand
Dean's court, New Round court
Dean's court, St. Paul's church yard
Dean's passage, Huggin lane
Dean's place, Asylum
Dean's row, Walworth
Dean street, Fetter lane
Dean street, High Holborn
Dean street, Little Cock hill, Shadwell
Dean street, Canterbury square
Dean street, Oxford street
Dean street, Soho
Dean street, South audley street
Dean street, Westminster
Dean's yard, Shoreditch
Dean's yard, Westminster
Dearing's rents, Liquorpond street
Defoe's court, New Bond street
Deford's court, Broad street
Delahay street, Westminster
Delancey street, Camden town
Dellap street, Westminster
Denham's court, Drury lane
Denham's court, East Smithfield
Denmark court, Strand
Denmark court, Crown street, Soho
Denmark street, Ratcliffe highway
Denmark street, St. Giles's
Denmark row, Coldharbour lane, Camberw.
Dentry's yard, Spitalfields
Dent's alley, Red cross street, Southwark
Dentzell street, Clare market
Deputy court, Aldersgate street
Derby street, ditto
Derby street, Rosemary lane
Derby street, Westminster
Devereux court, Basinghall street
Devereux court, without Temple bar
Devil's nook, Black horse alley, Fleet street
Devonshire place, Stepney
Devonshire place, Marybone
Devonshire court, Long lane, Smithfield
Devonshire square, Bishopsgate street
Devonshire street, ditto
Devonshire street, Portland place
Devonshire street, Queen square
Diamond court, Pearl street
Diamond court, Tate's alley
Diana place, Tottenham court road
Dice quay lane, Billingsgate
Dick's court, Crown alley, Moorfields
Dick's side alley, Hermitage
Dickson's alley, Long lane, Southwark
Dickson's alley, Long lane
Dickenson's court, Quaker street
Digby street, and Walk, Bethnal green
Digby's rents, Minories
Digg's rents, Blue anchor alley
Dimmock's yard, Stepney street
Dipping alley, Horsleydown
Dirty street, Fashion street
Dirty alley, Ratcliffe highway
Dirty lane, Blackman street
Dirty lane, High Holborn
Dirty lane, Hoxton
Dirty lane, Old Palace yard
Dirty lane, Shoreditch
Dirty lane, Strand
Distaff lane, (Great & Little) Old 'Change
Distiller's yard, Great Tower hill
Distiller's yard, Shoreditch
Ditch alley, Green alley, Tooley street
Ditch side, Collingwood street
Ditch side row, Holywell lane
Dizzle's court, Beech lane
Dobb's court, Swithin's lane
Dobbin's alley, Beech lane
Dobbin's rents, Whitechapel
Dobney's place, Pentonville
Doby's court, Monkwell street
Dock head, St. Saviour's dock
Dock side, Hermitage bridge
Doctors common, St. Paul's
Doctor Friar's alley, Little Britain
Doddington street, Leather lane
Dodd's alley, and yard, Nightingale lane
Dodwell's rents, Bermondsey street
Dog alley, Bowling alley, Westminster
Dog alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Dog and bear alley, ditto
Dog and bear yard, Tooley street
Dog and bear yard, Borough
Dog and bear yard, Crucifix lane
Dog and duck alley, New Bond street
Dog and duck stairs, Greenland dock
Doghouse bar, Windmill hill, Old street
Doghouse street, Old street
Dog lane, Five foot lane, Bermondsey str.
Dog row, Mile end
Dog tavern yard, Thames street
Dog yard, College street, Westminster
Dog yard, College street, Long acre
Dog yard, Bear inn lane, St. Mary hill
Dog street, Deptford
Dog's head and pottage pot al. Old street
Dog's head and pottage pot c. Whitecross st.
Dogkennel row, Broadway, Deptford
Dogwell court, Lombard street, Whitefriars
Dobin's court, Black eagle street
Dobin's court, Monkwell street
Dolbey's court, Peter's lane
Doleman's yard, Holywell street
Do little alley, Little Carter lane
Do little rents, Fashion street
Dollishire court, Cable street
Dolphin alley, Blackman street
Dolphin alley, St. Catherine's
Dolphin alley, Cock lane, Snow hill
Dolphin alley, Whitechapel
Dolphin alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Dolphin alley, Wapping
Dolphin court, Gun street, Spitalfields
Dolphin court, St. Catherine's lane
Dolphin court, High Holborn
Dolphin court, Litte Distaff lane
Dolphin court, Ludgate hill
Dolphin court, Lombard street, Spitalfields
Dolphin court, Noble street, Foster lane
Dolphin court, Tower street, Tower hill
Dolphin yard, Blackman street
Dolphin yard, Butcher row, Radcliffe
Dolphin yard, Wapping
Dolphin yard, West Smithfield
Dolphin and three colt yard, Crutched friars
Dolphin inn yard, Bishopsgate street
Donne's alley, Noble street, Foster lane
Donnet's court, Maddox street
Dormer's hill, Stratton's ground
Dorrington street, Coldbath fields
Dorrington street, Holborn
Dorset court, Cannon row
Dorset court, Dorset gardens
Dorset court, Gunpowder alley
Dorset gardens, Salisbury court
Dorset stairs, Dorset street
Dorset street, Marybone
Dorset street, Crispin street, Spitalfields
Dorset street, and yard, Fleet street
Dorset street, Red lion street
Dorset mews, Durweston street
Dorset mews, Paddington street
Dorset square, Cannon row, Westminster
Double hand co. Champion la. Thames st.
Double hood court, ditto
Doughty street, Fondling hospital
Dove court, Addle hill
Dove court, Gutter lane
Dove court, Labour in vain hill
Dove court, Dog row, Bethnal green
Dove court, Mile end Turnpike
Dove court, Leather lane
Dove court, Old Fish street
Dove court, Old Jewry
Dove court, Lombard street
Dove court, St. Swithin's lane
Dove court, Turnmill street
Dove court, White friars
Dover street, Piccadilly
Dover street, Borough road
Dover place, Kent road
Dowgate hill and court, Thames street
Dowgate stairs, Couzen's lane
Down the grass plat, Deptford
Down's street, Piccadilly
Dragon yard, Old Montague st. Spitalfields
Dragon yard, Whitechapel
Duke street, Red lion square
Draper's yard, Swallow street
Draper's alley, Tower hill
Draper's buildings, London wall
Draper's court, Lothbury
Drew's alley, Cow cross
Drew's court, Peter street, Westminster
Drew's rents, Upper ground, Southwark
Drift way, Bethnal green
Driver's yard, Old street
Drum alley, Drury lane
Drum alley, High Holborn
Drum alley, Whitechapel
Drury lane, and Little ditto, Strand
Drury's rents, Hermitage
Dual's alley, High Holborn
Ducking pond alley, Whitechapel
Ducking pond row, Mile end, Old Town
Duck lane, Peter street, Westminster
Duck lane, West smithfield
Duck's court, Cursitor street
Dudley's court, Crown street, St. Giles's
Duffer's pl. Broad street, Carnaby market
Duffin's alley, King street, Westminster
Duke's alley, Castle street, Holborn
Duke's court, Bow street
Duke's co. Crown alley, Upper Moorfields
Duke's court, Kingsland road
Duke's court, (Little) Leadenhall street
Duke's court, Little Almonry
Duke's court, St. Martin's lane
Duke's court, Narrow wall, Limehouse
Duke's court Place, Duke's place
Duke's place, Aldgate
Duke's place, Pimlico
Duke's row, ditto
Duke's row, Sommer's Town
Duke's street, St. George's fields
Duke's mews, Duke's st. Manchester sq.
Duke's street, New road, St. George's, East
Duke's lane, Kensington
Duke shore al. & Sta. Duke shore, Limeh.
Duke street, Aldgate
Duke street, Gravel lane, Southwark
Duke street, Jermyn street
Duke street, Manchester square
Duke street, Great Russel st. Bloomsbury
Duke street, Grosvenor square
Duke street, Lincoln's inn fields
Duke street, Mint street, Southwark
Duke street, Spitalfields
Duke street, Smithfield
Duke street, Westminster
Duke street, York buildings
Duke street, Chelsea
Dulwich, Surry
Dumb alley, High Holborn
Dun cow court, Little Cock lane
Duncan place, Leicester square
Duncan terrace, City road
Dunghill lane, High Timber street
Dunghill mews, Whitcombe street
Dun horse yard, Coleman street
Dun horse yard, St. Margaret's hill
Dunk street, Coverlids fields, Whitechapel
Dunk court, Dunk street
Dunkirk court, Cock lane
Dunning's alley, Bishopsgate without
Dunstan's court, Fleet street
Dunstan's court, Old Bailey
Dunstan's square, Whitechapel
Dunster's court, Mincing lane
Durham row, Stepney
Durham place, East and West, Hackney road
Durham place, Chelsea
Durham mews, ditto
Durham place, St. George's fields
Durham court, Trinity lane
Durham yard, Strand
Durham yard, West Smithfield
Durwaith's court, Clare market
Durweston street, Marybone
Durweston mews, ditto
Duchess street, Cavendish street
Dutch furlong row, Clerkenwell
Duchy lane, Strand
Duck's foot lane, Thames street
Dyer's alley, Brick lane
Dyer's buildings, Holborn
Dyer's court, Aldermanbury
Dyer's court, Holborn hill
Dyer's court, Noble street, Foster lane
Dyer's court rents, Dowgate hill
Dyer's court, Whitechapel
Dyer's yard, Church lane, Whitechapel
Dyer's yard, Old Bedlam
Dyer's yard, Whitechapel
Dyer's place, Sommer's Town
Dyer's street, Blackfriars road
Dyot street, Broad street, St. Giles's


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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