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Fagar's alley, Turnmill street
Fair street, Horsleydown
Fair cloth court, High street, Lambeth
Falcon alley, Bermondsey street
Falcon alley, King street, Westminster
Falcon alley, Redcross street
Falconbridge court, Crown street, St. Giles's
Falcon court, Borough
Falcon court, Fleet street
Falcon court, Lothbury
Falcon court, Rag street, Clerkenwell
Falcon court, Shoe lane
Falcon court, Shoemaker row, Aldgate
Falcon street, (sic) Aldersgate street
Falcon lane, Falcon stairs
Falcon lane, Maiden lane, Southwark
Falcon row, Codpice row
Falcon row, Fleet street
Falcon row, Long lane, Southwark
Falcon row, Lothbury
Falcon row, St. Margaret's hill
Falcon row, Shoe lane
Falcon row, White street
Falcon square, Aldersgate street
Falconer's alley, Cow cross
Falconer's alley, Cross street, Lukener's la.
Falcon inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Falcon stairs, Gravel lane
Falcon yard, Kent street
Falcon yard, Shoemakers row
Falcon yard, Tooley street
Fann court, St. Michael's lane
Fann's alley, Goswell street
Fann's alley, Webb square
Fann's street, Aldersgate street
Farmer's alley, Gardener's lane
Farmer's alley, Crown street, Soho
Farmer's court, Ivy street
Farmer's street, Shadwell
Farmer's yard, Whitecross street
Farrant's yard, Rotherhithe
Farrier's yard, Minories
Farrier's yard, Stoney lane
Farr's alley, St. Giles's
Farr's rents, Rotherhithe
Farthing alley, East Smithfield
Farthing alley, Jacob street
Farthing alley, Maze
Farthing fields, New Gravel lane
Farthing fields, Old Gravel lane
Farthing street, Phoenix street, Spitalfields
Fashion street, Artillery lane
Feary's row, Walworth
Feathers alley, Bedfordbury
Feathers court, Holborn
Feathers alley, Strand
Feathers court, Drury lane
Feathers court, Fox court, Gray's inn lane
Feathers court, High Holborn
Feathers court, Milk street
Feathers mews, Millman street, Ormond st.
Feathers yard, Lambs conduit street
Feathers yard, Oxford street
Feather bed lane, Fetter lane
Featherstone buildings, High Holborn
Fatherstone (sic) court, Featherstone street
Featherstone street, Bunhill fields
Felix street, Lambeth
Fell street and court, Little Wood street
Fenchurch buildings, Fenchurch street
Fenchurch street, Gracechurch street
Fen court, Fenchurch street
Fen court, St. Michael's lane
Fenwick's court, High Holborn
Ferry street, Lambeth
Fetter lane, Fleet street
Fetter lane court, Bernard's inn
Field court, Islington
Field court, Gray's inn
Field street, (sic) Battle bridge, Pancras
Field place, ditto
Field lane, Holborn
Field gate street, Whitechapel
Fig tree court, Barbican
Fig tree court, Inner Temple
Fig tree yard, Maudlin's rents
Finch lane, Cornhill
Finches buildings, Ewer street, Southwark
Finsbury square, Moorfields
Finsbury terrace
Finsbury place, Finsbury square
Finsbury mews and yard, Chiswell street
Fireball alley and court, Houndsditch
Fireball postern, London wall
Fisher's alley, Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Fisher's alley, Rosemary lane
Fisher's alley, Water lane, Fleet street
Fisher's lane, Greenwich
Fisher's court, Eagle street, Holborn
Fisher's rents, Old Gravel lane
Fisher's street, Red lion square
Fish market court, Bloomsbury
Fishmonger's alley, & street, Margaret's hill
Fishmonger's alley, Fenchurch street
Fish street hill, Gracechurch street
Fish yard, St. Margaret's lane
Fish yard, Pudding lane
Fitche's court, Noble street
Fitzroy square
Fitzroy market, Fitzroy square
Fitzroy place, New road, Marybone
Fitzroy place, Kentish town
Fitzroy street, (Upper) Fitzroy square
Five bell alley, Little Moorfields
Five bell court, Leadenhall court
Five fields and row, Chelsea
Five foot alley, Old Gravel lane
Five foot alley, Petty France
Five foot court, Old Fish street hill
Five foot lane, Broad street
Five foot lane, Bermondsey
Five foot lane, Thames street
Five bell lane, New cross, Deptford
Five constable row, Mile end road
Five houses, Bethnal green
Five inkhorn court, Whitechapel
Five pipe alley, Pickle herring stairs
Flaggon row, Deptford
Flask row, Chelsea
Flask walk, Five fields, ditto
Flask walk, Hampstead
Flampton court, Fore street
Fleece court, Moorfields
Fleece yard, Cornhill
Fleece yard, Tothil street
Fleet lane, Old Bailey
Fleece market, Ludgate hill
Fleet street, ditto
Fleet street, Spitalfields
Fleet street court, ditto
Flemish court yard, Tower ditch
Flemish grounds, Tooley street
Flemish hop gardens, Bedfordbury
Fletcher's court, Bembridge street
Flower and dean street, Spitalfields
Flower de luce alley, Blackfriars
Flower de luce alley, Cow cross
Flower de luce alley, Fleet street
Flower de luce alley, Gray's inn lane
Flower de luce alley, Grub street
Flower de luce alley, Houndsditch
Flower de luce alley, Ludgate hill
Flower de luce alley, Michael's lane
Flower de luce alley, Parish garden lane
Flower de luce alley, Tooley street
Flower de luce alley, Turnmill street
Flower de luce alley, Fleet street
Flower de luce alley, Wheeler st. Spitalfi.
Flower de luce alley, Clerkenwell
Flower de luce alley, Elder street
Flower de luce alley, Wheeler street
Flower de luce alley, Gray's inn lane
Flower de luce alley, Parish garden lane
Flower de luce alley, Tooley street
Flower de luce alley, Turnmill street
Fludyer street, King street, Westminster
Flying horse court, Fleet street
Flying horse court, Grub street
Flying horse court, Long alley
Flying horse court, Maiden lane, Wood st.
Flying horse yard, Bartholomew close
Flying horse yard, Bishopsgate street
Flying horse yard, Hackney
Flying horse yard, Blackman street
Flying horse yard, Broad street
Flying horse yard, Dolphin alley
Flying horse yard, Fleet street
Flying horse yard, Half moon alley, Moorfi.
Flying horse yard, Houndsditch
Flying horse yard, Mare street, Hackney
Fogwell court, Charterhouse lane
Fole alley, Swan alley, East Smithfield
Foot alley, King street, Spitalfields
Fore cloister yard, Westminster
Fore court, Bridewell, Blackfriars
Fore court, Clement's lane
Fore court, Doctors Commons
Fore street, Lambeth
Fore street, Limehouse
Fore street, Moorgate
Fore street, Spitalfields
Forester's buildings, Golden lane
Foreman's alley, Old street
Forfan's rents, Marigold lane
Forfan's rents, Vinegar yard, Drury lane
Fort place, Grange road
Fort street, Gun street, Spitalfields
Fortune court, Duke's place
Foster lane, Cheapside
Foster's buildings, New inn yard, Shored.
Foster's buildings, Whitechapel
Foster's buildings, Whitecross street
Foster's rents, King John's court
Foster's rents, Liquorpond street
Foster's street, Spitalfields
Fowbert's passage, Great Swallow street
Fowke's buildings, Great Tower street
Foul lane, Borough
Founder's court, Fore street
Founder's court, Lothbury
Fountain alley, Maiden lane, Southwark
Fountain alley, Silver street, Bloomsbury
Fountain court, Aldermanbury
Fountain court, Bread street
Fountain court, Chandois street
Fountain court, Cheapside
Fountain court, Lothbury
Fountain court, St. Martin's lane
Fountain court, Horsleydown
Fountain court, Middle Temple
Fountain court, Minories
Fountain court, Shoe lane
Fountain court, Strand
Fountain court, Rotherhithe wall
Fountain place, City road
Four crown court, Rosemary lane
Four dove court court, St. Martin's le grand
Four dove court court, Noble street, Foster lane
Four swan yard, Mile end
Fowler's buildings, Little Tower street
Fox court, Fox lane, Wapping
Fox court, Gray's inn lane
Fox court, Newgate street
Fox court, Queen square
Fox court, Snow hill
Fox and crown court, Barbican
Fox and goose alley, Peter's lane
Fox and goose yard, London wall
Fox and hounds yard, Tottenham co. road
Fox and hounds yard, Bishopsgate street
Fox and knot court, King street, Smithfield
Fox lane, Upper Shadwell
Fox ordinary court, Lombard street
Foxwell court, Charterhouse lane
Fox yard, Great Russel street
Francis court, Bartlett's buildings
Francis street, Newington
Francis street, Golden square
Francis street, Tottenham court road
Francis yard, Brook street
Frank's street, Hoxton
Franklin's row Chelsea
Franshaw's court, Leadenhall street
Frederick's place, Old Jewry
Freeman's gardens, King's road, Chelsea
Freeman's court, Cornhill
Freeman's court, Honey lane market
Freeman's lane, Horsleydown
Free school street, do.
Free stone alley, St. John's lane
Free stone court, Artillery lane
French alley, Goswell street
French alley, Quaker street
French court, Artillery lane, Spitalfields
French court, Cock lane
French court, Harrow alley
French court, Little Broad street
French court, Pig street
French court, Wentworth street
French ordinary court, Crutched friars
French yard, Artichoke lane
French yard, Spital square
Friar's gate, Great and Little Fleet street
Friar's court, Upper Lambeth marsh
Friar's place, Acton
Friday street, Cheapside
Frier's alley, Wood street, do.
Frier's court, Old street
Frier's court, Great Tower hill
Frier's court, Redmaid lane
Frier's lane, Thames street
Frier's rents, Blackman street
Frier's rents, Fishmonger's alley
Frier's street, Black friars
Friery, St. James's palace
Friendly place, Kent road
Friendly place, Paradise street, Finsbury
Frith street, Soho
Froggett's court, Thieving lane
Frog island, Nightingale lane
Frog alley, Rotherhithe
Frog lane, Islington
Frognal lane, Hampstead
Frying pan alley, Borough
Frying pan alley, Brown's gardens
Frying pan alley, Deadman's place
Frying pan alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Frying pan alley, Golden lane
Frying pan alley, Great Swan alley
Frying pan alley, St. John street, Smithfield
Frying pan alley, Kent street, Southwark
Frying pan alley, Long lane, Smithfield
Frying pan alley, Maze, Southwark
Frying pan alley, Oxford street
Frying pan alley, Petticoat lane
Frying pan alley, Redcross street, Crippleg.
Frying pan alley, Tothill street
Frying pan alley, Turnmill street
Frying pan alley, Wheeler street
Frying pan alley, Wood street, Cheapside
Frying pan stairs, Wapping dock
Frying pan yard, Back street, Lambeth
Fry's alley, Spring street
Fry's court, Tower hill
Fulham, Middlesex
Fulham lane, Fulham
Fulmer row, Horseferry lane
Fuller's court, East Smithfield
Fuller's street, Hare street
Fullwood's rents, High Holborn
Fumbler's yard, Tower street
Furnival's inn, and court, Holborn
Furriers alley, Shoe lane


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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