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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Haberdasher's square, Fore street
Haberdasher's walk, Hoxton
Hacket's court, Coleman street
Hackney road, Shoreditch
Hackney wick, Hackney
Hack's court, Church street, Greenwich
Hagle's court, Silver street
Haggerston, near Hoxton
Hagley place, Kent road
Hain's court, Swallow street
Hair alley, Spitalfields
Hair brained court, Rosemary lane
Hair brained court, Scotland yard
Half farthing, near Wandsworth
Half moon alley, Bishopsgate within
Half moon alley, Cheapside
Half moon alley, Green bank, Wapping
Half moon alley, Grub street, Fore street
Half moon alley, Jewin street
Half moon alley, Little Bartholomew lane
Half moon alley, Little Moorfields
Half moon alley, Saltpetre bank
Half moon alley, Golden lane
Half moon alley, Whitechapel
Half moon alley, Whitecross street
Half moon court, Aldersgate street
Half moon court, Bow lane
Half moon court, Hermitage
Half moon court, Long alley, Moorfields
Half moon court, Ludgate hill
Half moon court, Portpool lane
Half moon court, Saltpetre bank
Half moon court, Wiltshire l. East smithfi.
Half moon and seven stars court, Old street
Half moon passage, Foster lane
Half moon street, Piccadilly
Half nicol st. New Turnvill (sic) st. Shoreditch
Half paved court, Fleet street
Halfpenny hatch, New cut, Blackfriars road
Halfpenny hatch, Kent road
Halfpenny hatch, Deptford, Lower road
Halfpenny alley, Jacob street
Halfpenny alley, Sharp's alley, Cow cross
Half way house row, Stepney's fields
Halifax street, Whitechapel
Hallam street, Gray's inn lane
Hall court, Compton street
Hall's court, Deadman's place
Hall's rents, Helmet court, St. Catharine's
Hall's stairs, Narrow street, Ratcliffe
Halsey's court, Blackman street
Hambury Princes street, Westminster
Hammersmith, beyond Kensington
Hamilton street, Piccadilly
Hamilton street, Battle bridge, Pancras
Hamilton court, do.
Hamilton's yard, Upper Shadwell
Hammer and crown court, Ratcliffe
Hammer street, and court, Minories
Hammond's court, Mincing lane
Hammond's court, Hay market
Hammond street, Piccadilly
Hampshire court, Whitechapel
Hampshire yard, Whitechapel
Hampshire yard, Gray's inn lane
Hampton street, Newington butts
Ham's corner, Old street
Ham's rents, Ratcliffe
Ham's yard, Brook street
Ham's yard, Great Windmill street
Hampstead heath, Hampstead
Hampstead square, do.
Hampstead lane, Highgate
Hand alley, High Holborn
Hand alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Hand alley, Norfolk street
Hand alley, and court, Petticoat lane
Hand alley, Snow hill
Hand alley, Wormwood street
Hand court, Bedford street
Hand court, Holborn
Hand court, Philip lane
Hand court, Steel yard, Thames street
Hand court, Threadneedle street
Hand and crown alley, Cow cross
Hand and crown court, Chiswell street
Hand and crown court, Gravel lane
Hand and crown court, Orchard street
Hand and holy bush court, St. Clement's
Hand and pen court, Barbican
Hand and pen court, Leadenhall street
Handcock's yard, Spitalfields
Hand in hand alley, St. Olave street
Hand in hand yard, Horsleydown lane
Hand yard, Thames street
Hanging lion yard, Nightingale lane
Hanging sword alley, Quaker street
Hanging sword alley, Water lane, Fleet str.
Hangman's acre, King David's fort
Hangman's alley, St. Catharine's
Hangman's gains, do.
Hangman's lane, Chelsea
Hanover court, Grub street
Hanover court, Spitalfields
Hanover court, Houndsditch
Hanover court, Minories
Hanover square, Bond street
Hanover street, Hanover square
Hanover street, Long acre
Hanover street, and stairs, Rotherhithe
Hanson's alley, Broad street, St. Giles's
Han's place, Brompton
Han's street, Han's place
Hanway street, Tottenham court road
Hanway yard, Oxford street
Harcourt's buildings, Inner Temple
Harding's alley, Petty France
Hare alley, Shoreditch
Hare court, Aldersgate street
Hare court, Hare street
Hare court, Inner Temple
Hare court, Little Knight Rider street
Hare court, Petticoat lane
Hare court, Upper Ground, Southwark
Hare court buildings, Inner Temple
Hare street, Spitalfields
Hare yard, Hoxton
Hare walk, Kingsland road
Harford place, Walworth
Harley street, Up. and Low. Cavendish sq.
Harleyford street, Kennington common
Harleyford place, do.
Harlow place, Mile end
Harp alley, Grub street
Harp alley, Saffron hill
Harp alley, Shoe lane
Harp court, Little Knight rider street
Harp lane, Tower street
Harper's alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Harrison's court, Upper Brook street
Harris's court, Ratcliffe
Harris's court, Oxford street
Harris's rents, Rosemary lane
Harold's court, Coal yard
Harrow's alley, St. Catharine's
Harrow's alley, Holborn
Harrow's alley, Mint street
Harrow's alley, Old Gravel lane
Harrow's alley, Old street
Harrow's alley, Whitechapel
Harrow corner, Deadman's place
Harrow corner, Doctor's Commons
Harrow corner, Fleet lane
Harrow corner, Long lane
Harrow yard, Ropemaker's fields
Hart alley, Grub street
Hart court, Little Knight rider street
Hart row street, without Newgate
Hart street, Bloomsbury
Hart street, Bow street, Covent garden
Hart street, Cripplegate
Hart street, Crutched friars
Hart street, Duke street, Grosvenor square
Hartshorn court, Basing lane
Hartshorn court, Golden lane
Hartshorn court, Moor lane
Hartshorn lane, Strand
Harvey's court, Strand
Harwood's court, Wellclose square
Harwar's yard, Holywell street
Hastwood court, Blue anchor alley
Hasting's court, Ratcliffe
Hasting's court, Upper Shadwell
Hat and mitre court, St. John's street
Hatcham, near Deptford
Hatchet alley, Whitechapel
Hatchet alley, East Smithfield
Hatchet alley, Little Britain
Hatchet alley, Little Tower hill
Hatfield place, St. George's fields
Hatfield place, Blackfriars road
Hatfield street, ditto
Hatfield street, Goswell street
Hatton court, Saffron hill
Hatton court, Threadneedle street
Hatton garden, Holborn
Hatton wall, ditto
Haverstock hill, Hampstead
Haviland's rents, St. Catharine's
Haunch of venison yard, Brook street
Hawkins's court, St. Michael's lane
Hay court, Newport market
Hay court, Greek street, Soho
Hay hill, Dover street
Haydon square, and court, Minories
Hayman's row, Kentish town
Haymarket, Pall mall
Hazlewood court, Bunhill row
Heathcock court, Strand
Heath's rents, Rag fair
Heddon's street, and court, Swallow street
Hedge alley, Bermondsey street
Hedge row, Islington
Hedger's court, Thomas street, Southwark
Helmet alley, Fore street
Helmet court, London wall
Helmet court, Strand
Helmet row, Butcher row, Temple bar
Helmet row, Catharine street, Strand
Helmet row, Fore street, Cripplegate
Helmet row, London wall
Helmet row, Minories
Helmet row, Thames street
Helmet row, Wormwood street
Helmet row, Old street
Hemlock court, Carey street, Lincoln's inn
Hemming's row, St. Martin's lane
Hemp yard, Creechurch lane
Hemp yard, Petticoat lane
Hemp yard, Seething lane
Hen court, Golden lane
Hen and chicken court, Fleet street
Hennage lane, Duke's place
Hennietta street, Cavendish square
Hennietta street, Covent garden
Henry street, Hampstead road
Henry street, Pentonville
Henry street, Old street
Hepworth's alley, Dancing bridge
Herald's office court, Bennet's hill
Herbert's passage, Beaufort's buildings
Hercules' pillars alley, Fleet street
Hercules' yard, Turnmill street
Hercules' buildings, Lambeth
Herme's street, Pentonville
Herme's hill, ditto
Hermitage bridge, Hermitage
Hermitage court, Redmaid lane
Hermitage stairs, Wapping
Hermitage street, (Great and Little) ditto
Hermitage yard, Parish street
Heron's yard, Marsham street
Herrod's hill, Rotherhithe
Hereford street, Oxford street
Hertford court, Fenchurch street
Hertford street, May fair
Hertford street, Sommers town
Hertford street, Battle bridge, Pancras
Hertford st. London st. Tottenham court r.
Hervey's buildings, Strand
Hewlett's entry, Church street, Greenwich
Heydon court, and passage, Heydon square
Heydon yard, Whitechapel
Hickman's court, Milk street
Hickman's folly, Bermondsey
Hick's court, Shoreditch
Hick's yard, Angel alley, Moorfields
Hide's court, King street, Golden square
Hide's court, Noble street
Hide's rents, Chick lane
Highgate, Barnet road, Middlesex
High row, Knightsbridge
High street, Newington
High street, Pentonville
High street, Borough
High street, Coverlid fields
High street, Dock head
High street, Bloomsbury
High street, Marybone
High street, Kensington
High street, Wandsworth
High street, Hampstead
High street, Lambeth
High street, Whitechapel
Highbury grove, Islington
Highbury place, do.
Highbury terrace, do.
Highgate road, Tottenham court road
Hightimber street, Broken wharf
Higler's place, Lower Lambeth marsh
Hill street, St. John street, Spitalfields
Hill street, Finsbury
Hill street, Upper Clapton
Hill street, Berkeley square
Hill's rents, Butcher row
Hill's yard, Shoreditch
Hilliard's court, Old Gravel lane
Hind court, Coleman street
Hind court, Drury lane
Hind court, Fleet street
Hind's alley, Maiden lane
Hind's rents, Maze pond
Hinde street, Manchester square
Hitchcock's yard, Newington causeway
Hoar's yard, Bishopsgate street
Hobbin's court, Long lane
Hobb's rents, Marygold street
Hockenbull's c. Blackeagle st. Spitalfields
Hockley in the hole, Clerkenwell
Hodge's buildings, George row, St. Luke's
Hodge's rents, Nightingale lane
Hog alley, East Smithfield
Hog yard, East Smithfield
Hog yard, High street, Lambeth
Hog yard, Flemish church yard
Hog yard, Kent street
Hog yard, Tothill street
Hog yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Hog island and yard, Liquorpond street
Hog court, Hog lane, Greenwich
Hog lane, do.
Hogmore lane, Kensington gore
Hogmore lane, Wandsworth
Holborn, Fleet market
Holborn bars, and bridge, Holborn
Holborn court, Gray's inn lane
Holbrook buildings, Tottenham court road
Holborn hill, Holborn bridge
Holborn row, Lincoln's inn fields
Holden of nonsuch court, Gracechurch st.
Hole in the wall yard, Goddard's rents
Holding rents, Rotherhithe
Holford alley, Drury lane
Holford court, Fenchurch street
Holford's walk, Fore street, Lambeth
Holiday court, Narrow wall
Holiday yard, Creed lane
Holland's court, Black alley, Wapping
Holland street, Blackfriars
Holland street, Wardour street
Holles street, Clare market
Holles street, Oxford street
Holles place, Queen's elm, Old Brompton
Holloway court, Rosemary lane
Holloway st. Gt. & Lit. Union st. Whitecha.
Holloway, near Highgate
Holloway down, near Stratford
Holloway's buildings, Bromley
Hollybush court, Temple bar
Hollybush hill, Hampstead
Holman's alley, Bunhill row
Holywell court, Hollywell lane, Shoreditch
Holywell court, St. Catharine's lane
Holywell mount and lane, Shoreditch
Holywell row, Horseshoe alley
Holywell street, Shoreditch
Holywell street, Strand
Homerton street, Hackney
Homer place, Lisson green
Homer road, do.
Homerton, near Hackney
Homerton buildings, Homerton
Homerton row, do.
Honesty square, Chick lane
Honey court yard, Aylesbury street
Honey lane, Cheapside
Honey lane market, do.
Honeysuckle court, Grub street
Hooker's court, Nicholas lane
Hoop alley, Old street
Hoop alley, Portpool lane
Hoop yard, Little Swan street
Hoop yard, New Fish street hill
Hoop yard, Strand
Hoop square, Goodman's fields
Hooper's court, Knightbridge
Hooper's yard, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hooper's yard, Tooley street
Hopkin's buildings, Islington
Hopkin's rents, Crown alley, Tooley street
Hopkin's row, Petty France, Westminster
Hopkin's street, Poland street
Hop gardens, St. Martin's lane
Hope, Hammersmith
Hope street, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Horn alley, Aldersgate street
Horn alley, Liquorpond street
Horn alley, Tower street, Tower hill
Horn court, Basing lane
Horn court, Beer lane, Tower street
Horn court, Peter street, Westminster
Horn's lane, and row, Shoreditch
Horn tavern court, Margaret's lane
Horn yard, Goodman's yard, Minories
Horn yard, Cloth fair
Horn yard, Kent street
Horn yard, Stoney street
Horn yard, Whitechapel
Hornsey lane, Highgate
Hornsey row, Islington
Horse and groom yard, Wood street, Westm.
Horse and groom y. Stafford's build. Pimlico
Horse and cart yard, St. John's street
Horse and trumpet yard, Poor Jewry
Horse barracks, King street, Portman square
Horse barracks, Knightsbridge
Horse ferry lane, Fore street, Lambeth
Horse ferry, Rotherhithe
Horse ferry road, Tothill street
Horsemonger lane, Newington causeway
Horse shoe alley, Anchor street
Horse shoe alley, Bank side
Horse shoe alley, Bunhill row
Horse shoe alley, Clement's lane
Horse shoe alley, Fashion street
Horse shoe alley, Golden lane
Horse shoe alley, Maiden lane
Horse shoe alley, Moorfields
Horse shoe alley, Petticoat lane
Horse shoe alley, Petty France
Horse shoe alley, Threadneedle street
Horse shoe alley, Whitechapel
Horse shoe alley stairs, Bank side
Horse shoe court, Tooley street
Horse shoe court, Clement's la. Temple bar
Horse shoe court, Cock lane, Smithfield
Horse shoe court, Fleet street
Horse shoe court, Giltspur street
Horse shoe court, Old street
Horse shoe court, Peter street, Hick's hall
Horse shoe court, Seething lane
Horse shoe passage, Blowbladder street
Horse shoe passage, Foster lane
Horse shoe yard, Brook street
Horse shoe yard, Old Gravel lane
Horsleydown, Fair street
Horsleydown lane, Southwark
Horsleydown square, Shad Thames
Horsleydown stairs, Horsleydown
Horsleydown street, St. Olave street
Hosier lane, West Smithfield
Hosier's mills, Rotherhithe
Hoskin's court, Hartshorn lane
Hospital passage, Butcherhall lane
Hospital walk, Hoxton
Houghton street, Clare market
Hot water alley, Paris garden lane
Hovel, Hog lane, Norton Falgate
Houndsditch, Bishopsgate
Housewife alley, Old Bethlem
Howard street, Norfolk street, Strand
Howard's causeway alley, Narrow wall
Howard's alley, Angel alley
Howard's alley, Back street, Lambeth
Howard's alley, Clerkenwell close
Howard's court, Fenchurch street
Howard's court, St. Nicholas lane
Howford court, Fenchurch street
Howland st. & Little Tottenham court road
Howland mews, East and West, ditto
Hoxton square, Hoxton
Hoyle's court, Noble street, Foster lane
Hubbart's rents, Houndsditch
Hubart's yard, Brown's lane
Huckeas court, St. Nicholas lane
Hudson's court, ine (sic) street, Chandos street
Hudson's court, Strand
Hudson's court, Tower hill
Huggin lane and alley, Wood street
Hughes's court, Water lane, Blackfriars
Hull's yard, Chiswell street, Moorfields
Humfrey's alley, Shoreditch
Hungerford market and street, Strand
Hungerford court and Stairs, Hungerford
Huntingdon street, Hoxton
Hunt's court, Castle street, Leicester fields
Hunt's court, Bluegate fields
Hunt's alley, Fisher lane, Greenwich
Hunt's rents, Goswell street
Hunt street, and Court, Spicer street
Husband street, Berwich street
Husband street, New cutt, Ratcliffe highway
Hussey's alley, Wood street
Hyde park, Piccadily
Hyde street, Bloomsbury


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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