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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Note: This listing does include the letter "I"

Jack Adam's alley, Saffron hill
Jack alley, Bow lane
Jackanapes row, Cheapside
Jackson's alley, Bow street, Covent garden
Jackson's court, Blackfriars
Jackson's court, and Yard, Gravel lane
Jackson's court, White street
Jackson's court, Long lane, Bermondsey
Jack Straw's castle yard, Saltpetre bank
Jacob's alley, Bermondsey
Jacob's alley, Goswell street
Jacob's alley, Turnmill street
Jacob's court, Cow cross
Jacob's street, Bermondsey
Jacob's well alley, Thames street
Jacob's well yard, Nightingale lane
Jamaica level, Rotherhithe
Jamaica place, Borough road
Jamaica row, Bermondsey
James's rents, Hermitage lane
James's Rope walk, Redmaid lane
James's place, Salisbury street, Bermondsey
James's place, Hackney place
James's row, King's bench, Borough
James street, Bunhill row
James street, Covent garden
James st. Upper & Lower, Golden square
James street, Hare street
James street, Hay market
James street, Hoxton
James street, Manchester square
James street and Little, Theobald's road
James street, Petty france
James street, New road, St. George's East
James street, Borough road
James street, Sommer's Town
James street, Church street, Bethnal green
James street, Kinsington (sic)
James street, Rotherhithe
Jane alley, Blackman street
Jane Shore alley, Shoreditch
Jasper street, Aldermanbury
Idol lane, Tower street
Jefferey's buildings, Westminster
Jefferey's square, St. Mary Axe
Jenkins buildings, Carey street
Jenkins court, Ropemaker's fields
Jenning's buildings, Kensington
Jerico yard, Jerusalem alley
Jermyn street, Piccadilly
Jerusalem square, Hackney
Jerusalem court, St. John street, Smithfield
Jerusalem court, Shad Thames, Horsleydown
Jerusalem passage, Aylesbury street
Jerusalem row, Church row, Hackney
Jesuits ground, Savoy
Jettson's row, Blackfriars road
Jewin court, Jewin street
Jewin street, Aldersgate street
Jews harp court, Bishopsgate street
Jews row, Bethnal green
Jews row, Wandsworth
Jews row, Chelsea
Jewry street, Aldgate
Jeye's yard, Three colt court, Limehouse
Ingram court, Fenchurch street
Inkhorn court, Whitechapel
Innage lane, St. Mary Axe
Inner Temple lane, Fleet street
Jockey fields row, Gray's inn
John Dever's yard, Seething lane
John's alley, Budge row
John's court, Golden square
John's court, Cable street
John's court, Cat's hole, Tower
John's court, East Smithfield
John's court, Hanway street, Oxford steeet
John's court, King's street, Smithfield
John's court, Nightingale lane
John's hill, Ratcliffe highway
John's mews, Theobald's road
John street, Davies street
John street, Adelphi
John street, Holywell mount
John street, Gainsford street
John street, Curtain road
John street, Minories
John street, Upper and Lower, Golden sq.
John street, Bermondsey
John street, East lane, Kent road
John street, Pentonville
John street, Edgeware road
John street, St. Lukes
John street, Hill street, Berkely square
John street, New road, Marybone
John street, Lambeth
John street, Blackfriars road
John street, Islington
John street, Ratcliffe highway
John str. Upper and Lower, Tottenham co. r.
John street, Oxford street
Johnson's court, Charing cross
Johnson's court, Fleet street
Johnson's street, Old Gravel lane
Johnson's buildings, Lambeth
Jolley's court, Strand
Joiner's hall buildings, Thames street
Jones's alley, Turk's row, Chelsea
Jones's court, Kennington
Jones's court, Princes street, Lambeth
Jones's court, Nightingale lane
Jones's row, Tottenham court road
Jones's yard, Stoney lane
Jones's yard, Little Swan alley
Joyners court, Houndsditch
Joyners court, Jacob street, Mill street
Joyners hall alley, Thames street
Joyners street, Tooley street
Ireland row, Mile end
Ireland yard, Blackfriars
Irish court, Whitechapel
Irongate, St. Catharine's
Irongate stairs, Tower
Ironmonger lane, Cheapside
Ironmonger lane, Old street
Isaac's rents, Shoe lane
Isaac's place, Sommer's Town
Island green, near Dulwich
Islington green, Islington
Islington place, ditto
Judd place, East and West, Sommers Town
Julian's court, Angel alley
Justices walk, Chelsea
Ivy bridge lane and Stairs, Strand
Ivy lane, Newgate street
Ivy lane, and place, Hoxton


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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