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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Keat street, Spitalfields
Kebb's yard, Minories
Kelso place, Islington
Kemp's court, Berwick street
Kemp's row, Chelsea
Kendal's mews, George st. Manchester sq.
Kendal place, Upper Lambeth
Kennington lane, Newington butts
Kennington common
Kennington cross
Kennington place
Kennington green, Kennington
Kennington row, ditto
Kengsington (sic), Hammersmith road
Kensington square, Kensington
Kentish town, near Highgate
Kentish buildings, High street, Borough
Kenwood, Hampstead
Kensell green, Harrow road
Kent road, Southwark
Kent's yard, Angel alley
Keppel street, Old Gravel lane
Keppel street, Queen street, Southwark
Kettleby's rents, Kensington
Kettle yard, Redcross street
Key court, Little St. Thomas Apostle's
Key court, St. John street, Smithfield
Kidney stairs, Narrow street
Kilburn, and Wells, near Paddington
Kill court, St. John's street
Killigrew court, Scotland yard
King and Queen stairs, Rotherhithe
King David court, Whitechapel
King David's fort, Bluegate fields
King David's fort lane, Bluegate fields
King Edward street, Coverlid fields
King Edward street, Tudor street
King Edward street and stairs, Wapping
King Henry's yard, Nightingale lane
King James's stairs, Wapping
King John's court, Bermondsey
King John's court, Holywell lane
King John's court, Limehouse corner
King John's court, Mile end green
King John's court, Grange road
King John's court, Stepney green
King John's court passage, Bermondsey st.
King's arms alley, Willow lane
King's arms court, Bank side
King's arms court, Basinghall street
King's arms court, Whitechapel
King's arms court, King John's court
King's arms court, Ludgate hill
King's arms stairs, College street
King's arms walk, Narrow walk
King's arms yard, Chick lane
King's arms yard, Coleman street
King's arms yard, Lothbury
King's arms yard, St. Martin's lane
King's arms yard, Marybone street
King's arms yard, Shoreditch
King's arms yard, Whitechapel
King's arms yard, Whitecross street
King's bench alley, Dorset street, Spitalfi.
King's bench alley, St. Margaret's hill
King's bench walk, Inner Temple
King's bench walk, St. George's fields
King's bench row, ditto
King's college lane, Bristol street
King's court, Milk street
King's court, Duke street, Bloomsbury
King's court, Nightingale lane, Smithfield
King's gate street, High Holborn
King's head alley, Broad street, Ratcliffe
King's head alley, Dorset street, Spitalfi.
King's head alley, Maze, Tooley street
King's head alley, Whitechapel
King's head court, Bermondsey street
King's head court, Beech lane
King's head court, Borough
King's head court, St. Clement's
King's head court, Cock lane, Shoreditch
King's head court, Crispin street
King's head court, Drury lane
King's head court, Fetter lane
King's head court, Gutter lane
King's head court, Golden lane
King's head court, Hand alley
King's head court, Holborn
King's head court, Huggin lane, Tham. st.
King's head court, King street, Cheapside
King's head court, Little Carter lane
King's head court, St. Martin's le grand
King's head court, New Fish street
King's head court, Petticoat lane
King's head court, Plumbtree street
King's head court, Pudding lane
King's head court, Shoe lane
King's head court, Shoreditch
King's head court, Southampton buildings
King's head court, Stanhope street
King's head court, Strand
King's head court, Tenter ground
King's head court, Vine street
King's head court, Whitecross street
King's head court, Wood street
King's head yard, Fore street, Lambeth
King's head yard, High Holborn
King's head yard, Holywell street
King's head yard, Leather lane
King's head yard, Moorfields
King's head yard, Mile end
King's head yard, Shoreditch
King's head yard, Tooley street
King's head yard, Wiltshire street
Kingsland place, Kingsland
Kingsland road, ditto
Kingsland green, ditto
King's mews, Charing cross
King's mews, Gray's inn lane
King's rents and row, Shad Thames
King's rents, Whitecross street
King's road, Chelsea
King's road, Gray's inn road
King's row, Pimlico
King's row, Islington road
King's row, Bethnal green
King's row, Walworth
King's row, Back lane
King's row, Knightsbridge
King's stairs, Rotherhithe
King's street, Lambeth walk
King's street, Camden town
King's street, Islington
King's street, Walworth
King's street, St. George's fields
King's street, Portman square
King's street, Edgware road
King's street, Bartholomew hospital
King's street, Brick lane, Spitalfields
King's street, Cheapside
King's street, Covent garden
King's street, Duke's place
King's street, Foul lane
King's street, Upper & Lower, Golden sq.
King's street, Grosvenor square
King's street, High Holborn
King's street, Hoxton square
King's street, St. James's square
King's street, Little Tower hill
King's street, Lowman's street
Kings head court, (sic) Goswell street
King's street, Mint
King's street, Monmouth street
King's street, New Gravel lane
King's street, Old street square
King's street, New road, Bermondsey
King's street, Kensington
King's street, Hammersmith
King's street, Greenwich
King's street, Church street, Bethnal green
King's street, Deptford
King's street, Chelsea
King's street, Princes's street, Soho
King's street, Ratcliffe highway
King's street, Rosemary lane
King's street, (Upper & Lower) Rotherhithe
King's street, Seven dials
King's street, Smithfield
King's street, Tooley street
King's street, Upper Moorfields
King's street, Westminster
King's street, Wood's close, Clerkenwell
King's street passage, Little Tower hill
King's way, Gray's inn lane
King's yard, Bermondsey street
King's yard, Leather lane
King's yard, Whitecross street
Kinhavey's court, St. Martin's lane
Kinnersley's yard, Ratcliffe
Kirby street, (Gr. and Lit.) Hatton garden
Kirby court, Foul lane
Kirby court, Chick lane
Kirby's yard, Hog lane, Shoreditch
Kirkman's place, Tottenham court road
Kirk's yard, East Smithfield
Kitter's yard, White hart lane
Knave's acre, Wardour street
Knave of clubs yard, Old street
Knightsbridge, Hyde park
Knightsbridge green, Knightsbridge,
Knight's court, Back of St. Clement
Knight's court, Green walk
Knight rider st. (Gr. and Lit.) Doctors Com.
Knit needle street, Bloomsbury
Knockfergus, Rosemary lane
Knolley's yard, Crown street
Knowles court, Little Carter lane
Korby's yard, Petticoat lane


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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