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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Labour in vain alley, Margaret's hill
Labour in vain court, Old Fish street
Labour in vain hill, Thames street
Labour in vain street, Lower Shadwell
Labour in vain yard, Thames street
Lad court, Wood street
Lad lane, Wood street
Ladle court, Cut throat lane, Shadwell
Lad's court, Gardiner's lane
Lady alley, Great St. Anne's lane
Lady alley, King street, Westminster
Lady Clarke's yard, Gravel lane
Lady Leeke's walk, Mile end
Lady Parsons' stairs, Wapping
Lamb alley, Bishopsgate without
Lamb alley, Gt. and Lit. Blackman street
Lamb alley, St. Giles's
Lamb alley, Goodman's fields
Lamb alley, Monkwell street
Lamb alley, Old Change
Lamb alley, Saffron hill
Lamb alley, Sherborn lane
Lamb alley, Whitechapel
Lamb court, Abchurch lane
Lamb court, Clerkenwell
Lamb court, Lamb alley, Borough
Lamb's court, Red lion court
Lamb street, Spitalfields
Lamb street, Turnmill street
Lamb lane, Church street, Greenwich
Lamb lane, Hackney
Lambert hill, Thames street
Lambert street, Goodman's fields
Lambert's rents, Petticoat lane
Lambeth butts, near Vauxhall
Lambeth marsh, Upper & Lower, Lambeth
Lambeth road, St. George's fields
Lambeth terrace, Upper Lambert marsh
Lambeth place, St. George's fields
Lambeth place, Clapham common
Lambeth walk, Lambeth
Lambeth (South) Vauxhall
Lamb's buildings, Inner Temple
Lamb's chapel court, Monkwell street
Lamb's yard, Bishopsgate within
Lamb's yard, Nightingale lane, Smithfield
Lamb's conduit, New street, Millman street
Lamb's conduit st. and passage, Red lion st.
Lamp office court, Lamb's conduit street
Lancaster court, New Bond street
Lancaster court, Strand
Lancaster yard, Holywell street
Land of promise, Hoxton
Laundress alley, Five foot lane
Lane's alley, Broad street, St. Giles's
Landsdown place, Foundling hospital
Lansdown mews, do.
Lane's court, Coldbath square
Langdon's rents, Bett's street
Langthorne court, Coleman street
Langley street, Long acre
Langley street, Whitecross street
Lang's court, St. Martin's lane
Lant street, Blackman street
Lark hall lane, Clapham
Lassingby's court, Conduit street
Last alley, Cow cross
Last alley, Whitechapel
Last and ball court, London wall
Lavender lane, Rotherhithe
Laughton's rents, Cinnamon street
Lawrence street, Chelsea
Lawrence lane, Cheapside
Lawrence lane, High street, St. Giles's
Lawrence lane, New street, Lambeth
Lawrence poultney lane & hill, Cannon street
Law street, Islington
Lawn, South Lambeth
Laystall street, Gray's inn lane
Layton yard, High street, Borough
Leadenhall market, Leadenhall street
Leadenhall street, Cornhill
Leather dresser's yard, Paul's alley
Leather sellers buildings, London wall
Leather lane, Holborn
Lea bridge lane, Hackney
Lee's rents, Fisher lane, Greenwich
Lee's court, St. Catharine's lane
Lee's court, Hockley in the hole
Lee's square, Stepney
Leigh street, Red lion square
Leg alley, Long acre
Leg alley, Shoreditch
Leg court, Peter street, Westminster
Leggatt's walk, Upper Ground, Southwark
Leicester square
Leicester place, Leicester square
Leicester street, do.
Leicester street, Liquorpond street
Leicester street, Golden square
Lemon street, Goodman's fields
Lemon street, Lowman's pond row
Lemon pond, Gravel lane
Lemon tree yard, Bedfordbury
Lemon tree yard, Kingsland road
Lemon court, Princes street, Lambeth
Leonard square, Finsbury
Leonard street, do.
Leonard street, (Little) do.
Leopard's alley, Saffron hill
Leopard's court, Baldwin's gardens
Leopard's court, Rotherhithe
Leswington's buildings, City road
Lester's yard, Bluegate fields
Leveridge's yard, Nightingale lane
Leverington's place, Hoxton square
Lewis yard, Green bank, Wapping
Lewis yard, Saffron hill
Lewer row, Lambeth butts
Leydon street, Shadwell market
Lider's court, Saltpetre bank
Lifeguard yard, Oxford street
Lilley's alley, Saffron hill
Lillipot lane, Noble street, Foster lane
Lime street, Narrow wall
Limehouse bridge and causeway, Limeh.
Limehouse wall, Limehouse
Limehouse hole and stairs, Limehouse
Limehouse road, White horse street
Limekilns, Blackheath
Lime street, Fenchurch street
Lime street square, Lime street
Lime yard, Bristol street, Puddle dock
Lincoln's inn fields and square, near Holb.
Lincoln's inn New square, Searle street
Lincoln's inn passage, Lincoln's inn New
Lindsey row, Chelsea
Linney's court, Strand
Linton's court, near New Gravel lane
Linton's lane, Newington butts
Linton's yard, Milk yard, Shadwell
Linton's place, Paddington road
Lion's row, Walworth
Lion's court, Lewkner's lane
Lion's inn court, Holywell street
Lion's street, Bloomsbury
Lion's yard, Whitecross street
Liquorpond street, Leather lane
Lisle street, Princes street, Soho
Lisson green, near Paddington
Lisson street, do.
Lisson chapel, near Paddington
Lister street, Swallow street, Piccadilly
Litchfield street, Soho
Little Bailey street, Little Tower hill
Little Barlow street, High street, Marybone
Little Bell alley, Grub street
Little Booth street, Coverlid fields
Little Brick lane, Nichol street
Little Britain, Aldersgate street
Little Burt street, Nightingale lane
Little Cable street, Wellclose square
Little Cheapside yard, Gray's inn lane
Little Cock alley, Compton street, Soho
Little court, Duke's place
Little court, St. Mary Over's church yard
Little Crescent, Minories
Little Cow alley, Whitecross street
Little George street, Lower Sloane street
Little Gloucester court, Chequer alley
Little Gloucester street, Whitecross street
Little Greenwich, Aldersgate street
Little James street, Bedford row
Little Island, New Gravel lane
Little Ivy lane, Ivy lane
Little King street, Portland chapel
Little Lombard street, Lombard street
Little Maypole alley, St. Margaret's hill
Little Montague street, Crispin street
Little Moorgate, London wall
Little St. Martin's lane, Long acre
Little Saffron hill, Hatton wall
Little Star alley, Mark lane
Little Sloane street, Sloane square
Litton street, Golden lane
Lloyd's court, Crown street, St. Giles's
Lloyd's yard, Skinner street
Lock's yard, Blackman street
Lock's yard, Rosemary lane
Lockwood's yard, Saffron hill
Lodise's alley and court, Saltpetre bank
Log court, Peter street, Westminster
Longsdown's yard, Middle row, Holborn
Lombard street, Coverlid fields
Lombard street, Gracechurch street
Lombard street, Mint
Lombard street, Whitefriars
Lombard street, Chelsea
London lane, Hackney
London bridge, bottom of Fish street hill
London court, London street
London court, Rosemary lane
London house yard, Aldersgate street
London house yard, Paul's church yard
London 'prentice yard, Minories
London road, St. George's fields
London street, Greenwich
London street, Fenchurch street
London street, Tottenham court road
London street, Mill street, Bermondsey
London street, Rose lane, Ratcliffe
London street, New Crutched friars
London wall street, Cripplegate
London hospital, Whitechapel road
London workhouse yard, Bishopsgate street
London mews, London st. Tottenham c.
Long acre, Drury lane
Long alley, Blackfriars
Long alley, Cable street
Long alley, Moorfields
Long alley, Strand
Long court, near Whitechapel
Long ditch, Tothill street, Westminster
Long lane, Aldersgate street
Long lane, Bermondsey street, Southwark
Long lane, Shoreditch
Long's buildings, Whitecross street
Long walk, Christ's hospital
Long walk, Cross key court, Whitecross st.
Long walk, King John's co. Bermondsey st.
Long's alley, Roper lane
Long's court, Rotherhithe
Long's court, near Leicester fields
Long's yard, East Smithfield
Long's yard, in the Green Walk
Longthorn court, Little bell alley
Lordship lane, Dulwich
Lordship yard, Cheney row, Chelsea
Lascelles court and place, Bloomsbury
Looker's court, King street, Oxford street
Loom alley, Old Bethlem
Lothbury, Cateaton street
Love court, George alley, Shoe lane
Love court, Gravel lane
Love court, Horsleydown
Love court, Petticoat lane
Love court, St. Olave's street
Love lane, Wandsworth
Love lane, Bankside, Southwark
Love lane, Broad sanctuary
Love lane, Old Gravel lane
Love lane, Rotherhithe
Love lane, Thames street
Love lane, Willow street
Love lane, Wood street, Cheapside
Lovell's court, Paternoster row
Lovell's place, Hackney road
Lovell's rents, Gravel lane
Lovell's yard, Whitecross street
Love's yard, Horsleydown lane
Lover's court, Paternoster row
Lower court, Little Minories
Lower water gate, Deptford
Lower Sloane street
Lower row, Lambeth
Lower street, Islington
Lower's yard, Long walk, Bermondsey st.
Lowman's pond row, Southwark
Lowman's street, Gravel lane
Lucas's alley, Quaker street
Lucas's street, Rotherhithe
Lucas's yard, Cock alley, Wapping
Ludgate hill, St. Paul's
Ludgate street, Ludgate
Lukener's lane, Drury lane
Lukener's rents, ditto
Lumber court, West street, Soho
Lumley court, Strand
Lumley street, Marsham street
Lunn's court, White's yard
Lyon row, Walworth
Lyon's inn cloisters, Lyon's inn
Lyon's inn court, ditto
Lyon and lamb alley, Golden lane
Lyon street, Holborn
Lyon yard, ditto
Lyon yard, Virginia street


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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