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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Macclesfield street, Gerrard street
Maddox street, (Gr. & Lit.) Swallow street
Magdalen circus, Tooley street
Magdalen street, ditto
Maggot's court, Piccadilly
Magnus court, Butcher row
Magpye alley, Aldersgate street
Magpye alley, Ashen tree court
Magpye alley, Bishopsgate without
Magpye alley, Crutched friars
Magpye alley, Fenchurch street
Magpye alley, Fetter lane
Magpye alley, Gray's inn lane
Magpye alley, Phoenix street
Magpye alley, Shoreditch
Magpye alley, Whitefriars
Magpye court, Old Bailey
Maid court, Maiden lane
Maid lane, Gravel lane
Maidenhead alley, Ratcliffe
Maidenhead court, Aldersgate street
Maidenhead court, Cartwright street
Maidenhead court, St. Catharine's
Maidenhead court, Chiswell street
Maidenhead court, Whitechapel
Maidenhead court, St. Ermin's hill
Maidenhead court, Great Eastcheap
Maidenhead court, Grub street, Cripplegate
Maidenhead court, London wall
Maidenhead court, Maiden lane
Maidenhead court, Moor lane
Maidenhead court, Saltpetre bank
Maidenhead court, St. Thomas Apostle's
Maidenhead court, Wheeler street
Maidenhead court, Wood street, Cheapside
Maidenhead passage, Berwick street
Maidenhead street and yard, Dyot street
Maiden lane, Bedford street, Covent garden
Maiden lane, Church street, Lambeth
Maiden lane, Deadman's place
Maiden lane, Half moon street
Maiden lane, Long ditch
Maiden lane, Queen street, Cheapside
Maiden lane, Wood street, ditto
Maiden row, St. George's fields
Maidman's row, Mile end road
Mainhard's court, Anchor and hope alley
Mainhard street, Bembridge street
Main's yard, Castle lane, Southwark
Major Foubart's passage, Carnaby market
Malaga court, Nightingale lane
Mallet's court, Chick lane
Mallett's court, Buckeridge street
Mall mill court, Whitecross street
Mall, (Lower and Upper) Hammersmith
Mall, Kensington
Mamby court, Montague street
Manchester street, Manchester square
Manchester mews, Manchester street
Manchester buildings, Westminster
Manchester square, Portman square
Man in the moon yard, Chiswell street
Mannack's alley, Shoreditch
Manor place, Walworth
Manor row, ditto
Manor street, St. Giles's
Manor street. Chelsea
Mansel street, Goodman's fields
Mansion house row, Newington
Mansfield place, Kentish town
Mansfield place, St. George's fields
Mansfield street, Portland street
Map's row, Mile end
Mare street, Hackney
Margaret alley, Margaret street
Margaret street, Cavendish square
Margaret street, Westminster
Maria's place, New cut, Wapping
Marigold alley, Barnaby street
Marigold court, Grange road
Marigold court, Strand
Marigold l. & stairs, Upper ground, Southw.
Marigold street, Rotherhithe wall
Marine crescent, Bermondsey
Mariner's alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Mariners street, Shadwell
Mark lane, Tower street
Market court, Oxford street
Market court, Shepherd's market
Market hill, Upper Shadwell
Market lane, Pall mall
Market passage, Lime street
Market passage, Oxford street
Market passage, Paternoster row
Market row, Oxford street
Market row, St. George's fields
Market row, Greenwich
Market street, (New) Wapping
Market street, St. George's fields
Market street, Jermyn street
Market street, Newport market
Market street, Oxford street
Market street, Shepherd's market
Market street, Mill bank, Westminster
Market street, Fitzroy market
Marlborough court, Berwick street
Marlborough court, Petticoat lane
Marlborough place, Kennington green
Marlborough place, Newington butts
Marlborough street, (Gt. & Little) Oxford st.
Marlborough mews, Oxford street
Marlborough row, Carnaby market
Marshall street, Deadman's place
Marshall street, Carnaby place
Marshall street, St. George's fields
Marquis court, Drury lane
Marsham court, Crown street, Soho
Marsham street, Westminster
Marsh yard, Wapping
Martin street, (New) East Smithfield
Martin's court, Chick lane
Martin's court, Whitechapel
Martin's rents, New Gravel lane
Martin's street, Catharine wheel alley
Martlett's court, Bow street
Marybone court, Marybone
Marylebone lane, Oxford street
Marylebone street, (Gt. & Little) Marylebone
Marylebone street, Golden square
Marylebone street, (Upper and Lower) do.
Marylebone place, Little Castle street
Marylebone, New road
Mary clark's yard, Gravel lane
Mary gray's yard, Arrow lane
Mary street, Tottenham court road
Mary street, St. George's east
Mason street, Lambeth marsh
Mason's alley, Basinghall street
Mason's arms yard, Maddox street
Mason's court, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Mason's stairs, Bankside
Mason's yard, North Audley street
Matcham's court, Threadneedle street
Match walk, Upper Shadwell
Matthase court, Great Hermitage street
Maudlin's rents, Nightingale lane
Maul's court, Fore street, Cripplegate
Mawbey's place, South Lambeth
Mawbray's court, East lane, Greenwich
Maxham's court, Long alley
Maximus court, Moorfields
May fair, near Hyde park
Mayfields's buildings, Rag fair
Maypole alley, Fenchurch street
Maypole alley, Holywell street
Maypole alley, St. Margaret's hill
Maypole alley, St. Olave's street
Maypole alley, Wych street
May's alley, Wheeler street
May's buildings, Bedfordbury
May's farm, Dog row, Mile end
May's hill, Greenwich
May's yard, Bermondsey street
Maze court, Tooley street
Maze pond, near Snow's fields, Borough
Maze street, Tooley street
Mead's court, Bond street
Mead's place, St. George's fields
Mead's row, do.
Meadow row, Greenwich road
Meal yard, Fleet market
Mead's court and Street, Wardour street
Mediford court, Fenchurch street
Meeting house alley, Green bank
Meeting house alley, Johnson's street
Meeting house alley, Queen street, Rotherhi.
Meeting house court, Blackfriars
Meeting house court, Cannon street
Meeting house court, Drury lane
Meeting house court, Stoney lane
Meeting house yard, Broad street
Meeting house yard, Five foot lane
Meeting house yard, Deadman's place
Meeting house yard, Gravel lane
Meeting house yard, Devonshire square
Meeting house yard, Little St. Helen's
Meeting house yard, St. Michael's lane
Meeting house yard, Nightingale lane
Meeting house yard, Horsleydown lane
Meeting house yard, Old Jewry
Meeting house yard, Wood street
Meeting house yard, Water lane
Meeting house yard, Wentworth street
Melancholy walk, St. George's fields
Meline place, do.
Mercer's court, St. Mary's hill
Mercer's court, Tower street
Mercer's row, Shadwell
Mercer's street, Long acre
Merchant's tailor's rents, Moor lane
Merlin's place, Spa fields
Mermaid's street, St. George's east
Mermaduke street, do.
Mermaid alley, Borough
Mermaid court, Charing cross
Mermaid court, Great Carter lane
Mermaid court, St. Margaret's hill
Mermaid court, Paternoster row
Mermaid court, Ratcliffe cross
Messenger's rents, Still alley
Mestairs buildings, Rotherhithe
Metcalf's court, Jacob street
Mews, Devonshire square
Mexey court, Lower Moorfields
Michael's alley, Cornhill
Michael's place, Brompton road
Michael's grove, do.
Middle court, Bernard's inn, Holborn
Middle court, Clement's inn
Middle court, New street, Fetter lane
Middle row, St. Giles's
Middle row, Goswell street
Middle row, High Holborn
Middle Scotland yard
Middle street, Cloth fair
Middle street, Horsleydown
Middle Temple lane, Fleet street
Middle Turning lane, Shadwell
Middlesex place, Hackney road
Middlesex court, Drury lane
Middlesex court, Little Bartholomew lane
Midford place, Tottenham court road
Midway place, Deptford Lower road
Mile end road, Whitechapel
Mile end Corner, Mile end road
Mile end green, do.
Mile end, Old and New Town, Stepney
Mile's lane, by Crooked lane
Miles rents, Dog lane
Miles rents, Powel's alley, Beech lane
Milford lane & Stairs, in the Strand
Military mews, Princes street, Soho
Milk alley, Dean street, Soho
Milk alley, Long ditch, Westminster
Milk alley, Peter street, Clare market
Milk alley, Wapping
Milk alley, Winchester yard, Westminster
Milk street, Cheapside
Milk yard, New Gravel lane
Milk yard, Poppin's court, Fleet street
Milk yard, Rag fair
Mill court, Wandsworth
Mill lane, Broadway, Deptford
Millbank street, and Row, Westminster
Millbank walk, do.
Miller's court, Aldermanbury
Mill lane, Tooley street
Millman's row, Chelsea
Millman street, (New) Foundling hospital
Millman street, do.
Millman place, Red Lion square
Mill pond bridge, Rotherhithe
Mill pond street, do.
Mill pond row, do.
Mill street, Conduit street
Mill street, Dock head
Mill yard, Goodman's fields
Mill's yard, Rotherhithe wall
Mill's buildings, Brompton
Mincing lane, Fenchurch street
Minor place, Borough road
Minories, Tower hill
Mint square, Southwark
Mint street, Borough
Mitchel's court, Milk street
Mitchel's court, Mitchel street
Mitchel street, Brick lane, Old street
Mitre court, Aldersgate street
Mitre court, Cheapside
Mitre court, Cornhill
Mitre court, Fenchurch street
Mitre court, Fleet street
Mitre court, Friday street
Mitre court, Gutter lane
Mitre court, High street
Mitre court, St. John's street, West Smithfi.
Mitre court, Lower street, Islington
Mitre court, Three colt street, Limehouse
Mitre court, Milk street
Mitre court, St. Paul's Church yard
Mitre court buildings, Inner Temple
Mitre yard, Shoemaker row, Aldgate
Moldstrand dock stairs, Willow street
Molin's court, Shoe lane
Money bag alley, Rosemary lane
Money bag yard, Anchor alley
Money court, Miles's lane
Monkwell street, Silver street, near Cripple,
Monmouth place, Surry square
Monmouth court, Whitcomb street
Monmouth court, High Holborn
Monmouth co. Monmouth st. Seven dials
Monmouth street, Quaker street
Monmouth street, Seven dials
Monmouth street, Shadwell market
Monmouth street, Spitalfields
Montague alley, Clare street, Clare market
Montague close, Southwark
Montague little court, Little Britain
Montague court, Bishopsgate street
Montague court, Montague street
Montague court, Petticoat lane
Montague street, (Great) Little Britain
Montague street, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Montague place, Portman square
Month's alley, St. Catharine's lane
Montpellier row, South Lambeth
Montpellier row, Kensington gravel pits
Montpellier gardens, Walworth
Monument yard, Mew (sic) Fish street hill
Moor court, Fore street, Cripplegate
Moorfields, near Bethlem, Finsbury square
Moor lane, Frith street, Moorgate
Moor's alley, King street, Westminster
Moor's alley, Norton Falgate
Moor court, Miles's lane, near Crooked lane
Moor place, Finsbury square
Moor place, Lambeth
Moor street, Crown street, Soho
Moor yard, Fashion street
Moor yard, St. Martin's lane
Moor yard, Old Fish street
Morgan's place, New r. St. George's, East
Morgan's alley, Green walk, Southwark
Morgan's ground, Chelsea
Morgan's lane, Tooley street
Morgan's rents, Green walk
Morgan's yard, ditto
Morning's lane, Hackney
Morris's alley, New lane, Shad Thames
Morris's Causeway, Narrow wall
Morse's alley, Marshall street, Southwark
Mortar alley, Shoreditch
Mortimer street, Cavendish square
Mortimer's market, Tottenham court road
Mortimer's folly, ditto
Mortimer yard, Tower hill
Morton street, St. George's fields
Moses alley, Bank side, Southwark
Moses alley, Smock alley, Spitalfields
Moses and Aaron alley, Whitechapel
Moses court, Nightingale lane
Moses court, Moses alley, Willow street
Mosley's court, Philpot lane
Moss alley, Bankside, Southwark
Mottly street, Holywell mount
Mottly court, Mottly street, Holywell mount
Mould makers row, Martin's le grand
Mount row, Back lane, Islington
Mount row, Kent road
Mount row, Pentonville
Mount row, Surry side of Westminster bridge
Mount row, City road
Mount row, David street, Grosvenor square
Mount court, Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Mount pleasant, Hoxton
Mount pleasant, Battersea
Mount pleasant, near Highgate
Mount pleasant, Gray's inn lane
Mount gardens, Lambeth
Mount street, Lambeth
Mount street, Davies street
Mount street, Whitechapel street
Mount mill street, Goswell street
Mount passage, Mount street
Mountford's court, Fenchurch street
Mourning lane, Hackney
Mouse alley, East Smithfield
Mowbray's court, Church street, Greenwich
Mudd's court, Broad street, Ratcliffe
Mulberry street, Church lane, Whitechapel
Mulberry court, Bermondsey
Mulberry court, White's alley
Mulberry court, Finsbury square
Mullin's rents, Shoe lane
Mumford's court, Milk street
Muscovy court, Tower hill
Music house court, Upper Shadwell
Music house yard, ditto
Mustard alley, Castle street
Muswell hill, near Highgate
Mutton court, Maiden lane, Wood street
Mutton court, Mile end road
Mutton lane, Clerkenwell
Mutton lane, Hackney
Mutton lane, Redman's row, Mile end
My lady's yard, Harrow alley, Whitechapel
Myrtle street, Hoxton


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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