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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Nag's head alley, Bridge yard passage
Nag's head alley, Fenchurch street
Nag's head alley, St. Margaret's hill
Nag's head alley, Minories
Nag's head buildings, Hackney road
Nag's head court, Golden lane
Nag's head court, Gracechurch street
Nag's head court, Great Tower hill
Nag's head court, Leather lane
Nag's head court, Old Broad street
Nag's head court, Snow hill
Nag's head court, Three colt street
Nag's head court, Wentworth street
Nag's head lane, Clapham
Nag's head walk, Bethnal green
Nag's head yard, Golden lane
Nag's head yard, Swallow street
Nag's head yard, Norton Falgate
Nailer's yard, Queen street, Mint
Nailer's yard, Silver street, Golden square
Naked boy alley, Bermondsey street
Naked boy alley, Little Elbow lane
Naked boy court, Ludgate hill
Naked boy yard, Back street, Lambeth
Naked boy yard, Deadman's place
Nan's hole, St. Martin's le grand
Napper's yard, Ironmonger row
Narrow alley, Stoney lane
Narrow wall, Lambeth
Nassau street, Gerrard street
Neal yard, Great St. Andrew street
Neal's court, Craven buildings, City road
Neal', (sic) rents, Stockwell street, Greenwich
Neale's street, Hoxton
Neathouses, Chelsea
Neathoase lane, Upper Millbank
Neckinger lane, Bermondsey
Neckinger road, Neckinger lane
Nelson's court, Drury lane
Nelson's court, Rosemary lane
Neptune street, Wellclose square
Neptune street, Rotherhithe
Nettleton's court, Aldersgate street
Nevil's court, Fetter lane
Nevil's yard, Church street, Lambeth
Nevis court, near the Upper Ground
New alley, Hoxton
New buildings, Coleman street
New buildings, Goodman's fields
New buildings, Dunning's alley
New buildings, Father alley, Maze
New buildings, New street, Deptford
New road, Han's place
Newcastle place, Mile end road
Newcastle court, Butcher row, Temple bar
Newcastle court, College hill
Newcastle court, Newcastle st. Chick lane
Newcastle court, Kingsland Road
Newcastle street, Strand
Newcastle street, Bethnal Green
Newcastle street, Whitechapel
New Cavendish street, Portland street
New Chapel place, Kentish town
New court, Angel alley
New court, Blackman street
New court, Bishopsgate
New court, Bow lane, Cheapside
New court, Bowling alley, Westminster
New court, Brown street
New court, Cannon row
New court, Carey st. Lincoln's inn fields
New court, St. Catharine's court
New court, Fore street, Cripplegate
New court, George yard, Whitechapel
New court, Goswell street
New court, New Gravel lane
New court, Great St. Ann's lane
New court, Hand alley, Broad street
New court, Fieldgate street, Whitechapel
New court, Hackney road
New court, Harrow alley, Petticoat lane
New court, Hart street, Crutched friars
New court, High Holborn
New court, Coleman street
New court, Crown street
New court, Kent street
New court, Knightsbridge
New court, Little Broad street
New court, Little Newport street
New court, St. Margaret's hill
New court, Middle Temple
New court, Moor lane
New court, Narrow street, Ratcliffe
New court, Newington butts
New court, New street
New court, Nightingale lane
New court, New cut, Moor fields
New court, Stoke Newington
New court, Peter street, Westminster
New court, Petticoat lane
New court, Pig street
New court, Quaker street
New court, Rosemary lane
New court, St. Swithin's lane
New court, Throgmorton street
New court, Wentworth street
New court, White street
New court, York street
New crane stairs, Wapping
New cross, near Deptford
New cut, Finsbury square
New cut, Broad wall, Black friars road
Newgate street, Cheapside
New George street, Blackfriars
New George street, Grove, Mile end
New George street, St. John's st. Spitalfields
Newel street, Berwick street
New Grove, Mile end road
Newington place, Newington
Newington butts, ditto
Newington Green, Stoke Newington
Newington causeway Row, Blackman street
New inn lane, Hampstead
New inn court, Wych street
New inn passage, Houghton street
New lane, Shad Thames
Newman's court, Cornhill
Newman's court, Farmer street
Newman's row, Lincoln's inn fields
Newman street, Oxford circus
New Nichol street, Swan fields
New passage, Bull and Mouth street
New passage, Newgate market
New Peter street, Peter street
Newport alley, Newport street
Newport court, Little Newport street
Newport market, Gerrard street
Newport st. gt. and little, near Newport m.
New prison walk, Clerkenwell
New rents, Compter lane
New rents, St. Martin's le grand
New road, Whitechapel
New road, Marybone
New road, Victualing office, Deptford
New row, Kensington gravel pits
New square, Minories
New square, Shad Thames
New square, New street, St. Thomas's
New street, Bishopsgate street
New street, Cambridge street
New street, Cloth fair
New street, Newington
New street, Obelisk, St. George's fields
New street, (Little) King's bench
New street, Horsleydown
New street, Deptford
New street, Hanover square
New street, Foxes lane, Shadwell
New street, Bloomsbury
New street, St. Martin's lane
New street, Old street
New street, Queen street, in the Mint
New street, Shoe lane
New street, Shad Thames
New street, Shoemakers row, Blackfriars
New street, Spring gardens
New street, St. Thomas's, Southwark
New street, Threadneedle street
New street, Walworth
New street, Whitechapel
New street Hill, Shoe lane
New street Square, near Shoe lane
New street, Sloane street
New Swan yard, Rag street
New Terrace, Islington
New Tothill street, near Westminster abbey
New well, Shad Thames
New way, Maze, Tooley street
New yard, Fenchurch street
Newton street, High Holborn
Newton court, Vine street, Chandos street
Nicholl's row, Church street, Bethnal green
Nicholl's alley, Cable street, Rag fair
Nicholl's Buildings, Brick lane, Old street
Nicholl's square, Foster lane, Cheapside
Nicholas lane, Lombard street
Nicholl's street, Shoreditch
Nightingale lane, East Smithfield
Nightingale lane, Fore street, Limehouse
Nine elms, Vauxhall
Nippard's court, Baldwin's Gardens
Nixon's court, Bermondsey street
Nixon's square, Jewin street
Noah's ark alley, Narrow street, Ratcliffe
Noah's ark court, Hoxton
Noah's ark court, Stangate st. Lambeth
Noble street, Foster lane
Noble street, Goswell street
Noel street, Burlington gardens
Norfolk street, Strand
Norfolk street, Kingsland
Norfolk street, Middlesex Hospital
Norfolk street, New Grosvenor square
Norland row, Kensington Gravel pits
Norman's court, Cable street
Norman street, Old street
Norris street, Haymarket
Norris street, Old street
Norris street, Spitalfields
Norrison's court, near Stangate
North Audley street, Grosvenor square
North street, Whitechapel road
North end, Pentonville
North end, Hammersmith
North end, near Hampstead
North highway, Shepherd's bush, Acton road
North place (Upper) Gray's inn lane
North mews, Gray's inn lane
North row, Walworth
North street, Manchester square
North street, Little Moor fields
North street, Whitechapel
North street, Walworth
North street, Finsbury square
North street, Pentonville
North street, Brompton
North street, Lamb street, Spitalfields
North street, Poplar
North street, Rathbone place
North street, Smith's square, Westminster
North street, (New & Old) Red lion square
North court, South street
North row, North Audley street
North passage, Welcome square
North Prescot alley, St. John's st. Smithfield
North Harley mews, Marybone
Northam buildings, Sommer's town
Northampton buil. Rosaman st. Clerkenwell
Northampton row, Islington
Northampton street, Wood's close
Northumberland m. Nottingham st. Maryb.
Northumberland alley, Fenchurch street
Northumberland court, Chancery lane
Northumberland passage, Shoreditch
Northumberland passage, Strand
Northumberland street, Strand
Northumberland street, Marybone
Norton falgate, Bishopsgate without
Norton street, Upper Marybone street
Norwich court, Fetter lane
Norwich court, East smithfield
Norwell place, Bethnal green road
Nottingham court, Castle street, Long acre
Nottingham place, Marybone
Nottingham street, Plumbtree street
Nowel's buildings, Back lane, Islington
Nun's head green, Peckham, rye
Nun's court, Coleman street
Nun's court, New Gravel lane
Nursery row, St. George's Fields
Nutkin's corner, Rotherhithe wall
Nutkin's rents, New Gravel lane
Nutts court, Greenwich market


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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