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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Packer's Court, Coleman street
Packstone alley, Rotherhithe
Packthread ground, Bandy leg walk
Packthread ground, end of Bermondsey st.
Packthread ground, Coleman street
Packthread ground, Gravel lane
Packthread ground, near Maiden lane
Packthread yard, (New) Westminster
Paddington buildings, Paddington road
Paddington row and green, Paddington
Paddington street, Marybone
Padding wick green, near Hammersmith
Pageant's street, Rotherhithe
Page's walk, Bermondsey
Page's yard, Brewhouse lane, Wapping
Pain's alley, Wapping wall
Pain's yard, Swan alley, East smithfield
Painter's court, Bury street
Painter's court, East lane, Greenwich
Painter's rents, Ratcliffe highway
Palace place, St. George's fields
Palace yard, (Old and New) Westminster
Palatine place, Whitechapel
Pall mall, St. James's street
Pall mall court, Pall mall
Palsgrave head court, Strand
Pancras lane, Bucklersbury
Pancras place, Pancras
Pankethman's buildings, Golden lane
Pannier's alley, Newgate street
Panton square, Coventry street
Panton street, Haymarket
Panton's rents, Chiswell street
Paper buildings, Inner temple
Paradise court, Lady Clark's yard
Paradise court, Peter street
Paradise court, Battle bridge
Paradise place, Tabernacle walk
Paradise place, Paradise street, Marybone
Paradise row, near Holloway mount
Paradise row, Islington
Paradise row, Bethnal green
Paradise row, Rotherhithe
Paradise row, Stoke Newington
Paradise row, Chelsea
Paradise row, Brook street, Bond street
Paradise row, near George street
Paradise row, Hackney
Paradise row, Lambeth
Paradise street, Tottenham court road
Paradise street, St. Mary le bone
Paradise street, Rotherhithe
Paradise walk, Chelsea
Paragon, Kent road
Parish garden lane, Upper ground
Parish garden stairs, ditto
Parish street, Horsleydown
Parker's buildings, Bermondsey spa
Parker's alley, Turnmill street
Parker's court, Coleman street
Parker's gardens, Heydon square
Parker's street, Drury lane
Parker's rents, Whitecross street
Parker's yard, Castle lane
Parker's yard, Little Bartholomew close
Park gate, Redcross street, Southwark
Park lane, Greenwich
Park lane, Hyde park
Park place, Islington
Park place, Walworth
Park place, Kennington green
Park place, St. James's street
Park prospect, Knightsbridge
Park row, Greenwich
Park row, Bermondsey
Park row, Knightbridge
Park street, Kennington cross
Park street, Islington
Park street, Grosvenor square
Park street, Westminster
Parliament place, Westminster
Parliament alley, Artillery lane
Parliament place, Old Palace yard
Parliament stairs, and Old Palace yard alley
Parliament street, St. George's fields
Parliament street, Westminster
Palmer's yard, Stoney lane
Parry's rents, Portpool lane
Parrot alley, Whitecross street
Parrot's rents, Chequer alley, Whitecross st.
Parsonage walk, Newington
Parson's green, near Fulham
Parson's yard, Kensington
Parson's court, Bride lane
Parson's court, White street
Parson's street, East smithfield
Parson's rents, Cow lane
Parson's yard, Fore street, Lambeth
Parson's yard, Shoreditch
Parson's passage, Lambeth
Passing alley, St. John street, Smithfield
Paternoster row and alley, Cheapside
Paternoster row, Spitalfields
Patience street, Anchor street
Patrick's court, Houndsditch
Patrick street, St. George's east
Patriot square, Bethnal green
Patten ring alley, Maze pond
Patton's alley, Church street, Greenwich
Paved alley, St. James's street
Paved alley, Lime street
Paved alley, London house yard
Paved alley, Water lane, Blackfriars
Paved alley, Whitefriars
Paved court, Lambeth walk
Paved court, Bell inn yard
Paved court, Five foot lane
Paved court, Fullwood's rents
Paved court, George street
Paved court, Green bank
Paved entry, London wall
Pavement row, Moorfields
Paviours's alley, Drury lane
Paviours's court, Grub street
Paulin's street, Hanover street
Paul's alley, Fenchurch street
Paul's alley, St. Paul's Church yard
Paul's alley, Redcross street
Paul's alley, Wood street, Cheapside
Paul Baker street, Doctor's commons
Paul's college court, St. Paul's Church yard
Paul's alley, Redcross street
Paul's alley, Wood street, Cheapside
Paul's chain, St. Paul's Church yard
Paul's chain alley, ditto
Paul's college court, St. Paul's Church yd.
Paul's court, Huggin lane
Paul's court, Wood street, Cheapside
Paul's street and court, Finsbury
Paul's head court, Fenchurch street
Peach tree court, Butcher row, Temple bar
Peachy court, Shire lane
Peacock alley, Milford lane
Peacock alley, Bethnal green
Peacock court, Fleet market
Peacock court, Whitechapel
Peacock street, Newington butts
Peacock yard, Islington
Peacock yard, Porter's street
Peacock yard, Whitecross st. Cripplegate
Peacock yard, White horse alley, Cow cross
Pead's yard, Bank side, Southwark
Peel alley, Upper shadwell
Peel yard, Mint street
Pearl court, Little Pearl street
Pearl court, Whitefriars
Pearl street, Great and Little, Spitalfields
Pearl street, Silver street, Bloomsbury
Pear street, Borough road
Pear tree alley, Cinnamon street
Pear tree alley, Shoreditch
Pear tree alley, Wapping
Pear tree court, Aldersgate street
Pear tree court, Clerkenwell close
Pear tree court, Hockley in the Hole
Pear tree street, Brick lane, Old street
Pease cod court, St. John street, Smithfield
Pease porridge alley, Gravel lane
Pease yard, Nightingale lane
Peel alley, Wapping
Peel yard, Glasshouse yard, Aldersgate st.
Peerless row, City road
Peckham, Surry
Peckham gap, do.
Peckham rye, do.
Peckham lane, do.
Peght's yard, Castle lane
Pelham street, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Pelican court, Little Britain
Pelican stairs, Wapping
Pelican yard, Butcher row, E. Smithfield
Pell street, Shadwell
Pemberton rents, Hand alley
Pemberton row, Gough square
Pimlico, near Buckingham house
Penningston street, Old Gravel lane
Penny barbers alley, Stoney lane
Pennyfield street, Poplar
Pensioner's alley, King street, Smithfield
Penton grove, Pentonville
Penton place, Walworth
Penton place, Queen's row, Islington
Penton row, Walworth
Penton street, Islington
Penton street, Walworth
Pepper alley, Down street, Piccadilly
Pepper alley, Goswell street
Pepper alley and stairs, Southwark
Pepper street, Duke street, Mint
Percy arms yard, Strand
Percy street, Tottenham court road
Perkin's rents, Westminster
Perkin's yard, Blackman street
Perriwinkle street, Ratcliffe cross
Perry's place, Oxford street
Pershore place, Sommers town
Perston's yard, Minories
Pesthouse fields & road, near Old street
Peter and keys alley, Cow cross
Peter and keys court, ditto
Peterborough court, Fleet street
Peter lane, St. John's street, Smithfield
Peter street, Bandyleg walk
Peter street, Bloomsbury
Peter street, Half moon alley, Bishopsgate st.
Peter street, Turnmill street
Peter street, Vere street, Clare market
Peter street, Wardour street
Peter street, Westminster
Peter street, Saffron hill
Peter street, Thames street
Peter's court, Ironmonger lane
Peter's court, St. Martin's lane
Peter's court, Peter lane
Peter's court, Rosemary lane
Peter's hill, Knight rider street
Peter's yard, Deadman's place
Peter's yard, in the Minories
Petticoat lane, Whitechapel
Petticoat lane, Moorfields
Petticoat square, Petticoat lane
Petty cannons alley, Paul's church yard
Petty France, Tothill street, Westminster
Petty France alley, Old Bethlam
Petty Wales yard, Half Moon alley
Pewter platter alley, Gracechurch street
Pheasant court, Cow lane
Pheasant cock court, Houndsditch
Phoenix alley, Long acre
Phoenix court, Butcher row
Phoenix court, High Holborn
Phoenix court, Newgate street
Phoenix court, Old 'Change
Phoenix garden, Chelsea
Phoenix street, Walworth
Phoenix street, Sommers town
Phoenix street, Dyot street
Phoenix street, Crown street, Soho
Phoenix street, Monmouth street, Spitalfields
Phoenix yard, Oxford street
Philip lane, London wall
Philip's court, Grub street
Philip's row, Tottenham court road
Philip's rents, Lincoln's inn fields
Philip's rents, Maze pond
Philip's yard, Sun alley, Houndsditch
Philip's buildings, Hoxton
Phill's buildings, Houndsditch
Philpot lane, Fenchurch street
Philpot place, Paddington road
Phipp's street and alley, Shoreditch
Piccadilly, Hay market
Pickaxe street, Aldersgate street
Pickering's court, St. James's street
Pickle herring street and stairs, Horsleydown
Picture yard, Back lane, near Rag fair
Pye (sic) corner lane, West Smithfield
Pierpont's row and rents, Islington
Pig court, St. Catharine's lane
Pig's street, Threadneedle street
Pigeon's court, Old Bailey
Pike's alley, Shadwell
Pillory lane, Butcher row, East Smithfield
Pillory lane, Fenchurch street
Pilgrim street, Ludgate hill
Pilgrim street, Pimlico
Pin alley, near Rosemary lane
Pinder's court, Gray's inn lane
Pine apple court, Woolpack alley
Pinner's court, Broad street, London wall
Pink's row, City road
Pipe alley, Broadway, Westminster
Pipe makers alley, Great St. Ann's lane
Pipe makers alley, Whitecross street
Pipe yard, Bristol street, Wapping
Pipe yard, White friars
Piper's ground, College street
Pitcher's court, White's alley, Coleman st.
Pitfield street, Hoxton
Pitman's place, Bermondsey spa
Pitman's buildings, St. Luke's
Pitman's alley, Gardener's lane, Westminst.
Pitt street, Charlotte street, Rathbone place
Pitt's street, St. George's fields
Pitt's street, Blackfriars road
Plane's row, Spa fields
Plain, Wandsworth
Plaistow, Essex
Playhouse passage, Drury lane
Playhouse yard, Blackfriars
Playhouse yard, Whitecross street
Pleasant passage, Camden town
Pleasant place, Blackfriars
Pleasant place, Pancras
Pleasant place, St. George's fields
Pleasant place, Walworth
Pleasant retreat, St. George's fields
Pleasant row, Coverlid fields, Whitechapel
Pleasant row, Camden town
Pleasant row, New road, Marybone
Pleasant row, Newington
Pleasant row, Blackfriars road
Pleasant row, Pancras
Pleasant row, Walworth
Pleasant row, Mile end road
Pleasant row, Islington
Pleasant row and place, Bethnal green
Pleasant row and place, Kingsland road
Plimton's court, Fore street, Cripplegate
Plow alley, Bank side
Plow alley, Barbican
Plow alley, Carey street, Lincoln's inn fields
Plow alley, Wapping
Plow court, Carey street, Lincoln's inn fields
Plow court, Fetter lane
Plow court, Gray's inn lane
Plow court, Lombard street
Plow court, Shoreditch
Plow & harrow walk, Nag's head buildings
Plowman's rents, Turnmill street
Plow street and square, Whitechapel
Plow yard, Bermondsey street
Plow yard, Brown's gardens, St. Giles's
Plow yard, Hartshorn lane, Strand
Plow yard, Harrow yard, Green bank
Plow yard, Seething lane
Plow yard, Tower ditch
Plumber's court, High Holborn
Plumber's row, Fieldgate, st. Whitechapel
Plumber's row, City road
Plumber's street, ditto
Plumb tree court, Plumb tree st. Shoe lane
Plumb tree street, Bloomsbury
Plumb tree street, Shoe lane
Plys buildings, New cut, Bishopsgate street
Point Pleasant, Wandsworth
Poland street and court, Oxford street
Poland yard, ditto
Polard street, Bethnal green
Pollin's street, Hanover street
Polygon, Sommer's town
Pond yard, Bank side
Pond street, Hampstead
Pond street, Hampstead heath
Pontipool place, Blackfriars road
Pontipool row, Blackfriars road
Pool's buildings, Soho
Poor Jewry lane, Aldgate
Pope's head alley, Broad street
Pope's head alley, Cornhill
Pope's head court, Bell yard
Pope's head yard, in the Minories
Poplar, Limehouse
Poplar marsh & wall, below Limehouse
Poppler's alley, Green bank
Poppin's court, Shoe lane
Poppin's alley, Fleet street
Porridge island, St. Martin's Church yard
Porridge pot alley, Aldersgate street
Portable passage, New Lisle street
Porter's alley, Basinghall street
Porter's block, Smithfield bars
Porter's court, Basinghall street
Porter's fields, Porter's street
Porter's street, Blossom street
Porter street, Grafton street, Soho
Porter's street, near Newgate market
Porter's block street, West Smithfield
Porter's yard, Holywell lane, Shoreditch
Porter's yard, Whitecross street, Crippleg.
Portland mews, Portland place
Portland place, Marybone
Portland place, Camberwell
Portland place, Walworth
Portland street, Oxford street
Portland street, New cut, Ratcliffe highway
Portland street, Wardour street, Soho
Portland mews, Orchard street
Portman mews, (North) Baker street
Portman place, Paddington road
Portman square, Oxford street
Portman street, Portman street
Portpool lane, Leather lane
Portsmouth street, Lincoln's inn fields
Portugal row, Lincoln's inn fields
Portugal street, South Audley street
Post boy passage, Shoe maker row
Postern, Baker's row, Coldbath square
Postern row, Tower hill
Post office court, Lombard street
Potter's fields, Tooley street, Southwark
Pottlepot alley, St. Catharine's
Poverty lane, Brook street
Poulteney street, (Gr. & Lit.) Brewer str.
Poulteney court, Cambridge street
Poulton's court, near Broad street
Poultry compter yard, Poultry
Poultry, Cheapside
Pound passage, Ratcliffe row, St. Luke's
Pound row, Camberwell
Powder'd beef court, Cabbage lane
Powel's alley, Chiswell street
Powel's court, Queen street
Powel's yard, Upper ground street
Pownal terrace, Vauxhall road
Powis place, Bloomsbury
Pratt's place, Camden town
Pratt's street, ditto
Pratt's street, Lambeth
Prescot court, St. John's st. West Smithfi.
Prescot str. (Gr. & Lit.) Goodman's fields
Prestan's yard, in the Minories
Price's alley, Brewer's street
Prices alley, Knaves acre
Price's alley, Queen street, Westminster
Price's buildings & court, Gravel lane
Price's row, Back lane, St. George's east
Price's yard, Long lane
Pritchard's (sic) alley, Fair street, Horsleydown
Priest's alley, Foster lane
Priest's alley, Tower hill
Priest's yard, Dancing lane
Primrose alley, Bishopsgate street
Primrose alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Primrose alley, St. Mary Over's dock
Primrose row, Primrose alley
Primrose hill, Chalk farm, near Highgate
Primrose hill, Salisbury square
Primrose street, Bishopsgate street
Prince's court, Duke street, St. James's
Prince's court, Drury lane
Prince's court, Gravel lane, Southwark
Prince's court, Whitcombe street
Prince's court, Prince's street, Lambeth
Prince's court, Long ditch, Westminster
Prince's court, Lothbury
Prince's court, Newport market
Prince's court, Old Gravel lane
Prince's court, Tower hill
Prince's court, Wentworth street
Prince's place, Newington
Prince's place, Vauxhall road
Prince's road, Kennington
Prince's row, Pimlico
Prince's row, Chelsea
Prince's row, Walworth
Prince's row, Whitechapel
Prince's square, Ratcliffe highway
Prince's square, Newington
Prince's street, St. Annes's church, Soho
Prince's street, Oxford road
Prince's street, Barbican
Prince's street, Charles street, Old Gravel l.
Prince's street, Drury lane
Prince's street, Westminster
Prince's street, Duke street, Southwark
Prince's street, Hanover square
Prince's street, Bedford row
Prince's street, Little Queen street
Prince's street, Oxford street
Prince's street, Ratcliffe highway
Prince's street, Queen street
Prince's street, Red lion square, Holborn
Prince's street, Rotherhithe
Prince's street, Lambeth
Prince's street, Sun tavern fields
Prince's street, Lothbury
Prince's street, Upper Moorfields
Prince's street, Wood street, Spitalfields
Prince's street, Blackfriars
Prince's street, King street, Wapping
Prince's street, Walworth
Prince's street, Hammersmith
Prince's street, Leicester fields
Printing house lane, Blackfriars
Printing house square, Blackfriars
Printing house street, Water lane
Printing house yard, White's alley
Printing house yard, Water lane
Printing house yard, Little Bell alley
Printer's place, Bermondsey place
Privy gardens, Whitehall
Probin's yard, Blackman street
Prospect c. and place, Back l. St. Geo. east
Prospect place, Kentish town
Prospect place, Rotherhithe
Prospect place, Deptford
Prospect place, St. George's fields
Prospect row, Kingsland road
Prospect row, Chelsea
Prospect row, Islington
Prospect row, Mile end
Prospect row, Newington butts
Prospect row, Kentish town
Prospect walk, Hampstead
Providence buildings, Kent road
Providence court, Broad street, Lambeth
Providence garden, Shoreditch
Providence place, Kingsland
Providence row, Lambeth
Providence row, Finsbury square
Providence court, North Audley street
Providence court, Peter street, Westminst.
Prujean square, Old Bailey
Prussian's island, New Gravel lane
Pudding lane, Thames street
Puddle dock hill, Great Carter lane
Puddle dock stairs, Puddle dock
Pullin's row, Islington
Pulteney court, Little Windmill street
Pulteney court, Brewer's street
Pump alley, Brown street
Pump alley, Gardiner's lane, Petty France
Pump alley, Green Bank, Wapping
Pump alley, Perkin's rents
Pump alley, Quaker street
Pump alley, Queen street park, Southwark
Pump alley, near Whitecross st. Crippleg.
Pump court, Bridgewater garden
Pump court, Charing cross
Pump court, Crutched friars
Pump court, Glasshouse yard
Pump court, Holland street
Pump court, Jacob's street, Mill street
Pump court, Inner temple
Pump court, Long alley, Shoreditch
Pump court, Minories
Pump court, Noble street, Foster lane
Pump court, (New) Moor lane, Crippleg.
Pump court, Mile end road
Pump court, Long lane, Bermondsey
Pump court, Rose and crown court
Pump court, Portpool lane
Pump court, Queenhithe
Pump court, West Smithfield
Pump court, White hart yard, Drury lane
Pump court, White's alley
Pump row, Old street road
Pump yard, near Aldersgate bars
Pump yard, Church lane
Pump yard, Golden lane
Pump yard, Gravel lane
Pump yard, King John's court
Pump yard, Newington butts
Pump yard, in the Orchard, Ratcliffe
Pump yard, Pump alley, Chequer alley
Pump yard, Three colt street, Limehouse
Pump yard, White horse alley, Cow cross
Punch bowl alley, Moorfields
Punch bowl row, Mile end
Punch court, Thrall street
Punderson's place, Bethnal green road
Purse court, Fore street, Cripplegate
Purse court, Old 'Change
Puring place, Mile end road
Putney, Surry
Pye corner, West Smithfield
Pye garden, near Willow street
Pye street, (Old and New) Westminster


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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