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London Street Index

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799

Tabernacle walk, Finsbury
Tabernacle row, ditto
Tabernacle yard, Wheeler street
Tackle block court, Hermitage
Talbot court, Fleet street
Talbot court, Gracechurch street
Talbot court, Little Eastcheap
Talbot court, Portpool lane
Tan alley, Godder's rents, Wheeler street
Tan alley, Long lane, Southwark
Tanfield court, Inner Temple
Tanner's row, Montague street
Tanner's yard, Five foot lane
Tanner's yard, Marsham street
Tan yard, Whitecross street
Tarplet's yard, Narrow street, Limehouse
Tart's court, West smithfield
Tash court, Tash street
Tash street, Gray's inn lane
Tattle street, Little Gray's inn lane
Tavistock court & street, near Covent g.
Tavistock street, Tottenham court road
Taxer's rents, Rotherhithe wall
Taylor's court, Bow lane, Cheapside
Taylor's rents, Fisher lane, Greenwich
Taylor's buildings, Kingsland road
Taylor's buildings, Islington road
Taylor's buildings, St. Martin's lane
Teed's yard, Worcester street
Teem's rents, Cow cross
Temple, Fleet street
Temple bar, Fleet street
Temple place, Blackfriars road
Temple street, St. George's fields
Temple lane and stairs, Whitefriars
Temple mews, Fleet street
Ten bell court, Snow hill
Tench street, Bird street, Wapping
Ten feet way, Nightingale lane
Tennis court, Church entry, Blackfriars
Tennis court, High Holborn
Tenter alley, Little Moorfields
Tenter alley, Tooley street
Tenter grounds, Gravel lane
Tenter grounds, Goodman's fields
Tenter grounds, Hog lane, Shoreditch
Tenter ground alley, Castle street
Tenterden street, Hanover square
Tents (The) Maze pond
Terrace walk, York buildings
Terrace, Spring gardens, Charing cross
Terrace, Tottenham court road
Terrace, Walworth
Terrace, Vauxhall
Terrace, Upper street, Islington
Terrace, Lower street, do.
Terrace, Camberwell
Terrace, Clapham
Terrace, Kentish town
Terret's court, Duck lane
Terret's court, Islington
Tewks court, Kingsland road
Tewkesbury court, Whitechapel
Thatch'd house row, Islington
Thatched alley, Chick lane
Thatched house alley, Strand
Thatched house court, St. James's street
Thacket's court, Bishopsgate without
Thackham's court, Vine street, Chandos st.
Thames street, Upper & Lower, London b.
Thames street, Rotherhithe
Thames street, (New) and stairs, Bankside
Thanet place, Strand
Thavies inn court, Thavies inn
Thavies inn passage, do.
Thayer street, Manchester square
Theobald's court, Strand
Theobald's court, Theobold's row
Theobald's row, Red Lion street, Holborn
Thieving lane, King street, Westminster
Thomas place, Neckenger, Bermondsey
Thomas place, Hampstead road
Thomas court, Benjamin street
Thomas street, Tackle block court
Thomas street, Holywell mount
Thomas street, Bethnal green
Thomas street, New road, St. George East
Thomas street, Virginia row
Thomas street, Coverlid fields
Thomas street, Gainsford street, Horsleydown
Thomas rents, Fore street, Limehouse
Thompson's rents, Halfmoon alley
Thompson' (sic) rents, London wall
Thompsonl (sic) yard, Upper Ground
Thompson's yard, Thorley street
Thornhaugh street, Upper & Lower Bedford sq.
Thorne street, Bloomsbury
Thorold square, Church street, Bethnal green
Thorton row, Lime kiln lane, Greenwich
Thral street, Kent street, Southwark
Threwl street, Spital fields
Threadneedle alley, Little Moorfields
Threadneedle street, Bishopsgate within
Three anchor alley, Shoe lane
Three bell alley, Whitechapel
Three bowl alley, Moorfields
Three bowl court, Houndsditch
Three CCC court, Garlic hill
Three colts alley, Bishopsgate within
Three colts alley, Cinnamon street
Three colts court, Three colts street
Three colts corner, St. John's street
Three colts lane, Hare street, Spitalfields
Three colts street, Limehouse
Three colts yard, Crutched friars
Three colts yard, London wall
Three colts yard, Mile End
Three compasses alley, East Smithfield
Three compasses court, near Brook street
Three coney walk, Butt's street, Lambeth
Three cranes court, Southwark
Three cranes court, Castle street
Three cranes court, Foster lane
Three cranes court, Galic (sic) hill
Three cranes court, Minories
Three cranes court, Poor Jewry lane
Three cranes court, Wheeler street
Three cranes court, White's alley
Three cranes court, Shelsea (sic)
Three cranes lane, Thames street
Three cranes stairs, Queen street, Cheapside
Three crown court, Foster lane
Three crown court, Jewry street
Three crown yard, St. Bride's lane
Three cup alley, Dean street, Shadwell
Three cup alley, Shoreditch
Three cup yard, Bedford street
Three dagger court, Fore street, Crippleg.
Three dagger court, Old Change
Three diamonds court, Hosier lane
Three falcon court, St. Margaret's hill
Three falcon court, Fleet street
Three fox court, Clement's lane
Three fox court, Long acre
Three fox court, Long lane, Smithfield
Three fox court, Narrow street, Ratcliffe
Three griffin yard, Aldgate street
Three gun lane, Three colts street
Three hammer alley, Tooley street
Three hats alley, Horsleydown
Three herrings court, ree (sic) church lane
Three herrings court, Long acre
Three herrings court, Redcross street
Three herrings court, St. Thomas's
Three hoop yard, Holywell street
Three horse shoe alley, Old street
Three horse shoe court, Chick lane
Three horse shoe court, Giltspur street
Three horse shoe court, Long lane
Three horse shoe court, Whitecross street
Three horse shoe yard, James's street
Three kings court, Chandos street
Three kings court, Clement's lane
Three kings court, Fleet street
Three kings court, King str. Covent gard.
Three kings court, Lombard street
Three kings court, Minories
Three kings court, Whitecross street
Three kings yard, David street
Three leg alley, East Harding street
Three leg court, Whitecross street, Crippl.
Three link alley, Fashion street
Three mariner's court, Fleet street
Three mariner's court, Fore str. Lambeth
Three merry boys court, Fore str. Lambeth
Three moulds court, Cherry tree alley
Thread needle alley, Moorfields
Three nun alley, Threadneedle street
Three nun yard, Whitechapel
Three oaks lane, Horsleydown
Three pigeons alley, Hockley in the hole
Three pigeons court, Barbican
Three pigeons court, Jewin street
Three pigeons court, Moorfields
Three sisters court, Catharine's court
Three slipper court, Bishopsgate street
Three stills court, Bishopsgate without
Three tonque court, Whitechapel road
Three tun yard, Cloth fair, Smithfield
Three tuns alley, Bishopsgate str. without
Three tuns alley, Cow cross
Three tuns alley, London wall
Three tuns alley, St. Margaret's hill
Three tuns alley, Petticoat lane
Three tuns alley, Thames street
Three tuns alley, Tothill street
Three tuns alley, White's street
Three tuns court, Crooked lane
Three tuns court, Brown street
Three tuns court, Half moon alley
Three tuns court, High street, Borough
Three tuns court, Hart street, Mark lane
Three tuns court, Ivy lane
Three tuns court, St. Michael's lane
Three tuns court, Moorfields
Three tuns court, Nightingale lane
Three tuns court, Old castle street
Three tuns court, Redcross street, Crippl.
Three tuns court, Threadneedle street
Three tuns court, Wentworth street
Three twisters alley, Bunhill row
Thrift's alley, Spring street
Throgmorton street, Broad street
Throwster's yard, Lamb alley
Thumb alley, Sutton street, Smithfield
Thunder bolt alley, Windmill row
Thurlow street, Pitt str. Black friars road
Thurlow place, Walworth
Thwait's rents, Newington causeway
Tib's court, Old street square
Tchbourne (sic) court, Holborn
Tidewaiters court, Little Minories
Tilney street, May fair
Tilt yard, Whitehall
Tinder box alley, Norton falgate
Ttchburn (sic) street, Picadilly end, Haymark.
Ttchfield (sic) street, Newport market
Titchfield street, Upper and Lower Maryleb.
Tite's alley, Limehouse
Titmouse alley, Farmer street
Titus court, Holborn hill
Tobacco pipe alley, Little St. Ann's lane
Tobacco pipe alley, Nightingale lane
Tobacco pipe yard, Old Gravel lane
Tobacco role court, Gracechurch street
Tobacco role court, Long alley, Moorfields
Tobacco role yard, Nightingale lane
Token house yard, Leadenhall street
Token house yard, Lothbury
Tom's yard, Whitechapel
Tongues alley and Yard, ditto
Took's court, Carey street
Tooley street, London bridge
Tooley stairs, Tooley street
Torrington street, Ratcliffe highway
Torment hill, Broadway- Westminster
Tottenham court road, St. Giles's
Tottenham place, Tottenham court road
Tottenham High cross, Ware road, Middl.
Tothill court, Tothill street
Tothill street, Broad sanctuary, Westminst.
Tothill street, Little Gray's inn lane
Tothill fields, Peter street, Westminster
Tothill hill passage, Little Tower hill
Tower royal, near St. Thomas Apostle
Tower royal lane, Budge row
Tower royal court, Tower royal
Tower stairs, Tower of London
Tower street, Great and Little, Tower hill
Tower street, Hackney
Tower street, Soho, near the Seven dials
Tower ditch, Christ's hospital
Townsend lane, Hockley in the hole
Townsend lane, Thames street
Townsend buildings, Highgate
Townsend yard, Queen street in the Park
Traitor's bridge, at the Tower
Tranees lane, Kent street
Tree court, Fore street, Lambeth
Trig lane, Upper Thames street
Trig stairs, Trig lane
Trimhouse alley, Farmer street
Trinity row, Islington
Trinity buildings, Islington
Trinity ground, Deptford
Trinity street, Rotherhithe
Trinity lane, Bow lane
Trinity lane, Great Bow lane
Trinity court, Aldersgate street
Trinity court, Little Minories
Trinity court, Little Trinity lane
Trinity court, Trinity passage, Ratcliffe
Trinity yard, Broad street, Ratcliffe
Tripe yard, Catherine wheel alley
Tripe yard, Dunning's alley
Tripe yard, Petticoat lane
Tripp's alley, Whitechapel
Trotter alley, Bermondsey street
Trotter bone alley, Duke street
Trumball's yard, Queen street, Windmill st.
Trump street, King street, Cheapside
Trump alley, Cheapside
Trumpet yard, Whitechapel
Tryon's place, Hackney
Tryance court, Red lion court, Spitalfields
Tudor street, Bridewell precinct
Tufton street, Westminster
Took's court, Chancery lane
Tnn (sic) alley, Love lane
Tulin court, Stock lane, Greenwich
Turpin lane, King street, Greenwich
Turk's head court, Golden lane
Turk's head yard, Turnmill street
Turk's row, Chelsea
Turn about alley, Windmill hill row
Turn again lane, Snow hill
Turn again lane, Thomas street
Turn bull yard, White's alley, Long ditch
Turner's row, Wells street, Hackney
Turner's Square, Hoxton
Turner's street, Derby street
Turner's alley, Little eastcheap
Turner's court, Bedfordbury
Turnham green, Chiswick
Turnmill street, Cow cross
Turnstile, (Great and Little) Holborn
Turnwheel lane, Cannon street, Walbrook
Turven's lane, Shepherds bush, Acton
Turville's street, Bethnal green
Turret yard, Little Sanctuary
Turtle court, Bermondsey
Tweezer alley, Milford lane
Twelve bell court, Bow church yard
Twig's rents, Blue anchor alley
Twister's alley, Bunhill row
Two brewer's yard, in the Curtain
Two leg alley, Old Bedlam
Two pump court, Whitechapel road
Two swan yard, Garland alley
Twyford's alley, Petty France, Westminst.
Tyer's gate, Bermondsey street
Tyre's alley, Narrow street, Limehouse
Tyger court, Whitecross street, ripplegate (sic)
Tyler's court, Tyler's street
Tyler's street, Brewer street
Tyndale place, Islington
Type street, Chiswell street, Moorfields
Tyson's place, Ringsland road
Tyson's street, Bethnal green


SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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