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Albion Mill, Coal wharf, Blackfriars br.
Allen and Co's. Gun wharf, Wapping wall
Anderson's Coal ditto, Upper Thames st.
Ballast ditto, Shadwell
Bayen's ditto, Blackfriars bridge
Bazing's Timber ditto, Narrow w. Lambeth
Beal's Landing do. Mill lane, Tooley street
Bee's Coal do. Bank side
Bell's Landing do. Upper Thames street
Belvidere Timber do. Narrow w. Lamb.
Benezeck's Coal do. Adelphi
Bengall Landing do. Limehouse
Black lion Coal ditto, Hermitage
Blise's Coal ditto, Brewers yard, Strand
Bliss's Corn and Flour do. East l. Bermonds.
Botolph Landing do. Lower Thames street
Bowles's do. Shadwell
Brandram and Co's. Landing do. (Upper & Lower) St. Saviour's Dock
Briant's Coal do. East Smithfield
Broken Landing do. Upper Thames street
Brown and Co's Corn ditto, ditto
Brown and Co's. do. and Coal do. Milford l.
Brook's Landing do. Queenhithe
Brook's do. Pickle herring stairs
Bull's Landing do. Upper Thames street
Burch's Coal and Lime do. Limehouse
Burd's Coal do. Shadwell
Burnham's Coal and Wood do. Pedlars acre
Butler's Landing do. Wapping
Canada Landing do. Cuckold's point
Caroline Tar do. Rotherhithe
Carrington's Landing do. Horsleydown
Carron and Co. Iron do. Upper Thames st.
Castle Baynard Copper ditto, ditto
Chamber's Landing do. Ratcliffe
Chamberlain's Landing do. Tooley street
Chamberlain's ditto, Narrow wall, Lambeth
Clauder's ditto, Pickle Herring
Cole's ditto, Shad Thames
Company's Lime ditto, Scotland yard
Constable's Corn and Coal do. Shad Thames
Cooper's Lime & Landing do. Millbank st.
Cornwall's Wood do. ditto
Cotton's Landing do. Bridge yd. Tooley st.
Coups's Landing do. Ratcliffe
Coxhead and Co's. Stave do. Wapping
Cranage's Coal ditto, Hungerford
Crows nest, Coal do. East Smithfield
Crown ditto, Bankside
Cumberland, East India Company's ditto, Rotherhithe
Dashwood's Coal do. Old Swan
Davis's Landing do. Horsleydown
Dowgate do. Upper Thames street
Dung do. Millbank
Dung ditto, Wapping wall
Dunkin and Haye's Flour do. St. Saviour's Dock
Durand's Landing do. Rotherhithe
East India Company's Salt Petre ditto, Ratcliffe
Edington's Coal do. Earl street, Blackfriars
Elliot's Tar and Wood do. Bankside
Falcon Coal do. Bankside
Fell and Co's. Flour & Coal do. St. Mary Overy's Dock
Finche's Lime and Sand do. Scotland yard
Forrest's Lime do. Earl street, Blackfriars
Fresh Landing do. Lower Thames street
Gaunt's Corn do. Abingdon st. Westm.
Gayfore and Co's. Stone ditto, ditto
Glascow Landing do. East Smithfield
Godsall's Coal ditto, Wapping dock
Goss and Co's. Coal do. Wapping
Griffin, Landing do. Morgan's l. Tooley st.
Gun and Shot, Landing do. ditto
Hague's Flour & Landing do. Limehouse
Hambro' Landing ditto, Upper Thames st.
Harrison's ditto St. Catharine's
Hartley's ditto, Horsleydown
Hartshorn's Army Victualling do. St. Catha.
Hawkes Coal do. Whitefriars
Hawley and Co's. Landing do. Hermitage
Haynes's Coal and Landing do. Bankside
Hays's Landing do. Tooley street
Hendy's do. Millbank street, Westminster
Henley's Coal do. Wapping
Henley's Coal do. Limehouse bridge
Hitchcock's Timber and Landing do. Narrow wall, Lambeth
Hoar's Landing do. Wapping street
Hodson and Co's. Pickle Herring
Holland and Co's. do. Horsleydown
Honduras Iron, Wood, and Landing ditto, Bankside
Hood and Co's. Iron do. Blackfriars
Hooper's Landing do. Platform, Rotherhithe stairs
Hudson's Coal & Wood do. Upper Thames st.
Hutchinson's ditto Milford lane
Jackson's Coal do. St. Saviour's dock
Jamaica (New) Coal and Flour do. Surry Side of Blackfriars bridge
Jeggon's Coal do. Upper Thames street
Jenkinson's Stone do. Abingdon st. Westm.
Johnson's Sand do. Millbank street, ditto
Irongate Landing do. St. Catharine's
Kain's ditto, Ratcliffe
Kendall's Coal and Wood do. Shadwell
Keen and Co's. Coal do. Bankside
Kennet's do. Upper Thames street
Kent's Wood ditto, Ratcliffe
Kilvington's Coal do. Bankside
Kingston's Landing do. Wapping
Laverick's Flour do. ditto
Lawson's Landing do. Rotherhithe
Lewis's Coal do. Ratcliffe
Liney's Landing do. Coal do. Wapping
Lowdnes & Co's. Coal do. Whitefriars dock
Lucas's Corn, Flour, & Wood do. Millbank Street, Westminster
Marble do. Abingdon street, Westminster
Medley's Coal do. Cannon row, Westminster
Merriton's Landing do. St. Saviour's dock
Miller's Scotch & Landing do. East Smith
Mitchell's Wood do. Millbank st. Westmin.
Monkhous's Timber do. do. do.
Morgan's Coal do. Shadwell
Moseley's Lime ditto, Lambeth
Neal & Co's. Coal do. Bank end, Southw.
Neal's Coal do. Cock Hill, Shadwell
Norway Timber do. Millbank st. Westmin.
Old Barge House Coal do. Lambeth
Pageant's Landing do. Rotherhithe
Paul's do. Bennet's hill, Upper Thames st.
Peacock's Flour do. Montague close, Southwark
Pearson's Landing do. Horsleydown
Pearson's Coal do. Water street, Arundel st.
Phillips Coal do. Scotland yard
Phillpot and Co's. do. Adelphi
Phoenix Landing do. Wapping
Plimton's Corn and Coal do. Clink street, Southwark
Poynder and Co's. Lime do. Scotland yard
Poynder and Co's. do. Blackfriars bridge
Price's Landing do. Millbank st. Westminster
Queen Street Landing do. Upper Thames street
Queen's Landing do. Rotherhithe
Queenhithe Flour do. Upper Thames Street
Randall's Lime do. Blackfriars
Red Lion Landing do. Upper Thames street
Rennies's do. Clink street, Southwark
Robinson's Coal do. Old Barge House
Rodbard's do. Essex street, Strand
Rowcroft's Provision and Landing ditto, Cherry garden stairs
Rumsey's Coal and Landing do. Bankside
Rusby's Corn and Landing do. do.
Rutland Place Coal do. Upper Thames st.
Sanderson's do. Ratcliffe cross
Saint's do. Adelphi
Sea coal Company's do. Puddle dock
Scott's Landing do. Mill street
Scott's Mahogany do. Bankside
Scott's Landing do. Whitefriars
Sebell's Timber do. Millbank st. Westmin.
Smith's Landing do. Rotherhithe
Simmond's do. Tooley street
Soulby and Allison's Coal do. Milford lane
St. Andrew's Coal and Corn do. Earl street, Blackfriars
St. Bride's Coal do. Whitefriars
St. Catharine's Landing do. St. Catharines
Steel yard do. Upper Thames street
Stains's Stone do. Millbank street
Stangate's Wood do. Lambeth
Stapleton's Coal do. Whitefriars
Stanton's Landing do. Stoney lane, Tooley st.
Stone's ditto, Ratcliffe cross
The King's Barrack do. Millbank street
Thompson and Co's. Coal do. London Bridge
Three Cranes Landing do. Upper Thames street
Topping's Landing do. Tooley street
Townsend's Coal do. Wapping
Tower ditto, Tower
Trapett's Coal do. Shadwell
Trigg's Landing do. Upper Thames street
Trimmer's Lime do. Whitefriars
Trimmer's do. Montague close
Turner's Landing do. Ratcliffe cross
Turpit's Coal do. Shadwell
Union Coal and Wood do. Millbank st.
Union Staves do. Wapping
Wallinger and Co's. Stone do. do.
Walter's Landing do. Rotherhithe
Walton's Coal do. Battle bridge
Wardell's Coal do. Upper Thames street
Watson and Co's. Corn and Coal do. Millbank street, Westminster
Western's Wood do. Abingdon st. Westmin.
Wheeler's Landing do. St. Catharine's
Wheat Sheaf Coal do. Wapping
Whitby and Co's. Coal do. Dowgate
Whitefriars (New) landing do. Whitefriars
White Lion do. Upper Thames street
Whitehall Timber do. Cannon row, Westm.
Winchester Landing do. Clink street, Southwark
Windle's Coal do. Essex street, Strand
Wood's Coal and Wood do. Northumberland Street, Strand
Yoxall's Landing do. Mill lane, Tooley st.

SOURCE: Boyle's View of London, and its Environs; 1799. London, Printed and Sold by P. BOYLE, At his Court and City Guide Printing Office, Norris Street, Haymarket, and may be had of Richardson, under the Royal Exchange; Lee & Hurst, Paternoster Row, and all the principle Booksellers in the Kingdom.

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